Monday, June 30, 2008

The Magical Notes

It's such a monotonous world. We wake up. We take bath. Sometimes, we have our breakfast, Rush to work. Work there round the clock. We come home late at night. Watch some news channel. Then, we hit the bed, with a tired mind and body. So, what is that we are heading towards? The answer is nothing. At the end of the day, we have lost our piece of mind.

Some people even start suffering from most acute problems like high blood pressure, unusual increase or decrease in the heart beat rate, stomach ulcer, insomnia and several other disorders. Can you just imagine how much medicines a day are required to control all these disorders? The count makes it mind-boggling.

How good it would if we had a single good medicine to control all these problems? Yes. Infact, we have one. The magic word is MUSIC. Have you ever wondered to what extent music can blend our mind and soul? This is the mystifying effect of music that makes it superior to even god, according to Hindu mythology. Also, music is the only tool that human beings have been gifted with, by the god, that can reach to the soul and bring out the essence of life. It sometimes even brings out the sound of nature and stirs the soul around.

Music is very similar to a painting that is truely colorful. Red, Blue and Green form the basis for all colors. Sound, Silence and Time form the base for music. Not only sounds, even silence is an element of music. Silence, placed between sounds, at the appropriate positions, creates a soul-stirring music, like that of A.R.Rehman's compositions.

The nature is filled with music. The only difference between the music notes composed by the modern music directors and the music or sound that the nature produces is the time base. We humans love music only if it has a proper time structure, rhythm and texture. Whereas, the sounds that are produced by elements of Mother Nature, like chirping birds, blowing winds, frothing oceans, flowing rivers and many others, are not properly structured on time. They are quite independent in nature and do not follow a perfect linear rhythm.

When the tempo of the properly structured music composed by a musician is reduced drastically to some lower value, even the best music would sound absurd and weird and it would sound totally independent of the time base like that produced by elements of nature. This is the research that the music researchers are working on. The research is all about the reverse process.i.e. recording and playing back the sounds at a very high tempo.

Researches record the sounds(noises) made by the elements of nature, located far away from the reach of disturbing new age industrial noises, over a very long period of time, say 1 month or 2 months. Then, the recorded noises are played at a very high tempo such that the noises that covered the whole recording period would be just played back within few minutes. The nature's tune is then read and few modifications are done to make it time-specific. Finally, the tune that comes out would be called the Sound of Nature. So far, the researchers were able to recognise 1000s of such sounds of nature, since the places at which they were recorded differ.

When even the humans can create soul stirring music, the sound of nature would definitely take the spirit out of this world. Any kind of music can be assumed to be soul-stirring by just changing the way one perceives that music. The human perception of a music composed by the musicians may vary from one person to another since everyone might not feel the life in it. But, the Sound of Nature has the very life in it that anyone can feel it and get carried away by the spirit of Music.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bluetooth-The Science that fits in History

It's high time you've started laughing at those people who say there is a big split between History and Science. The world of communication is expanding along with this ever-expanding universe. Scientists of Scandinavia had the stuff hidden inside their heads that made them bring out to the world a new communication means, called the 'Bluetooth'
The two main subjects, which paved the way to the Bluetooth technology, are History and Biology. Neuroscientists studied the way the bio-potentials propagate from one neuron to another and found that the insulating layer at the junction of two neurons, called the Myelin, helps in the propagation of these potentials through electrolytic actions. (I don't have deeper knowledge in Biology) Assuming this transmission of the bio-potentials as the basis, scientists came forward with the idea of Bluetooth data transmission technology. Thus, neurology, which is a branch of biology, provides the technology, it's principle.
The book of history says there lived a King, Harald Blatand, who ruled Denmark and made strenuous efforts to unite Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The idea of BT technology is to interface devices such as mobile phones, computers, printers, keyboards etc. through an open source wireless medium (radiowaves). Since the ultimate aim of the King and the BT technology is one and the same i.e. to unite/interface different parts, the king's name is used as an analogous to the technology. Blatand, in English, means Bluetooth.

When you look at the Bluetooth logo, you'll find that it consists of the symbol 'Asterisk' (It's not asteriks or asterix) and the letter 'B' merged together. In the Runics alphabet system, the equivalent letter for the English alphabet 'H' appears something like an Asterisk. Thus, first letters of the king's first name and second name were taken and merged together to form the symbol. This is how history comes into picture.

The name 'Bluetooth' was initially used as a codeword for the technology when it was at it's infant stage of development. Then, it was accepted by the scientists to be used as the brand name of the technology.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lords of Cricket

“Let them do the talking. We’ve come here for playing cricket” was the comment of Australia’s cap, Ricky Ponting Then what are we, Indians, here for? For hardening and making the pitch flat for the Aussies to play on it? For all his words and harsh comments against the Indians, which doesn’t stop with Indian cricket team, but also seems to extend towards all the citizens of India , a strong reply has been given, though after two setbacks.But, it’s never too late.

