Saturday, October 25, 2008

The book on mind reading..

Lately, I was searching desperately for a good book and I wasn't prepared to give much to the theme of the book. Some suggested me Dan Brown's Angels and demons. I've already got my hands on this book and it is now right at the top of my list of favorites! Several suggestions were flowing in. But, I was pretty sure that the book one liked need necessarily not produce the same kind of affinity when it comes to another person because, as we all know, opinions differ. So, I wasn't sure how far the suggested books would go within me. Hence, I questioned myself as to which book I should try this time. It's almost been 7 months since I took the books with more than 500 leaves in my hands and now, I don't think I have the patience to go through the entire book if it is going to be one of those heavily loaded books. That made me go for a book with the number of pages neither excessive nor insufficient even to call it a book. This book was penned by Gordon Mooer. The book talked about the hidden efficiency of a human mind and its capabilities that are unreachable even by human imaginations. I was so happy to spot a book that gave the exact difference between a mind and a brain, which are often considered to be synonymous to each other. But, Mooer clearly came out with the exact difference that differentiates mind from brain. Brain is a physical structure but mind is all about visions and thoughts that emerge from the brain. Scientists have coined term brain waves which originate from the brain when a person tends to think of something or when the subconscious mind starts working on its own without any voluntary stimulus. I always wondered what people meant by Peace of Mind. This book gave me a clear definition of mind that I now understand commonsense has got nothing to do with our brain. What originates from your brain in the form of thoughts is put into action that decides your commonsense. So, next time you find a senseless idiot annoying you, don't think he has got no brain. It's just that the quality of thoughts that emerge from his brain is too low to bear with for you! I just love going through this book since it has taught me everything an aspiring psychologists need to know in the beginning.

Chain with weak links..

They didn't know what they were doing. They had no clue who they are struggling for. They didn't even know whether it was really an act with a good cause. But, they stood strong in the making of the longest human chain ever made possible in the country even when it was raining. I won't call it a heavy downpour as some of the TV channels with strong political backgrounds did. In a city with a population of more than 7 crores, only few thousands participated in the human chain that had a span of 60 KM according to the media reports and the best part of the funny fable is that the human chain covered some of the most busiest parts of the city, thus making it too difficult even for the pedestrians to walk through. I doubt whether the people other than politicians who participated in the rally really knew what their message through the human chain motion was to the Central Government. If you are one of those who were standing as a link for the chain, let me tell you what you were doing exactly. You were supporting who are completely responsible for all the miseries the country of Sri Lanka is suffering today. You were a wet goat yesterday because the politicians wanted to make you look dumb while they were waving hands at you staying within their bullet-proof cars and Z-Grade security ring around them. You were supporting the people simply because they speak the same language as you do. You forgot the fact that it was with the help of a large section of these people that Sivaraj and Nalini managed to infiltrate India and succeeded in their attempt on the life of this nation's Prime Minister. You were standing on the street on an overcast day trying to be a redeemer for these people who have illegally occupied a big part of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has a Government like India. They have their own Prime Ministers and his cabinet to decide on this issue. Understand that Sri Lanka isn't a part of India if that is what you were thinking while making a clown out of you yesterday. If trying to push the Sri Lankan Government to spare the lives of millions of Tamil people living in Sri Lanka is sensible from your scrutiny, then it is quite acceptable if the Sri Lankan Government tends to interfere in the internal affairs of India and forces the Government of India to do something about it since these militant groups haven't got their hands on Sri Lanka anytime in the past. It's always good for us to know our boundaries and stay within it. At the end of the day, we had the politicians resting at their places after successfully making fools out of thousands of Tamil people, you standing wet on the streets, causing one of the biggest and annoying traffic congestions in the city ever and the world looking down upon you as a muck!

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