Thursday, October 30, 2008

Spanking the kangaroos..

The undeniable fact is that Australian cricket lost its face in front of billions around the world. Indians have proved knockouts are not only the Kangaroos' trait but even Tigers can punch the hell out of the Australian cricketing spirit. Today, Australian bowlers were treated the way I treat my 10 year old nephew while we play cricket, by the Indian batsmen. Laxman and Gambhir own the credits since they paved the two parallel rails for the Indian train to run over the kangaroos. Gambhir was so confident which was reflected blatantly by the way he came down for almost all the deliveries Johnson bowled. Also, Watson wasn't really having the mindset to accept the fact that India is a better cricketing team than Australia and he vented his frustrations by raising his right arm in front of Gambhir's face while the latter was on his way to the other end for a run. This was where everything started and thus, Watson stand at the front unlike what the whole of Australian team alleges. While Gambhir was running back to the striker's end for converting the single into a double, he retaliated by hitting Watson on his bulky belly which gave the Eastern Pussies a reason to admonish the Indian side once again. Australians think the rule books are made only for the reference of other cricketing teams and not for them at all. They think they make the rules and hence they have all the legitimate rights to break what they suppose they make. This gray attitude of the team has led to the great downfall of the Australian cricket and cricket in Australia is deep down an awful depression. I often stress on the point that cricket is no more a Gentleman's game. I still hold on to this fact and once again, I'll put the existence of the game in Australia at the top of the list of reasons why it shouldn't be called that way anymore. After all, we can't expect good manners from the cricketers belonging to the land of hooligans.

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