Sunday, August 3, 2008

Starting with psychology..

Psychology. Is that word really worth blogging about? To find an answer, one must understand what psychology is all about. It's all about everything around us and the way we perceive things and the happenings around us. Understanding the environment within which you are placed depends on what is considered as a psychological relationship. Don't we assume, or rather believe, that basic understanding is what a relationship requires to thrive? Our bond with everything that surrounds us is more like a relationship that needs a good understanding for the betterment of the same. Human psychology defines psychology as something that needs more scientific explanations and high degree terms without which it would sound really absurd, as it does now. I should accept I can't dare step into the scientific part of psychology, which is exactly what psychiatrists do. The psychology I am talking about comes from a common man's vision. If your interest in psychology drives you hard to search for some instants that give you a better understanding of people, then it's better to do what I've decided to do. Frame your ideas through a blog! That's exactly what I've planned to do.

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