Sunday, November 30, 2008

The abandoned patio..

The place you witness in the picture I've put here is my terrace. There were days when I spent more than 4 hours at a stretch on my terrace. Since the whole locality is considered to be the hub of cultural heritage and dominated primarily by residential structures, you can't find even a single obstruction at least for the next 4 or 5 kilometers, which would be quite clear if you have a glance at Chennai from my terrace. I can't assure you of the visibility of the whole of Chennai city from here because mine isn't the tallest apartment in the region. Also, you can enjoy the cool winds blowing across your body when you pay a visit to my terrace after 6 P.M. Most of my friends prefer spending time on the terrace than within my place, which, I guess, is because of the fact that the kittens have made a complete mess of the whole place. Even I opt for my terrace if given a choice to select my living place. :P These are quite smaller significances that cling on to the terrace. It means a lot to those small birds, which have become frequent visitors to our terrace since my mom love them as much as she loves me and feeds them with boiled rice made from what is known as the Rs.2 rice bags provided by the Government. I don't know how these birds convince themselves to take their beaks on their feed for it smells like something that smells really bad. I don't know what the worst smell I've ever experienced in my life is. But, I am quite sure the smell of this feed for birds made out of the rice provided at a very low price by the Tamil Nadu Government would occupy a place on the list of top 10 extremely bad smelling food items in the world! I have a strong feeling that says these birds don't have the sense of smell. It has been raining pretty heavily for the past few days and the roads are almost lost and may be found when the rain water stagnant on the surface drains off in few days and the Government sends its team comprising of Archeological experts to dig out the road which it laid for use by the people of the state. Our terrace had greater exposure to the heavy downpour and this restricted birds and squirrels from coming out of their warm and cozy nests built of twigs and other things which we threw calling them 'WASTES'. With the surface being wet for these creatures to even step on, I don't know where they are getting their feeds from for the past few gray and wet days. I've never seen my terrace so empty in the past and I was shocked to find not even a single living creature moving briskly across the terrace, which was a very common sight few days back. The terrace which was once flooding with squirrels and birds like crows, pigeons, woodpeckers and black dodo is now wearing an empty look, which is really worrying. I wish to see things come back to normal sooner and the blue sky as early as possible so that I can make sure these creatures still remember our terrace that was once hosting food carnivals for all these tiny living creatures on every single day. I am expecting the best for all these tiny friends of mine before long! :-)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The twisters..

There are few moments in my life which directed me to an arbitrary future and here I am, today, producing this post on my past after traveling 22 years on the highway called LIFE, which is a composite mixture of numerous exciting incidents and few disheartening happenings. Leaving the bad episodes in the past and carrying the best moments of life is a solution to all the problems one might have to face in his/her life. And I feel this is exactly what has kept me going, though I don't know where I stand now. At this juncture, I wish to recollect some of the insignificant incidents that didn't add much to my life, but seemed quite big in their statures when they took place.

1. Aquarium :

This brought me so many problems from all corners of my house. First, it was my mom who felt she had had enough with the fishes I grew because I make a big mess of the whole place while trying to get these finned friends of mine new water to swim through. I even brought few attractive stones that had some glitter on their surfaces home from the river Chenab, believing they would have good amount of minerals in their crystal structure which is good for fishes.

2. The man's best friend :

She is a she and she a man's best friend. There had been only one day in my life when I lived without having a dog at home. That happened when the 'HE' died at 12 and I had to fight hard against the opinions carried by my parents which were flatly against the idea of having pets at home. The next day, I won the battle and we bought the 'SHE' we have at our place now. You can call her Tina. Or even Dog-Rider..:-P

3. Cricket :

It was during my school days when I found a big interest in me for the game and encouragements in the form of positive comments on my bowling skills were flowing in to keep my spirit high, I guess. What you see in the picture above is the corridor on the ground floor at my residence, where I practice bowling with a single stump rotted into the ground..

4. Bike riding : (I don't have any other picture that reminds me of my bike..:P)

After all those advices from my parents and almost all my friends regarding bike riding, I now realize find I am still the same old greenhorn rider on the roads of Chennai. Though I had to obey the orders of my fate and make few accidents happen (hehe.. :-P), I feel I am a good driver. Please forget the word NOVICE. :D And believe me, I am a good driver!

5. Commitment :

Friends, I should disclose without any hesitation a truth now. I am committed. We have so many commitments in our lives. And the best commitment would always be the latest commitment. When you come across a new one, that becomes the best. Commitments go endless. Lover boys say love blows the blue flowers on your face. I guess I can feel that. I am in love. I love this girl whose description might run to several web pages. If you wish to have more information about this girl, please do go through all my blog posts. My blog is a beautiful girl. Beautiful at least to me. I love this girl. You would have heard of blond girl. But, I present you the BLOG GIRL here. :P (Did you really expect a serious answer? From me? :P)

There are so many things in our lives that go unnoticed but would have added great essence to the same. Experiencing or just thinking of what your life had for you in the past makes you feel really good. Aquarium may sound silly. But, that is one of the elements of the Jigsaw puzzle called 'My Life', without which my life would stand unfinished. Find the best parts of your life irrespective of how small they are and relish the life that has neither a rewind button nor a fast forwarding key. :-)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Our commandos command respect..

