Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A tribute to people I respect most..

I was thinking of a good topic to blog about. I've heard those who read my blog say that the posts are too long, which I am very much aware of, and that they feel really hard to go through the entire posts. I can understand. It's not easy to spend a considerable amount of time reading a post. What I find interesting might not lure all the readers. After all, opinions do differ. Now, this being the situation, I've decided to blog about some people who are held very close to my heart. I am pretty sure that when people read what others think about them, they would be really thrilled and feel ecstatic. That is the very purpose of my blog. I should not forget to state that the blog I am planning to create is meant only for two things, which are fun and only fun. I know few people who take everything to their heart though they appear highly matured and project a flamboyant stature. People, please note that THIS BLOG WHICH I AM PLANNING TO POST HERE IS JUST FOR FUN. I want to dig out few things from my heart and fill this blog with whatever I've been holding in my heart all these days for my friends. Once again, IT'S FOR SHEER FUN! I don't know how to explain my point beyond this level to all those who I was talking about. But, my intentions are as pure as a crystal. So, I request you to read my blog as a blog and enjoy everything good told about you and ignore the part that you feel offends you.

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