Saturday, September 25, 2010


So who are they really? If you could understand them, you really don't exist. If you don't understand them, you are very close to being called sane. If you've been trying hard to understand them for a long time and feel you can never do it and still you can give it a shot, you're one wise and coool boy/dude/guy/man. Everything in this blog post comes from my encounters with 'The Girls' and also from few of my friends who are 'The Guys'. Let me pen down my understanding of girls:

1. 'If-you-can't-appreciate-me-keep-your-mouth-shut' runs on their minds all the time and if you still tell them 'Hey your lipstick appears too gaudy today', there ends your good time.

2. They are the ones who think of Mother Teresa for love, Kalpana Chawlaa for brains and Sonia Gandhi for a leader. I doubt if they really know who Mahatma Gandhi, Abdul Kalam and Manmohan Singh are.

3. They wanna be 'Daddy's girls' but they expect their daughters to be close to them.

4. They can take any seat in any bus. But, a man gets to sit only there where the sign says 'Seats for men'. (How many times have I traveled in buses where men are made to stand while women occupy their seats???)

5. You talk for the male community and they call you 'MALE CHAUVINIST'. They talk for girls and they expect to be addressed as 'FEMALE ACTIVISTS'. Who're the 'THEY' I am talking about here?? ;-)

6. If a girl saves a puppy that is hurt, we should tune our eyes so very well and squeeze hard the word 'CUTE' out of ourselves. When a boy does the same, he does that only to grab the attention of those 'CUTE' girls. ( Doesn't he?? :P)

The advocate waits around a clipped unfortunate.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Grab a lap!!

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