Applauds and praises are flooding the houses where the brave commandos live. Extremely joyous family members welcome these appreciations with great satisfaction and tremendous pride. All the disturbances that rippled on the minds of the family members of these brave hearts finally came to an end when the commando forces joined hands with the National Security Guards and the Marine Commandos to pin down the cowards who took everything they had on innocent and defenseless people within the three major star hotels in the city. The battle between the security forces and the pests who called themselves terrorists lasted for more than 60 hours and finally, the MARCOS along with the commandos put a hard end for the battle by slapping down the face of terrorism. Thus, terrorists and terrorism are made to lick the Indian boot. I was so worried about the lives of the commandos which had been put on line to save the hostages inside the hotels. So, I stayed awake for the night and closely followed all the developments which were brought to me by the news channels. For once, I accept these channels proved good. I was shocked to hear the sounds of gun fire and blasts because I wasn't sure who was being shot since the media crews were not allowed to get into vicinity of the Taj Mahal hotel. Suddenly, I saw someone throwing a dead man's body out of the window. Since this man was completely dressed in black, I felt bad assuming he is a commando. Later, when the NGS DG addressed the media, he clarified it was the body of one of the terrorists. I felt heartened because I saw a terrorist being thrown out like a dead dog by the invincible commandos of India. At last, the place was cleaned completed of terrorist pests and our heroes came out of the building carrying the look of victors. Thus, India has literally slapped hard on the face of terrorists and sent a strong message to the Deccan Mujjahiddins, which is "TERRORISTS ARE STRAY S.O.Bs AND WE ARE HUNTING THEM DOWN FAST". The encounter has added a diamond to the crowns of the commandos and now they can make new boots from the skins of the terrorists they hunted down in the past three days!

The alcohol effect..

Most of you might know what it would feel like to taste an alcoholic substance or beverage like brandy or vodka. These alcoholic beverages make you look so funny and whatever you do after consuming alcohol would, for sure, entertain the others around you. I had been to pubs several times and I have seen people becoming too emotional after few shots of vodka or any other alcoholic drink for this issue. I don't understand why they turn emotional when they are completely out of their senses. Another characteristic feature of alcohol consumers is they lose control over themselves and they would find it really difficult to stop with the last shot they had. Thus, if a person has a peg of brandy and flies away out of the world to the heavens, as described by most drunken dudes, he would not think twice to go for another shot even if he had built a strong principle of not going beyond the alcoholic edge while and before entering the pub. Hence, he forgets his own principles and self-built rules and won't hesitate to go for as many shots at the alcohol as possible, no matter how much his wallet can handle. Another set of people are those who don't like the way alcoholic beverages taste but try them just to experience the 'HEAVENLY DELIGHT', as defined once again by alcoholics, at the end of the shot. Some people like the smell of alcohol and they drink voraciously just to bring everything that went in them out through the process called 'VOMIT'. (Disgusting??? Sorry. Can't help it.. :P) Recently, when I went to a pub, I happened to get the sight of a man who, I suppose, had already crossed several shots of brandy. Suddenly, his unsteady eyes threw a stare at me. I knew I shouldn't have looked down upon him like that. He gestured at me in attempt to get to know what was so interesting about him that made me turn my attention to him. That was when I decided not to take my eyes on any of those within a pub. Apart from these, so many other funny incidents can be experienced when you meet an alcoholic gentleman. The best of all these traits of a drunken man in Tamil Nadu is that he would start delivering movie dialogues, imagining he is the hero of the hour! If you get a chance by your luck, do meet a drunken man and you would realize what real entertainment is!

Reload yourself

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The Ironman..

You would have watched the movie Ironman. I liked this movie since I loved the way Robert Downey Jr. had played the role of Tony Stark. I found his French beard and hairstyle really adorning. But, I would like to disclose the fact that you won't find anything related to that movie in this post. If you are searching for a movie review, please quit reading further. In this post, I would be discussing about an interesting character, who lives very closer to my place. A family consisting of a dad, a mom and a younger brother is all that he owns apart from the half trousers and shirts which he puts on. He is a puny guy whose life runs on alcohol. In fact, I should say his life is swimming across an ocean of alcohol.:P Whenever we take the game of cricket to the street, we would lose at least 2 minutes because of this guy, who needs a lot of time to walk from one end of the street to the other since the path he follows would be totally uncertain and even God doesn't know what he would step on the next moment. Some of my friends even admire this guy because no matter how much alcohol occupies the small space provided by his stomach, he would still walk, though not along a straight path. Sometimes, he would even encourage the cricketer within him by grabbing the cricket bat from us and commands the bowler to bowl the best delivery he could! It was almost 11P.M last night when I went out to get some bananas which would make good food during late night blogging. I found this guy talking something to the Deity inside a small temple at the end of the street. After passing by him, I heard a sudden thump behind me and I turned around to find the man lying down with his back flat on the ground. I wasn't in a position to help him get on his feet because I feared my dad would suspect me for drinking! Hence, all that I managed to do was to give job for my 1.3 Mega pixel mobile camera. Here is the picture that shows you the Indian version of Ironman!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The road to Kodai..

