Saturday, July 5, 2008

Epitome of Emotions...

Emotions are unconditionally necessary for huamn beings, who won't be called so if they lack the ability to express their emotions. It just means the way people react to a given situation or a problem. The scenarios under which human beings bring out their emotions from within might vary from human to human, depending on their degrees of resistance to a specific situation. But, preliminary classifications are easy to make and this leads us to three types of emotions:

1.Ecstatic emotions (Emotions that express joy or happiness)
2.Critical emotions (Emotions that deal with unexpected returns)
3.Stressed emotions (Emotions that one would express when he/she is depressed)

Note: These're all the types of emotions I studied from people around me and the classifications may differ from one person to another.

A human emotion is so powerful that it has the strength to change the very scenario that brought it out of the person involved.

There ends the story about emotions. Welcome to the heart of this blog!

If one is able to express his/her emotions in the right sense for a particular situation, he/she would be considered as 'half-a-good' communicator. Everything depends on the situation, which in turn depends on the expressed emotion. Emotions are like the scrambled pieces of a Jig-saw puzzle. The right emotion expressed at the right time at the right situation makes the picture, called relationship, look good. Otherwise, the consequences might take the realtionship to the end of the tunnel. Misplaced emotions often make the relationships baseless.

Suppose, if a man comes out of an interview with a wide smile on his face and you ask him about his chances of cracking the shell, and if he hits you back with this answer "It's been such an awful experience. And I don't find even the slightest chance of getting a positive result", you would be forced to carry an ambiguous idea about the interview that went on, by comparing the interviewee's comments and his wide smile, which isn't an apt emotion in this case.

Take a doctor coming out of the operation theatre, after a successful operation on a patient, adversely affected by some dreadful disease. When the people outside the theatre, probably the patient's relatives, ask the doctor about the operation, if the doctor replies "I'm so glad to tell you that his position is now stable and you have nothing to worry about", with his face reflecting all the sorrows in this world, won't the entire scenario start looking uncomfortable and appalling?

Enter a classroom, where you find a boy being rebuked by the teacher for his irregularities. Wonder what would happen if the boy cackles back at her and says "I feel terribly bad madam" ? The reaction of the teacher to the misplaced emotion of the student is left to your imagination.

Consider a 'lover boy' trying to express his love to a girl of his choice. He goes to her and kicks off "I never imagined myself walking behind you, carrying a rose, which is as cute as you are, all the time. Instead, I always imagined myself walking along with you, with you holding this rose". Now, if the boy adds a bit of sardonic tone to his voice, all his efforts would go down the drain for his misplaced emotion.

In this modern world, if a person misplaces his/her emotions, he/she would be considered a madcap. Think about it.

Thus, we find that human emotions and the scenarios that give rise to these emotions are entagled with each other. A change in one causes a change in the other. Hence, human emotions become very vital only when they're expressed depending upon their respective situations with which they're entwined.

The emotion that is not brought out at the appropriate situation, becomes a weapon that would make the relationship sour. An emotion expressed at the right scenario, becomes the tool to mend the relationships and make the bonds stronger.

Hence, emotions are all about 'Making & Breaking' of relationships. Its upto the 'Epitome of Emotions', i.e.human beings, to choose whether to use it as a tool or as a weapon.

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