Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Way to Kodai..

Something very common about Kodaikanal is the way people describe the place as 'The Queen of hill stations'. I wondered what Kodai has got with it to be referred so high. I've been to this place twice in my life and last Friday, I successfully turned the number to 3 with 3 of my school friends. Sampark Kranti was the train that took us to Kodai road, which is located 95KM away from 'The Queen'. It was 3.30 A.M when we reached the place and the atmosphere was heavy with darkness. But, the road seemed to be pretty busy with buses and load trucks killing the silence of the atmosphere. We found a small hotel and were surprised to find one at such an odd hour of the day. Each of us had a cup of tea which tasted really good. We were not surprised by the taste because Kodaikanal is known for vegetables, tea estates, herbs and other natural products that are widely used. We came to know from the shop owner that the first bus of the day to Kodaikanal from this place would start at 5.40A.M and reach the destination at 8A.M approximately. So, we had ample amount of time to take rest but no place to do that. We had almost 2 full hours in hand and were not in any kind of hurry. Within the next 2 hours, each of us had already completed two cups of tea. We still felt we can have one more. But, it was already 5.30A.M and anytime, the bus might start its journey along the curvaceous mountains. This was where the first part of our journey to Kodai ended and a new episode began very soon after we boarded the bus.

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