Finally, we went on with the Kodaikanal plan which we were trying to make feasible for a very long time. After several hurdles, we made sure our parents are quite okay with the plan and they had some fear about our safety since it would be just four of us who will be going on the tour. It was pretty hard to convince one of my friends' dad with the plan because he wanted to make sure his son had won the chance of making his step into the world of professionalism before we left leave for Kodaikanal, popularly known as the Queen of hill stations in India. We took a train from Chennai Egmore and were supposed to reach Madurai, which is the closest city to Kodai, pretty early in the morning. Fortunately, the train slowed down at a station called Kodai Road that was midway between Madurai and Kodaikanal and in fact closer to Kodai than Madurai. It was almost 3 in the morning when we reached this place and nothing else other than a small tea shop was found nearby. We were informed by a person in the station that the first bus to Kodai would start from the place at 5A.M. We had ample time in our hands and we had a cup of tea. In the next couple of hours, we had already completed some 2 rounds of tea. We couldn't find any place illuminated at this time of the new day except for an ATM. We spent sometime at the entrance to the ATM and when saw a bus taking a halt on the roadside, we immediately confirmed its destination. It was 5.30A.M when the bus started its 4 hour long journey to Kodaikanal. As the vehicle moved up the elegant curves and took the beautiful twists and turns with scenic view, we enjoyed the chillness that settled in the atmosphere. And finally, when we reached Kodaikanal, I was excited because now I was sure it isn't a dream!

Shop at home..

The days when people go out from their places to do some shopping are history. Now, people want to be as comfortable as possible and hence, they expect shopping to be streamlined so that they can save a lot of money, time and energy. This is why Shopwiki has come up with the idea of online shopping. This is a site that is dedicated to all the sellers and buyers all over the globe and doesn't expect any returns for its services. With the site open in front of you, you can search for any product you wish to buy, no matter which part of the world the product is located at. If the seller has registered the product with Shopwiki, you can make it yours by following some simple procedures! Today, I brought my car DVD player hunt to an end when I stumbled upon a best deal over the product on Shopwiki. I met the proper person through shopwiki and sealed a deal on a car DVD player for an unimaginably low cost! With a successfully accomplished first mission, I jumped on to the next, which was to get a pen drive for a reasonable price for my dear wife. To my astonishment, I found a Transcend 4GB pen drive available for a cost lesser than what I paid for my earphones few days back when I had been to an electronics shop nearby my house! Thus, if a product is for sale, then it would be on Shopwiki for sure. With an online shopping encyclopedia just within your reach, do you wish to go out for your Christmas shopping?? ;)

Do the diet..

Obesity has become a major problem in the modern society that prevails all over the world. The amount of junk food items obese people intake or people intake which causes obesity has increased by several folds. A variety of diet pills have been brought into the scene in order to help people in bringing their diets under complete control. Acai Berry Power 500 is one of the diet pills, which is proved to be extremely effective in controlling the diet of a person. The way this diet pill works is very simple. They reduce the appetite of a person and thus, he/she would hardly feel hungry. Acai berry power 500 has been designed to work on this principle and has been found to be very effective in bringing down the amount of food people normally intake. Thus, when the intake reduces, it has an effect on the diet which means it has been brought under good control. A free trail of Acai berry power 500 is available now and it is a risk-free trail. Sign up today to try acai berry power 500 for 14 days and get to know what the effect of a diet pill on your body is! May be you should try going through the reviews available for the product before you make a move.

Rules derailed..

I hope you can see clearly who the man at the front is. He is an official in the Indian Democracy. His job is to make sure people in the society stick on to the rules laid by the Government. The rules that they deal with are related to traffic and other procedures that should be followed by everyone using the roads which some say are MAINTAINED by the Government (and still they look pathetic :-P). Hence, in short , this man in Khaki and white on the bike registered to the Government can be put equivalent to a guardian. Rather, guardian of society and rules laid by the Government. I happened to go to Marina beach few days back with one of my friends. When I was driving back home, my ride was interrupted by the flashing red signal. I was almost the first one to bring my bike to a halt just before the stop line. After the signal timer flicked for few seconds, I found someone trying to get on to the front of the lot waiting for the green using the small passage on my left which was not even sufficient for a bicycle to go through. I told myself "Wow! What an aspirant!!! He wants to be the first even at a signal!!" Finally, this man's bike stopped after completely crossing the stop line, the meaning of which he totally didn't understand. You can find the stop line in the picture and the man in the front on his bike as if he his on his way back home after winning the whole world. And you can also find that no one else in the picture had crossed the stop line. From his shoes, pant, shirt, helmet and the color of the bike, I recognized who he is. That was when I felt really bad for the people in our society. A man who is supposed to protect the rules has decided to crush the same under his feet. Several men at the same level as this brute in the picture above stand together at signal junctions just to catch hold of those who they say don't follow the traffic rules. And nowhere have I seen a rule that says these men carry an exemption from these rules and they need not follow what they say is mandatory for the public. I couldn't resist my frustration and I was completely annoyed. But, I couldn't do anything other than take a snap of this immorally molded moron. Had it been a common man crossing the rule, I bet the traffic constable at the other end of the signal would have extracted something from his wallet. What makes the difference here? It is just few things which our Government servants lack. They are supposed to be called the Government SERVANTS. But, their actions make us feel they rule the nation. This is because corruption is all powerful in this nation. It is way above people and society. When even the one who is responsible for keeping the rules intact is not prepared to stand by the book, who else can be considered for filling the most essential niche here? I've had several bad experiences with these beggars in uniform who catch at signal junctions me just to suck my pockets dry. May be this is the reason why I consider my feet more important than these brutes with bulky bellies. Some of my friends even advised me not to put these pictures here on my blog as they fear I might push myself into grave danger. But, I can't help it. I can prove anyone I am flawless just by showing them this picture which I love to keep staring at for the whole day. And I can justify whatever I've told about these roadside vagabonds. The man in the picture is just another creature who makes his living on the roads using what he gets from the society. If you still don't know who he is, I'll tell you about him. Ahh..He is totally insignificant. He doesn't have much importance for me to really talk about. I don't think he deserves any explanation. Leave it. I wish to continue this hunt for these senseless scavengers in Chennai. ;-)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

India at bigger crisis..

