Friday, August 1, 2008

Newton's 3rd law

Now, everyone knows that 'Every action in this universe has an equal and opposite reaction'. Newton knew this long back even before someone could imagine the existence of something called an action or force. But, there is something Newton didn't figure out. His law is not applicable only to all those forces, action and other physics-oriented stuff. But, the rule holds sound when it is taken closer to relationships. Few days back, I managed to create a short message that puts Engineers way above Management graduates, though these two belong to two different graduation levels. But, as an Engineer, I find no sensible reason to opt for Management studies for specialization since what we learn in 4 years of Engineering course does not only include the making, know-how and understanding of the processes involved in creation but, it has also taught us how to 'MANAGE' and control the processes when they go wrong. Now what do you call Engineering? Engineering Management? One of my friends, who is a Management aspirant, was agitated by the message and today in the morning, I received a message from that friend which tried to mock Engineers but terribly failed in the attempt. I found it to be a response for the message which I sent few days back. Here, what we have are two ideologies that don't intersect anywhere. The message I received, though flatly white, carried with it the same vigor and force as my message, I suppose, did. This is where Newton enters the stage. If you want to move someone psychologically and find out whether they are stable to stand opinions that slap what they carry in their minds, tell them something which you think would arouse them. If they react to your move, they are psychologically vulnerable. If this doesn’t happen, you can be sure that you have made your mark against someone who is mentally strong and also be sure that the person would definitely pounce back hard on you when you least expect it with a colossal killer instinct. And now it’s your turn to plan properly and take your stride. This takes your relationship with the person involved to the next step in the ladder. But, if you insist in having a good relationship with the person, see to that you stay parallel to him/her so that it won’t be you or that person who would elevate, but it would be the relationship that gains some life.

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