Monday, October 13, 2008

The mutual development..

Today, there are millions of bloggers out there and everyone wants the world to see their blogs. Thus, popularity is what all the bloggers expect today. In one of my previous posts, I've discussed about the best way to increase your traffic at no cost. That is the technique which involves the effective use of Cbox. I couldn't find a better way to reciprocate visits. If you are able to visit 50 different blogs a day, you are sure to get back at least 4o visitors to your blog on the same day because all the active bloggers will be so much addicted to their blogs that they stay online for almost 8 hours on their blog to check whether they have received any new visitor. If they find a new visitor as expected, they will be extremely delighted to give you back a visit which means your visitors as well as you are mutually building your respective blogs. This way, each blogger can support each other and pave the way for development of the blogs and this ensures the quality of the blogs reach higher standards. I found a hidden gift in Cbox technique. It's the way you can use the widget to boost your Pagerank. Cbox is now the tool which takes you to millions of blogs which some of the best bloggers in the world are working on. This means you get a chance to step on blogs that have good pageranks. When you understand the tactics to pursue the bloggers to add your blog link to their blog, the possibility of your blog's pagerank going up is very high. But, it is quite tough to make your link appear on quality blogs initially because adding a blog with pagerank lower than the blog in which the link is to be added would have a negative effect on the blog next time when Google runs pagerank update. If you are a beginner and if you are lucky enough to push your blog link into one of those blogs out there with high pageranks, you can count on your blog to get you more visitors soon who would wish to exchange links with you in the future. So, always make sure you exchange links with either blogs having pageranks same as yours or blogs with higher pageranks. That is the secret to keep your blog running for years to come!

Sentiments tested..

Being a hardcore, non-violent and a follower of Hinduism who knows how to respect people belonging to other religions, I was plainly furious over the statement released by the senseless Indian Government which doesn't know the real meaning of secularism and continues to hurt the sentiments of millions of Hindus around the globe. Lately, the issue over the Ram Sethu has gained some disturbing noises in the country from different political parties that are in the race for winning petty minority votes. In an attempt to appease Muslim and Christian minorities, the Central Government has taken a wrong turn today. The Congressmen, who are solely responsible for the crumbling image of India in front of the world nations, try to project themselves as a secular Government and go around calling this country a secular nation. But, do you know what the reality is? This country is no more secular and it has become a place to live only for all those who don't belong to Hinduism, which was once not only a religion but a tool that helped the culture in 'Bharath', as India was known this way before things started turning bad, rise to a great height by producing two of the Greatest Epics of all time, Ramayana and Mahabharatha. Kamban, who scripted Ramayana and made the epic available for us in Tamil today, used this phrase from Ramayana :

"Vaanarangal padai soozha kattiyem kottai, ippaalamen kaalam kooru;
Ummodu empadai thazhaya, ivvodu nee avvalai seru"

These were the words which Hindus believe were spoken by Lord Hanuman immediately after the bridge, which is now known as Ram Sethu, was constructed. If the center can neither read Tamil nor Sanskrit, they should have tried to approach someone who knows about these things better than those goons in the Central Government. Without giving the hindus any chance to prove the truth, Center has released a statement that would hurt any Hindu alive today. The statement is :

"Ram Sethu has got no link to Hinduism in any way"

Center won't believe that Ram Sethu has everything related to Hinduism even if Hanuman appears in front of them and gives them an oral report about the bridge because, its a congress Government and this is India and they are politicians and truth has no value compared to minority votes in this country! Did any Hindu tell the Center Government that the bridge has no relevance to the religion? When it is considered sacred by a large number of people, why can't the center just throw away the issue? What is the need for such a passage between India and Sri Lanka? Won't that become an easy inlet into India for Sri Lankan Tamil Tigers? Is Central Government trying to strike a balance between the North and South India by letting the number of terror activities increase in the South to match the North? To add to the list, the atheistic Government in Tamil Nadu, who are atheists only to Hindus, support the project and that is not a big surprise.

One should understand that Hindusim doesn't own this country.
It's Hinduism which is the only thing this country owns!

Betrayal of something this country owns has already had some serious consequences on the country's state in the past. Future is quite gloomy. Only Ram can save us from here!

Maya messes up with Rai Bareli..

This is a part of Uttar Pradesh which is one of the states in India where literacy rate, and hence, the employment rate is quite low compared to states like Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The central Government sketched a plan for the well-being of the state and came up with an idea to setup a railway coach factory at Rai Bareli. Initial steps were taken at a fast rate including the massive land allotment by the state government. Miss.Mayawati, Chief Minister of U.P, made sure nothing on her part appeared against the interest of the state and never let her misunderstandings with the Congress at the center rise up in front of the people. But, she always had something that made her uncomfortable while trying to go hand in hand with the Congress within her. She was not psychologically ready for a tie up with the Congress. But, she can't come out with such a fact at a time when people of her state are celebrating her as their savior and protector of the rights of minorities and especially when a large section of the people feel the railway coach factory would add more benefits to the state's industrial development and economic growth. When a privatized Nano could be seen as an economic booster, why can't a Government operated railway coach factory serve as a launch pad for an economic boom in the state? The deal was almost closed with the Central government all set to bring in the machineries into the state to start with the construction works. This was when Mayawati started to stand strong against the whole picture and now she protest against the construction of a factory in the state, which she says would make hundreds of farmers jobless since their lands would be acquired by the Government for placing the ancillary plants which are required for making a complete railway coach factory. I can't find a reason as to why Mayawati didn't think of such a reason before she transferred the land and I wonder where were these groups of farmers at the time of transfer. This puts Congress at one end of a rope and Mayawati at the other. Congress has now approached the Supreme Court to make the land transfer valid. This is where the tug of war begins. We need patience to see all the funny developments that will take root from here as the causes of Sonia-Maya effect, which can otherwise be called the 'Soya' effect. Now, the issue has turned into an ugly political game between the Congress and Mayawati who has lately started concentrating more on minority vote banks than the state's interest and development.

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