The whole world is being squeezed by the imp called inflation and world nations are suffering great pains to rebuild their economies and start from the scrap to make the people feel their investments and savings are secure. Some of the countries have also taken strict measures to make sure their citizens don't suffer due to unemployment by restricting foreign citizens from getting into the companies and other firms in their countries. When it comes to a nation, there is nothing wrong in being selfish and planning for the people and nation's progress in the future. And that is exactly what the world nations have started to do. Many IT firms based in India are almost completely dependent on U.S and European markets for their projects. Now, with U.S.A being badly affected by financial crunch, the Americans prefer saying NO to outsourcing, which means the danger light has been switched on for the Indian firms. Indian companies are so shrewd they knew they would be required to face a situation as bad as the one they are experiencing now beforehand and tried their best to transfer their sources to other parts of the world. Unfortunately, this effort was not completely successful and as a result, in spite of all their hard work, our firms had to face some losses in terms of foreign income and share values. This has been reflected by the firms' stands on recruitment processes, for which a temporary halt has been put. Thus, there is a blockade for foreign income to get into India now. To add to this crisis which is quite common in all the countries at present, the terror attacks on the three of the best luxury hotels in Mumbai has resulted in many foreigners hesitating to even turn back to India again in the future since the targets were these foreigners and more specifically, Israelis, Britons and Americans. Life is more important than tourism. So, we can expect a strong depreciation in the quantity of foreign inflow due to terror attacks and the already existing economic crisis, which means India would be the most affected nation during this crucial period. Let us hope the recovery techniques are considered quickly and handled deftly by our new Finance Minister, who is also our Prime Minister.

Beauty of Science

The developments in science are so rapid and advanced these days that one would think that young students would not be capable of coping with such radical advances. But it's proved otherwise! The students are equipped with models which explain how heart transplants and open heat surgeries are performed. They have information on MRI scans and Lasers and even the latest news in the avenue of cloning. Thanks to the modern day scientists! Scientists, through their extensive research, have found about rare and dreaded diseases, their causative agents and the various cures which are being developed. Genetic engineering demonstrates the importance of genetics and many self-explanatory models of their progress have been made by the scientists in this field, for the benefit of common people. Can man play god now? So are our minds to see superhuman or a factory that churns out clones by the hundred? Sorry to deflate the hoopla, folks - we are still a long way from playing Dr. Frankenstein, leave alone god! We are astonished by the volumes of research that these people had done. They had demonstrated one of the important findings of the human genome project. All human beings share an incredible 99.99% of all genetic material! Cloning has become one of the biggest wonders of recent time. The limitless possibilities of this technique have already raised considerable interest among all the scientists. Cloning has resulted in producing life forms that are free from genetic disorders and other birth defects. Still more research is going on, to deeply analyze the structure of human genome to further understand the mystery behind the origin of life, thereby further contributing towards the development of mankind. Our environmentalists are showing genuine concern about the way the planet’s resources are being plundered and the urgent need to save our planet earth. The development of science has achieved the most important objective - the renewal of man's most precious possession, essential for leading a happy, normal, stress-free life is indeed good health.

Terrorism unplugged..

While terrorism is busy expanding its wings over large grounds in the country, Indian Government seems to be a sitting duck incapable of countering militant activities in the nation. With the fateful incidents that have been happening in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India, for the past three days, the terrorists have found a new way to get their hands on various parts of the country. The militants from the so called Democratic neighboring nation called Pakistan, who infiltrated India through the seaways, claiming themselves to be local Indian fishermen, successfully made fools out of the coast guard patrols and other security forces along the Western coastline and proved the world they are sons of cowardice. If there is someone who should accept complete responsibility for what has happened in the past 50 odd hours, it should be Indian Home ministry, which didn't attach much importance to the infiltration news tipped off by the Indian Intelligence. When the Honorable Home minister, Mr. Shivraj Patel was asked about the message the Government received from the Intelligence bureau, his reply was they are to decode the mail sent by the militants. This statement misled me and I thought the militants had sent a coded message regarding the attacks in advance. Later, I came to know the letter which Home ministry said it was trying to decode was in pure English. I don't understand. What were they trying to do? Decode English? Funny. And now comes the role for the head of the country. He appeared in front of the TV channels and once again, delivered the same old "India can never stand terrorism and it will draft laws to take stringent counter actions to stop terrorism" message. When I started my under graduation, I heard the PM give out the same statement and now, I've finished B.E and still they are planning for a strict law to curb terrorism. At the end of the day, while the Government was busy moving its head for the so called strict law, terrorists accomplished their mission in Mumbai. With a death toll crossing 120, it has become a black page in the book of Indian history. Now, I feel even the Kargil war would been a comparatively easy go for the Indian army because Government was not there in the battle field to control the actions of the army men. Hundreds of commando forces and military men stormed into the hotels that went into the pockets of extremists for the last couple of days. During the course, three of the most esteemed professionals belong to police department lost their lives. Later, when the Government realized the situation has broken the boundaries, it called for military and commandos to bring back things to normal. While these men were busy fighting the terrorists within the hotels amidst gun shots and broken properties, our politicians were busy releasing irrelevant and senseless reports. They even misguided the people by giving them false assurance, which is that India is always a safe heaven. Unless Government comes out of its shell to show real care towards the country's development and safety, leaving behind all its efforts to appease muslims by being lenient towards the Islamic terrorist who has been captured by the policemen, India can never be considered a safe heaven. As long as this pathetic attitutude prevails in the nation in the form of Government, India would remain the most vicious hell for years to come.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Mylapore life..

