Friday, October 17, 2008

Grief-stricken kitten..

I know what comes to your mind immediately after viewing the picture I've put up here. This is the first time I am talking about my kittens on my blog. This is also the first time I am talking about my personal experiences in bringing up four young ones belonging to the cute cat family which found a place to dwell in my house. These kittens are cute, They are cute, They are adorable. And they are completely mischievous. My parents were totally against the idea of keeping these four kittens in the house which looked smaller than my palm immediately after their birth. They even told me they can find a good shelter for them somewhere outside on the road. The very word 'Road' crushes all the safety that could possibly be provided to these kittens till they grow large enough to at least run away from common threats like stray dogs, bigger cats and the vehicles driven by ruthless drivers.

I couldn't imagine these small and innocent creatures suffering the agony of which would be forced on them if they are exposed to the world outside my house. Hence, I decided to keep them safe within my room so that none of my family members would be bothered by these kittens. Initially, they faced serious threats from bigger cats and one huge cat almost brought the life of brawny, the golden-brown kitten in the above picture, to an end when he was just 2 months old. About a month back, the kitten that is white with patches of light golden-brown which can be found sitting briskly while the other three are dozing off fast, suffered a severe stomach disorder. From the way he moved around the place, I realized there was something terribly wrong with his stomach. Also, his mew was not as loud as the other three. One day, I found that his stomach had started bulging and that was when I knew he was critical. I searched the net for some remedies but found nothing. The next day, he lost control of the saliva production in his mouth and I found lathers around his mouth. I knew it was too late. But, I couldn't find a way to help him. He was just 3 months old when these symptoms were detected. His body temperature started increasing and that was when I came to know he was suffering from a severe bacterial infection. It was too late now. He started counting his hours. For one last time, I wanted to hold the kitten I loved to play with in my hand. His eyes reflected how tired he was. I looked into his eyes and felt he was asking me to help him get the problem out of his stomach. I was pathetic. I couldn't look at him after that since he started struggling awfully. He stopped moving around. He sat at a place for more than 8 hours continuously without food and water. It was 3.30 A.M when I left him in my room and went out to the hall. I was back to the room at 6.30 A.M just to find three kittens sitting beside an immobile kitten with its jaw wide open. He finally escaped the pain he had been suffering for few days then. I wasn't prepared for the job but I knew I had no choice. I dug the grave for him at the backyard and buried him with a heavy heart, with the hope that he will reappear in the form of a plant very soon.

I wasn't prepared for another such incident and very soon, Blacky, the black kitten, started suffering the same symptoms as his brother did before he went to the heavens. I wanted to act quick and sensible and took the three kittens to a vet clinic. The doctor diagnosed the real cause of what the kitten suffered from. It was a kitten fever which would cost the kitten's life if left unnoticed. He injected the white kitten with black and brown spots and Blacky since they were running on a moderate temperature. Brawny seemed to be extremely normal, and a bit overactive, and hence the doc decided to vaccinate him. The total cost of all the injections was $20. I never cared about the money. I want the kittens to be alive as long as they are with me. And also after they go out of the house into the wide world. Now, the three kittens are in great shape and they have grown big! But, they are so affectionate towards me which prevents them from going out of my room during night times. All they need to have a peaceful night sleep are Air-conditioner that should run for about 20 minutes, a warm and cozy blanket to make themselves secure in it. After all, they are living creatures smaller than human beings. Their lives are in no way inferior to our lives. They are as important as human beings are to me. :-)

As far as this kitten is concerned, I would remember him as long as my I meet him again in the heavens. :-)

Goa's jinx..

It's too early now to forget the unfortunate tourists' murders in Goa and before we could annihilate such bad memories from our mind, another one such incidents has come up cracking the surface. This time the scenario is set around the son of a minister of Goa. It's very disheartening to find the ministry that comes under this minister's ordinance. This is the education minister of Goa and the son is now a part of Police's wanted list for molesting a minor foreign girl, who was here to enjoy her in Goa vacation. This is an example case that shows how bad and weak the law and order in our country are. Police started searching for the boy as soon as they received the news and the search was made stronger since the number of crimes against foreign tourists is increasing at an appalling rate everyday, in spite of the fact that the criminal involved in this case is the son of one of the most influential ministers in Goa. I was quite satisfied by the way police department worked towards the case and tried to put the criminal behind the bars. But, the bad news I stumbled on this morning is that cops have deferred the case against the son for now and the politician claims that his son is innocent, which is a very common statement that most of the politicians come up with after their close ones get into trouble. None of us know what happened behind the screen which stopped the inching of police towards getting their hands on the criminal who cares to give nothing to the glory of this nation. But, we can be sure something very bad has taken place against the law behind the screen just because it's a politician's son who is into trouble now. Can law do anything to bring justice to the foreign girl who was 14 when this incident happened? Where is the equality here? Can the courts now take a chance and prove that it still stays above Government by providing the perfect verdict in this case? Are the police capable of working independently without the influence of politicians who work only for their welfare? The answer is one and the same for all these questions. NO! That's it!

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