Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just jokes..

Jokes are meant not only for jesters and clowns who perform in the fun shows, fares and circuses. Jokes are fun and fun is for everyone.When the world is turning around so fast, we need something to make our hearts feel light and lips carry some smile. If you are a regular internet user ad if you are hungry for jokes, I can tell you that you have access to almost all the jokes the most funniest and creative minds in the world so far have created! Jokes are something that cannot be kept away from life. They are in fact integral parts of our lives which come as a huge lake in the middle of a substantial desert. Hence, keep these jokes as much closer as possible to your life and carry a smile all the time. Spending time on the sites that bring to you all the wonderful jokes suitable for almost anyone is worthy. Add the extra bit of fun to your life!

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