Friday, November 21, 2008

Roaring road accidents..

Road accidents are happening at an exponential rate now a days and your vehicle bumping into one of them will be the most unfortunate thing ever. It’s always better to get prepared before hand and auto body shops city of industry makes that easy for you. Collision Repair expert comprises a big chain of auto body workshops that effectively bridge their customers with the best auto repair shops in the town. They have incorporated strict quality measures within their network to ensure that they provide the best to their customers. They personally call back every customer and evaluate their experience, based on which a rating is given to every auto body work shop that is publicly posted in their website. You can also fix appointment online and be assured that your vehicle is in the best hands in town. With Chennai fast developing a sophistaceted and modernizied metropolitan city everyday, accidents have become very common on the roads that people don't even care to help the ones who got their heads into these unfortunate twist provided by their fate. I would like to see the Traffic department coming up with innovative, useful and really sensible road rules to overcome these accidents that often prove fatal for some people. Instead of forcing the bikers to wear helmets, the Government can give bringing in the vehicle lanes on the roads some thought. You would find such lanes only on roads with heavy traffic. But, that makes me wonder why there are no such lane discipline rules available for Grand South Trunk road that connects the city to other southern parts of Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu Police department should realize their purpose which is to ensure safety of society and public and they should also understand their hands can be put to good use other than saluting higher officials and blocking drivers for not following the rules which seem to have been designed only for the benifit of these vagabonds in khakis.

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