Night life in Mylapore has always been exciting. When the darkness descends upon this part of The Great Chennai, the activities people carry out gradually increases. The part of the day becomes quite hectic for the sellers and road-side vendors who deal with products like flowers, fruits and vegetables. While these people make themselves busy hawking for their customers, the people who approach these low profile pushers would have something running on their minds. Since it is almost the twilight part of the day, most people would be heading back home after a busy day and this is when the Mylaporeans start releasing the pressure that has been building up within them for the whole day. Hence, the atmosphere will carry a pleasant vibe because everyone knows they would soon be experiencing a sense of real rest at their places very soon. Reaching home after a busy day to meet the loved ones always gives great pleasure to professionals who hardly find time to spend with their family members. This fact adds more essence to the twilight at Mylapore. I am pretty much for all the happenings in Mylapore. This is one of the most auspicious places in Chennai and at the stroke of 6 P.M, the temples with which the whole locality is filled with will start playing divine music and recorded mantras characteristic of the deity being celebrated there. In some temples, the head priests start praising the deity using vocals framed by saints who lived several thousands of years ago.
I always loved to walk down the streets of Mylapore closer to the tank, which is one of the largest of its kind. Optical disturbances in the vicinity of the tank are very much low and that is the specialty of Mylapore tank which is otherwise known as Kapali tank. The only light that the waters of the tank reflect would be the rays that are incident on the water surface directly coming from the serial lamps and other decorative lights that adorn the majestic Kapaleeswarar Temple. I love to stand by the tank and watch the fishes that frequently turn visible under the lights that come from the temple's tall tower. A common scene would be some people feeding fishes with jaggery and sometimes even biscuits!

When you keep walking for a couple of minutes, you would reach the end of one side of the tank. When you take a right turn to follow the second adjacent edge of the tank, you would find a colorful street filled with people and shops that are dedicated to jewelry and apparels. This part of Mylapore is really the happening region of the city because it will always be found carrying a festival ambiance on every single day of the year. The third edge of the tank is quite narrow and houses the spiritual entry to the temple. This is the place from where the tank gets the light that it reflects without any flaws. The fourth edge is quite distinctive in its own way and is the most commercial one among the four. The grocery shops, vegetable vendors, supermarkets and other commercial places would be spotted here. Thus, if you have been thinking Mylapore is nothing more than a small area that is known for the temples and religious centers, you should consider updating your information about the place. It is a small world by itself and has everything a man requires in life, starting from spirituality to entertainment passing through culture, heritage and history!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Roaring road accidents..

Road accidents are happening at an exponential rate now a days and your vehicle bumping into one of them will be the most unfortunate thing ever. It’s always better to get prepared before hand and auto body shops city of industry makes that easy for you. Collision Repair expert comprises a big chain of auto body workshops that effectively bridge their customers with the best auto repair shops in the town. They have incorporated strict quality measures within their network to ensure that they provide the best to their customers. They personally call back every customer and evaluate their experience, based on which a rating is given to every auto body work shop that is publicly posted in their website. You can also fix appointment online and be assured that your vehicle is in the best hands in town. With Chennai fast developing a sophistaceted and modernizied metropolitan city everyday, accidents have become very common on the roads that people don't even care to help the ones who got their heads into these unfortunate twist provided by their fate. I would like to see the Traffic department coming up with innovative, useful and really sensible road rules to overcome these accidents that often prove fatal for some people. Instead of forcing the bikers to wear helmets, the Government can give bringing in the vehicle lanes on the roads some thought. You would find such lanes only on roads with heavy traffic. But, that makes me wonder why there are no such lane discipline rules available for Grand South Trunk road that connects the city to other southern parts of Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu Police department should realize their purpose which is to ensure safety of society and public and they should also understand their hands can be put to good use other than saluting higher officials and blocking drivers for not following the rules which seem to have been designed only for the benifit of these vagabonds in khakis.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pointless Punter's tamed team..

