Sunday, August 10, 2008

Back goes the world..

I was sitting in the class. A boring hour engaged by the Head Of the Department. As usual, my eye-lids started drooping down. I soon started sensing that my thought process had gone out of the present and it was about to enter the dream world, 'The World of imaginations'.

At that moment, in an attempt to get rid of my sleep, I tried thinking about something I felt was interesting. I started thinking about those ever-green schooldays when I keep disturbing someone sitting in the front row. I just wished whether I could get back to those days. And I just wished the world started rotating in the direction opposite to it's current direction of rotation so that we would go back in time. Suddenly, a strange thought crept into my mind. I started wondering what if the world really started rotating from East to west, which is just opposite to the direction in which it is currently rotating? Several weird things started itching my mind.

Will a fully grown tree start reducing in size gradually and finally become a plantling and will it be contained in it's seed back again? Will the river water start flowing in the backward direction and defies gravity by climbing up the mountains and go back to the clouds? Will the water that was drunk flows out of the mouth and fills up the glass? Will the aircrafts start flying in the backward direction and land the same way they were flying?

Will the people start walking backwards? Will the motor vehicles move backward when they find the signal on the opposite side flashing green? And now, the most weirdest part. Will an old man start becoming young again? Will he get back his lost teeth? Will his hair start turning black without the help of any dyes? Will the cats start chasing the dogs in the reverse direction? Will we wake up and then sleep? Will we be going to the workplaces or educational institutions in the evening and be back home in the morning?

Will we have a bed-coffee and then go to sleep? Will we take bath after coming back from work in the morning? Will we switch off the elctrical appliances to switch them on? Will the hand-written letters be erased word by word with the pen? Will the breakfast be taken out of the mouth with the spoon? Will the person, who had been beheaded by the terrorists, get his head back in it's position?

Will the dead ones start cracking up the earth and come out of their tombstones? Will the tears climb up the cheek and get back into the eyes? Will we start laughing even before someone cracks a joke? Will the chick get back into the egg? Will the language be spoken in reverse? Will the arrow come back and stick to the bow? Will the backspace key be used to type what we wanted to type?

Will the telephone call be attended even before it rings? Will the same telephone start ringing after we hang up the call? Will all the dust particles be blown out of the vacuum cleaner? Will the female mosquitoes start pumping their blood into our body? Will the ball come back flying to the bat and then reach the bowler's hand? And finally, will the clock start running backward in direction?

Very weird. Suddenly, the bell rang. That was when I realized that my mind was totally unstable and my eyes were heavy with sleep. I saw the HOD going out of the class. Then did I realize that it was my brain that was imagining everything that are weird and that it just hit 'The Rewind button'

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