Monday, October 20, 2008

Degrading dress code..

What do you see in this picture posted above? An auto-rickshaw trying to make a U-turn at the other end? An auto-rickshaw taking a right turn? A black Ford Ikon trying to take a right turn from the far end of the picture? Yes. You can find all these things in this picture. And you can also spot the cyclist to your left looking at a clown in white shirt standing right at the middle of the road doing nothing. Don't mistake him for a vagabond. Actually, he is one of those vagabonds who are given uniforms and codes of conduct and also the name 'Traffic policemen'. They have a department. They make themselves responsible for maintaining law, order and discipline among the drivers on the roads of Chennai, which are gaining good shapes these days. They have even listed down a number of rules to be followed by the drivers and especially bike riders lately. All these rules are, according to these scavengers of money in uniform, drafted to ensure safety. My question is, whose safety are they trying to ensure? I am quite sure they are more worried about the gloomy days yet to be faced by Indian economy and they have already started filling up their bank accounts using the money which they get mostly from bike riders, to ensure their families remain safe when the whole nation is in grief. These traffic constables call helmet a part of a bike rider's dress code. And they say it's a must for a rider to have a helmet protecting his head while riding a bike. They are more concerned about the riders' dress code. But, look at this man in Khaki pants and white shirt in the picture above. Look closely at the picture. I know you have spotted that the beggar bound by baseless rules has not put on his rain boots. If you have a good vision, you can find another policeman at the far end of the picture, near the black Ford Ikon. You can find him in his rain boots. I accept that rain boots are not a part of their uniform. But, I don't think a pair of toilet slippers is a part of their dress code either. Are they? I never knew Chennai Traffic police department has brought some comfortable changes for making the traffic constables feel good when they become a mere spectator looking at the moving vehicles hours together, standing under the shade and rarely dropping out of it to stop a vehicle for the valuable insurance papers, which if missing would make them ask for the really valuable piece of paper called money. I can't stop imagining the other developments that would have their roots in the department very soon. What do you know? If this is a deliberate change in the dressing code followed by the traffic police, then I could guess the next big changes in line that would be brought upon these maggots. Low waist short pants, Nike shoes, sleeveless low drops, tattoos on arms and also on the bulky bellies, pierced ears and a haircut that appears like contour farming. After all, these would look really cool and comfortable. Won't they? :-P

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