It's quite usual to find Ponting, who Australians call a cricketer, come up with strange issues totally irrelevant to what he is involved in at that point of time. When the first test between India and Australia ended in a draw, Ponting started throwing ridiculous comments at the Indian cricket. When India won the second test in a great style making way for the second biggest victory in terms of the difference of runs, Ponting's nerves felt the chill and he was desperate to antagonize the Indians through his comments during press conferences. The first allegation proved that Australians are no more with their minds on the ongoing series but have started concentrating on proving the world not that they are the best but India is not the best. Now, it was time to make a big move and Australians knew they could do nothing about the game since the series was almost out of their reach. This time, they had no reasons to point to India since the Indians were flatly flawless in the game and the backstage comments during press conferences as well. Indian press conference saw replies from the Indian captain staying at the peak of optimism for the next game while the Australian captain left his mind wander along the past where Indians and Australians almost had brutal statements for each other. While Indians changed their mentality to quit making childish allegations against their opponents, Australians were never in a position to grow up and learn the word 'MATURITY'. Finally, the grand knockout blow from India came in the last test, which most thought would go the Australian way. The game was carried on till the last day and at last, Aussies' tombstone was erected right in front of a large crowd and what came with it was the downfall of Australian attitude and negative aggression. Now, Indians have prove to the world cricket is really a gentleman's game.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

M-Theory offers solution

M-theory is one of the latest theories in the scientific field that has offered to solve the mystery behind the origin of the universe. M theory was proposed by Ed Witten according to which the whole universe in which we are living in, is nothing but a large membrane stretched out. It also says that our universe was formed by the collision of two such membranes which we call the Big Bang, millions of years ago. Though this theory is famous among all physicists around the world, no experimental evidence has yet been produced to firmly ground this theory in the scientific community.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Time to say good bye..

Finally, my expectations were defeated in my house last night at 7. I love kittens and especially the ones that were with me till yesterday. Putting a denial in front of you against the fact that my parents and I faced a lot of problems because of these kittens will be totally unfair. I do accept that we were on a S**T job till yesterday. But, they are 3 month old kittens. It's hard and unacceptable to expect discipline and good behavior from them. Their actions can be justified when we consider the moments when we totally forgot what discipline really means. I can prove anyone who says the kittens are bad wrong because they are not really bad. They are kittens. They are innocent except for when they run behind their preys. That is their way of life. That is how they are calibrated by God to live. The mother gave birth to 4 cute and adorable kittens 3 months ago. About 50 days back, the eldest kitten, which I call that way keeping in mind its size and weight, passed away after suffering almost for a week from some bacterial infection. I dug him a graveyard in my backyard and gave him a muddy send off party. I still remember his eyes. They looked innocent and tired. After making sure that wouldn't happen again to any of the remaining kittens, I was determined to grow them till they became independent. They grew up. They were with me till yesterday. I knew it was time to get them over to a safe place so that all the discomforts my parents felt with 3 kittens at home would be thrown away. I even decided a safe place for these kittens near my friend's place. I chose that place because it was dark, safe and closer to my friend's place, which I visited habitually. I wanted to make sure I see them grow though they couldn't be kept at my place anymore. When I came home to get these kittens readied for a journey they have never been on in their lives, I found two of the kittens missing already. I understood what could have happened in my absence. My parents took the kittens to a not so posh area near my place and set them free. They say they set them FREE. They never knew they have toppled the lives of two small creatures. The third one was so lucky that my parents couldn't get their hands on it since it is a hyper-active kitten and is the eldest now. Now, all that I am left with in my place is a kitten who is still searching for his sister and brother. I hope the other two lives as long as the cat with the longest life on Earth lived.

The playboy police..

Yesterday, Tamil Nadu witnessed the incapable and inefficient act of Tamil Nadu Police department. Honestly, the cops never acted appropriate to the situation and they stood watching the incidents which shouldn't have been allowed to be staged within a college where Law lives. Dr.Ambedkar's Law college is one of those average law colleges available in the state where reservation plays a bigger role than law. Hence, reservation gave way for hooligans to enter the college in the name of students. I don't know what the issues were all about. But, I could see few arrogant and uncontrollable brutes attacking fellow students using highly dangerous weapons. A student was viciously attacked by the group of people whose appearances were not even a step closer to students. The student tried hard to protect himself from these ruthless criminals who seemed too brave when several around them are there to support them. They think world would place them as high as Napoleon Bonaparte and Alexander. But, they never realized the fact that they are actually cowards who tried to attack weaker people in groups. When these cowards were busy with the brutality, the policemen watched the happenings without a motion. I was watching these incidents on the TV and these policemen were watching it it live. Then how can you call me different from these pathetic creatures in khakis? Give me a good reason to differentiate me from these policemen. I don't understand what the Police department is trying to do. They catch hold of people who don't follow traffic rules but they let go those who produce extremely violent actions in front of them. Our policemen need a little tweak-up and they should be taught what they are supposed to do when they are in khakis. I guess movies like 'Khaaka Khaaka' and 'Vetayadu Vilayadu' carried these policemen away and they are now too far from their actual jobs. I really doubt who these people are who called themselves students. Are they followers of a political party and is it that why the policemen didn't take any actions to curb the unfortunate incidents that took place in front of them?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Coming back fast..Blogger friends, please read this..

Hi friends. Thank you all for visiting my blog regularly. I am so sorry that I couldn't reciprocate your gracious visits because an accident kept me away from using my PC. I met with an accident few days back and I carry a fractured right arm. Since I felt I shouldn't desert this blog which I love more than my life, I am using my nephew to type it for me. I don't find the life in this post because I never wanted anyone to do the posts for me. I will be satisfied only when the post solely belongs to me and I do the publishing. That doesn't mean I don't wish others to go through this post. I want all of you out there who took care of my blog while I wasn't here to go go through this post. And I am so sorry that I couldn't visit you for a long. I'll be coming back soon very fast. Take care guys and girls. See you around soon!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Where is the bloody equality?

