Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ultra-modern cities???

Chennai is becoming more sophisticated and advanced in terms of lifestyle, economy, opportunities and entertainment without giving up its image as a cultural hub. With cities like Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad failing terribly in an attempt to acclimatize themselves to the lifestyle of Western hemisphere, Chennai made sure it followed its own unique way of development and progress. Initially, people were laughing at the way Chennai projected itself as a metropolitan city without a big number of night clubs and party floors which the people from above mentioned cities thought were the sign of development. Now, the world laughs at these cities for their ignorance about the real meaning of development and turning a city into a metropolitan on the map. I feel really bad for those cities because they thought they were right on track of development without carrying the reality in their minds, which is actually that they were going exactly the wrong way. Following the way people live in the Western world is good for a developed nation in the East. But, we should not forget India is a developing nation that has a heavy load of 120 billion people on its back and trying to imitate westerners is a blunder which the so called developed cities in India committed. First of all, how can certain cities alone be considered as developed parts of the nation when the whole nation is called a developing one? Isn't the word integration missing right at the root of this point? Development doesn't mean bollywood or night clubs or dance floors. Development doesn't even mean good looking girls wearing Low waist jeans and t-shirts with quotes on them that contain the words 'WANNA' or 'GONNA' in the places of 'WANT TO' or 'GOING TO'. People from these cities should understand development is a collective term that covers criteria like employment, literacy rate, specific, per capita income, establishments in various fields of business and the like. Just because a state owns Nasik, the capital of the state can't be called the New York of India. Chennai survives majority of these criteria, though not all. When it comes to industrial development and literacy rate, Chennai is several folds better than Mumbai or Hyderabad. People have just started to show themselves as trendy. According to a recent survey, among all the cities, the Chennai people spend more on entertainment and thus, Mumbai is beaten to the floor even when it comes to considering entertainment as the main criterion to judge the development of a state. Thus, I cannot search for words other then 'THE BEST' for Chennai and 'SATISFACTORY', though not completely, for other cities which proclaim to be completely ultra-modern, rich and decent.

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