Tuesday, October 21, 2008

One full year of blogging!!

Finally, I've reached the place I aimed to be at exactly 365 days back in the past! I've been trying to keep up with my blog for the past 1 year and I guess I have successfully managed to build a good one. I was going through all the posts I had published in the past and I am point-blank satisfied by the way I have handled the titles and the topics. I am not trying to blow my trumpet. But, I have succeeded, for the first time in my life, in an attempt to feel self-satisfied. I am in fact very much pleased by my intentions to blog about topics that normally won't be considered for developing blogs by those millions of better bloggers out there in the world. I struggled really hard in the beginning to push my kid into the vast blog world. At first, I felt so small on looking at bloggers who were too professional and had the expertise in them to make some of the world's best blogs. I started blogging just to experience the elation when I see what ran through my mind blended with the blog template to produce the effect of a real and quality website. I was so happy after publishing my first post because I lifted myself to the status of Google's owner, though I don't who it is, since I own a niche right here like Google in the world of web. My initial posts were too long for the readers to go through completely and some of my friends even brought the request to reduce the number of words I used in my posts to me. It has become a habit now and I still couldn't get out of 'make-big-posts' practice. I owe my friends everything I earned through this blog in the form of bucks and many international blogger friends because they kept the thrust behind me steady and kept me moving deeper into the blog world. I don't know where I would be placed if I stand against other good bloggers I know today. But, I won't be disheartened even if I win the last place in the list starting with the best in the business. At the end of the day, a place in the list of bloggers is all I need and I want to make sure I don't find anything missing in me which might honestly be considered essential to make a good blogger out of anyone. And I couldn't drop out of this post without citing some of my good blogger friends, though each and every single blogger is held close to my heart, who are so nice to exchange messages and links with me habitually and helped me stay right on the track. Here are some of the best bloggers I enjoyed being with :

Ria Stevenson

Articles Blogger

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Friends, thank you so much for making me a blogger. I love you all!!!

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