India appears to be a secular country to the eyes of world nations. It might be considered as the largest Democracy in the world. It may seem to be right on the road to development in various fields. Other nations may feel Indians in India are lucky to have born in such a wonderful nation. If you are one of those who think this way of India, I wish to slap you right on your face and ask you "Is this really a secular Democratic country?". If you need an answer to that question, let me explain few things to you about the real India. You might also be aware of the fact that India occupies 14th place in the list of Nations suffering from poverty. Do you know what is the reason? It's a simple one word answer. Politicians. Just for the sake of petty votes from the minority community, which is found in majority in the country, these politicians introduced what is known as reservation for minorities. As a result, most of those highly qualified and talented students belonging to forward class are suppressed to stay low in numbers when it comes to admission in Government institutions. This has led to the educational institutions being filled up by people most of who don't even deserve an entrance to such institutions. A student belonging to scheduled caste/tribe or Backward class, who scored 50% in the 12th grade examinations can easily get an admit in the professional bodies and educational institutions because the boundary mark for these people are less than what they manage to score most of the times. On the other hand, those highly efficient and capable students belonging to forward class are denied admissions even if they have secured more than 80%. Here, the politicians have dug a grave for the nation and they go around calling themselves the saviors of the country's face. In a country where talent is put behind votes, the scope for development is not at the ground level. It is somewhere in the negatives. If you call India a Democratic nation and if you say everyone is equal in front of law, then where is the equality in the nation where reservation has been spoiling the lives of millions of able people belonging to forward class from day one of Independence? If equality is what India is known for, then why a student belonging to the forward caste has not been given reservation while those belonging to the so called suppressed classes of the society enjoy reservations at the cost of lives of the really good ones? Reservation is just a piece of bone politicians are using to make the people belonging to what are called oppressed classes to earn their votes. India is nothing more than this. Now answer my question. Where is the bloody equality in the Nation?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cable TV services

Today, there are three main means of communication. The first one is through media, which has become a very powerful communication tool. Media has proved that news can travel faster than light! The second is through internet. The internet revolution has already begun long back and now, wonders are being built over the net. If there is something in the universe, that has got to be on the internet. Thus, internet has compressed the size of the massive Universe in a 15" or a 17" computer monitor. The third and the live means of communication is over the telephone, which allows any individual to spread any news even he/she finds factual. Thus, without these three main modes of communication, world would have been a darker place than what it is now! To add more brightness to the world of communication, Cable TV bundles, a cable and internet service provider, has dedicated its work in the field of communication technology to the people to serve them better than ever before. Cable TV bundles is one of the cable and internet services provided by Bridgevine, which attempts to take news to every home in the country. The fact to be noticed here is that Bridgevine offers so many packages to choose from so that you can get what you feel is good and affordable for you. Thus, the attempt to bring you home the world through cables for internet, telephone and cable TV services has taken a big leap. Get the most of it now!

India-No scope of development..

Yesterday, after winning the race to The White House, Mr.Obama in front of a huge crowd in his hometown. I couldn't not believe the jubilation and the excitement that was found in the air. People were cheering their new leader and there was a complete cooperation among every single person in the crowd which added the respect to America in me. I can see it only as a country filled with more Gentleman than any other country. Something that appeared very satisfying was the appearance of the Republican candidate, Mr. McCain, in front of a huge crowd, which supported him for the past 14 months. He congratulated his opponent for winning the election and making it into the White House. I just wanted to realize the contrasts between the real politicians in America and these hooligans in India who call themselves politicians and leaders of political parties that are against the views of a particular section of a people when it comes to a bridge or a belief. So, i switched over to another Indian channel that covers everything that happens in the Indian political arena. Immediately, I fond a politician accusing his opposition and talking everything futile about the other party. That was when I felt bad for the people of India. They are the followers of Gandhi and they feel non-violence is the solution for any known problem. But, these political pigs are making fools out of these peaceful followers and they do all harm to the people of the nation and still get away with everything and win the elections once again next time. I was wondering why India didn't go for a Presidential democracy as most of the developed countries have done today and opted for a Parliamentarian democracy. The answer is quite simple. When the Government comes under the scrutiny of one man called the President, everything works well and the machine runs smooth with the least possibility of corruption creeping into the system. Our politicians don't want that. They wanted a Parliamentarian Democracy so that each and every bloody corrupted politician can get their share of people's money in all the possible crooked ways and no one would blame them because no politician is good here to point out the mistakes of another politician. This is the fate of this nation which was once considered a 'Punya Bhoomi'. It is no more a land of prosperity. It has become the birth place for corruption and tainted politicians, who care the least for the people. With the politicians being so cunning and people being so harmless, the country is expected to become a super power by 2020. For all those who believe India is right on the track of development, this is all I've got to tell you:

"பேராசை பெருநஷ்டம்"

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Difference between India and America..

