Monday, December 1, 2008

Unethical parking..

Chennai is buzzing with big traffic these days and we can't escape the clutches of congestion irrespective of the ways we take to reach our destinations. There has been a common voice among the people of the city that has started sounding louder lately against the Traffic policemen, who, in an attempt to make Chennai a traffic-free city, took exactly the wrong course and made Chennai a city full of one-way roads. Thus, if you are a Chennaiite and if you wish to travel from Guindy bus stop to Adyar malar hospital, it is no more an easy task like what it used to be few months back. You are not supposed to take the straight road that connects these two places. Instead, you are required to travel straight towards Saidapet and take a right turn, which would bring you back to the straight road that connects Guindy junction to Adyar. This means instead of followin one edge of the triangular path, you would be diverted to take the longest route from one point to the another on this triangular setup and this incurs you loss of time, fuel, energy and most of all, health. If you have the heart to put a halt for piling up disheartening facts which have been given room by improper planning process carried on by the traffic policemen and consider the imperfectionists within ourselves, we can design so many ways to evade the traffic problems that are posing extreme discomfort to the public. I happened to catch the view of a bike that was parked right at the middle of the road parellal to my street last night. It was one of the busiest roads in the locality that has dedicated all its space for residential complexes. Initially, I thought it belongs to a policeman since the rules had been changed (AGAIN) and the street had been turned into a one-way. Indian policemen have the habit of using their bikes, registered to Government, as barricades to prevent the entry of vehicles into certain streets. Later, I realized it belongs to a man who was so sincere to the person who called up to his mobile phone. While this man was busy with his conversation over the phone, I found 3 cars standing one behind the other, waiting for this mobile man to show some generosity towards them. After having a glance at the chaos that was about to be created at that place, he turned away to concentrate more on the conversation. After few seconds, there was a complete congestion on the street because of the blockade dropped in by these 3 cars in the front. As a result, the adjoining main road suffered a big congestion that led to a big inconvenience to all those who decided to pay a visit to the area. Thus, a small irresponsible act could lead to a big hassle in the environment surrounding the cause. Thus, being responsible isn't a choice. That is the rule to be followed by not only the policemen but also by every single person who is called a citizen.

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