Thursday, November 6, 2008

Where is the bloody equality?

India appears to be a secular country to the eyes of world nations. It might be considered as the largest Democracy in the world. It may seem to be right on the road to development in various fields. Other nations may feel Indians in India are lucky to have born in such a wonderful nation. If you are one of those who think this way of India, I wish to slap you right on your face and ask you "Is this really a secular Democratic country?". If you need an answer to that question, let me explain few things to you about the real India. You might also be aware of the fact that India occupies 14th place in the list of Nations suffering from poverty. Do you know what is the reason? It's a simple one word answer. Politicians. Just for the sake of petty votes from the minority community, which is found in majority in the country, these politicians introduced what is known as reservation for minorities. As a result, most of those highly qualified and talented students belonging to forward class are suppressed to stay low in numbers when it comes to admission in Government institutions. This has led to the educational institutions being filled up by people most of who don't even deserve an entrance to such institutions. A student belonging to scheduled caste/tribe or Backward class, who scored 50% in the 12th grade examinations can easily get an admit in the professional bodies and educational institutions because the boundary mark for these people are less than what they manage to score most of the times. On the other hand, those highly efficient and capable students belonging to forward class are denied admissions even if they have secured more than 80%. Here, the politicians have dug a grave for the nation and they go around calling themselves the saviors of the country's face. In a country where talent is put behind votes, the scope for development is not at the ground level. It is somewhere in the negatives. If you call India a Democratic nation and if you say everyone is equal in front of law, then where is the equality in the nation where reservation has been spoiling the lives of millions of able people belonging to forward class from day one of Independence? If equality is what India is known for, then why a student belonging to the forward caste has not been given reservation while those belonging to the so called suppressed classes of the society enjoy reservations at the cost of lives of the really good ones? Reservation is just a piece of bone politicians are using to make the people belonging to what are called oppressed classes to earn their votes. India is nothing more than this. Now answer my question. Where is the bloody equality in the Nation?

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