Finally, the Great nation of the U.S.A faced the elections for choosing the next individual, who will be taking America along the path of development, as all the U.S Presidents have been doing in the past. This time, time has added a new ingredient to the result by making Mr.Barack Hussein Obama the President candidate from the Democratic party. The twist in the tale comes with the fact that Mr.Obama is the 2nd Black President to guide the Great lands of America. American system of elections is totally different from that of India's slow election processes. It took not more than a day for the Americans to count the number of votes each Presidential candidate has anaged to bag. I was wondering how long Indian systems would do that. The counting in India starts one week after the elections are over. Let me not talk about the reservation thing in choosing those accepting the job of counting the votes. This curse is found everywhere in this nation. Obama's victory speech was the best I've ever heard. All that we know about our Indian politicians is they talk rubbish after winning or losing in the elections. They will play the blame game if they lose and they will make fun of the opposition parties if they win. But, American politicians proved that Indian politicians are no better than clowns and jesters who do nothing innovative and don't command respect. When was the last time an Indian politician conceeded defeat and congratulated the one who won? Indian politicians and political lovers are all about dirty politics and senseless issues that would do no good to the nation. Thus, the main difference between India and America in terms of Politics is that it is considered as an art in the Western world whereas it is a business here in India undertaken by the Politicians. The change has come to America. But, this chances of the same change coming to India is rather beyond impossible with such a group of ineffective, uneducated, scientifically ignorant and stupid shitheads called politicians.


Today, I came across an incident which I found to be extremely funny. It was about the phone conversation my one of my friends had few days back. The fact is that it wasn't a conversation because I understand something can be called a conversation only if it involves two or more persons exchanging words in the form of questions and replies. Here, my friend was the only one who was involved in the 'CONVERSATION'. (I don't know what I should call this other than a one-end conversation. :-P) It seems my friend wanted to learn German since he would be leaving for Germany very soon. He decided to ask a consultancy for some help regarding the matter and tried contacting them over the phone. As soon as he finished dialing, he heard a female voice shooting some instructions at him. My friend is such a keen listener that he couldn't make a noise at his end and was listening to whatever the female voice prompted. Finally, the silence was broken! My friend opened up with a question which was "Hello, I would like to know about the German learning course". There was no response from the female on the other end. Confused, my friend wanted to make sure she heard whatever he said. He asked "Hello, is there anyone on that side? Can you tell me about the German Learning Course?" Again, there was a prolonged silence. Finally, my friend heard a beep followed by the female's message which was "Please enter an input. Press 1 for technical assistance, 2 for course details....(so on)". That was when my friend realized he had been trying to pull a computer generated voice into a conversation with him. :-P I almost laughed my stomach out watching this guy explaining the scenario with the exact body languages and voice modulations he carried while talking to the automatic voice message. Sometimes, we don't know how funny we are. When we fail to sense such funny incidents in which we are involved, we are missing out on some of the best moments of life. It won't be a shame to get fooled all the time. When you can draw a line between shameful and funny incidents, you can call yourself a best judge of all your actions. If you consider even the funny incidents shameful, there are few things you need to learn from the book of life. Never miss a chance to laugh at your own self. Understand the difference between being shameful and funny.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Road behaviors become rude behaviors..

Driving has become a tough job for those who regularly take on the roads of Chennai. With more than 65 million vehicles, the roads in Chennai have become completely cramped and even motorcyclists can't make a way out of the congestion. Traffic police department of Chennai is struggling a lot to bring the increasing traffic under control and their desperation is blatantly reflected by their action of making two-way roads into one-ways. But, the purpose is not served yet. This attempt of the police department has in fact become another reason for the city's traffic to grow bigger. While that is the part of the policemen in adding inconvenience to the society, some people also have bigger roles in building up the annoying congestion, especially when working people are hurrying up to their workplaces in the morning. It was 9.30 A.M and went to an ATM to check my balance in the savings account. After my job was done, I came out and found the far end of the street getting too congested, as you can see in the picture above. It wasn't a one-way and thus, vehicles giving ways for those on the other side of the road isn't a big problem though the road appeared quite narrow. But, that wasn't the cause for the congestion. It was a 2-way and the maroon car was being driven by a moron, who lacked even the basic common sense and parked the car right at the middle of a narrow 2-way road. I had all the time in the world to wait there to watch the other vehicles honking their horns like never before. My mobile phone wasn't too busy and I used it to make a permanent record of the scene that was going on in front of my eyes. As soon as I completed the photo session, the driver came out and pulled the car to the roadside. Just take a look at the maroon car to the righ in the picture. The driver had almost occupied half the width of the already narrow road to park the car. Doesn't it appear like a 3-lane road with a red car trying to break the congestion and enter the street while the moron's maroon car stand right at the middle of the road and the black car was parked at the place where it was supposed to be parked? If an insensitive idiot could cause such a congestion even in a street that is comparatively smaller than the other busy roads in Chennai, I couldn't imagine the impact of such irresponsible brutes who proclaim to be drivers, on the busier streets of the city which is building fast upon its traffic everyday. If these people can understand the basic driving rules and the sense of making the roads traffic-free by following proper lane disciplines, a major part of the traffic in Chennai can be avoided. I don't wish to take the policemen to the task all the time. I want to point to the part of mistake that lies on the side of the public. Either the policemen should be efficient and strictly follow the rules of the department or the people should understand the basic needs to avoid congestion. Situations on the roads of Chennai with people steaming under the hot sun for hours together due to heavy traffic would be the result if the policemen are totally inefficient and incapable and the people are hesitant to stay closer to the rules.

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