With three games left in the series, India came back very hard on the kangaroos. Dreams shattered for Ponting, the human with an iron tongue. This man, for his aggression, would have expected his so called supreme cricket team to win all the 7 ODIs. The first one was washed out by rain. They had the luck going their way in the next two matches. But, now, after being pushed into the pits, he wouldn’t have expected the Indians to come back fiercely.

The 3rd ODI was a nail-biting thriller at the end when Aussies lost control of the match which was supposed to be their game. A team, which claims to be the best in the business, shouldn’t lose a piece of cake like this. When Aussies were 229 with 4 wickets down, nobody would have even thought of India’s chance of winning the game. A splendid spell from Bajji and the new boy in the team, Murali Karthik, snatched the game from the ‘safe hands’ of the Aussies. It was an awesome effort from these two slow bowlers when Hayden was striking the ball really hard and Symonds, at the other end, gave the former a very good support.

Though the fast bowlers weren’t so effective, Indians were extremely delighted with Rudra Prathap Singh’s efforts to send the two crucial batsmen, Symonds(Bowled out) and Hogg(magnificent run out with a great reflex)back to the pavilion, at the extremely critical time when Indians were in urgent need of wickets to survive the war. With the loss of these two settled batsmen, the kangaroos lost their stability and the tail-enders couldn’t get the best out of the Indian bowling attack.

This is an example of how people or a team of people with ‘beyond the limits of self-appraisal’ attitude go down the drain as a penalty for the same attitude. We may now expect Ponting to try hit back with these words: “We’ve just lost the war. We’re here to win the battle”

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Champs in Blue

It was an eight match series. The first one was washed out. Thanks to the gods of rain. The 2nd and 3rd ODIs went the Australian way. Nothing to lose. Still Indians had a chance of winning the series. They knew the 4th One-Dayer was a crucial one and the match was evenly balanced by the wits of the two teams. The tigers came up roaring leaving the kangaroos down. That was the moment when all the Indian Cricket fans started living their hopes of India winning the series with a great come back.

Then came the 5th ODI. The truth is that, it was a humiliating defeat for the Indians from an Indian's perspective. Looking at it from an Australian's point of view, the Tiger's teeth were crushed to pieces after a knock-out punch from the Kangaroos. And, this was the ODI that gave a momentum to the series when the Vadodara crowd were blamed by the Australians for making 'MONKEY NOISES' at Symonds. After this issue hit the surface, even the Australian media started abusing the Australian Cricket team alleging that ACB is afraid of BCCI, the world's richest cricket body.

The 6th One-dayer was a thriller. It was a perfect tug of war between the two teams. The head-on clash was equally matched by the teams. Until the end of the 46th over of the Indian innings, who was chasing a target of 311, nobody knew that it's a match that would end up in Australia's victory. It was a good fight which the Indians put up. A great kick-off from Sourav and Sachin did the trick and took the Indians very close to the target, though they couldn't reach it exactly.

The 7th ODI was another unexpected one-dayer. The so called MIGHTY Australians were bowled out for 194. But, the Aussies really proved they're indeed mighty by making India struggle hard to reach the golden figure of 195. Murali Karthik and Zaheer Khan staged a great show and brought down the Australian bowlers. When Indians were struggling at 143 with 8 wickets down, few of the Indian supporters would even have switched off their television sets. Zaheer and Karthik put up a big partnership for the 9th wicket that paved the way for an effort-filled Indian victory.

The series ended there with 4 matches in the Aussies' bag and 2 in the Indian pockets. With that, the Australians won the Future Cup series. Though Indians had lost the series, something that could bring a chilling effect on the tiger's wounds is that the Indians gave Australians a bitter send-off back to their lonely continent with a defeat in the final ODI.

The war is over. But the battle isn't. A bigger show is in the yard with the Men in Blue preparing themselves to meet the Australians on their own soil. It's going to be a tough time for the Indians since the Australians are known for their 'BEHAVIOR' towards the touring cricketing nations.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Racial Abuse-A funny Australian aggression

'A great come back after two defeats that would have put any team under the peak of pressure' This was ringing in the minds of the ICL(Indian Cricket Lovers). The next match gave a death-blow to Team India that the kangaroos looked down upon us and started treating the aggressive tigers as mewing Pussy cats. But, the way the Aussies brought out all their cricketing skills down to the pitch was splendid and their 3 departments, namely bowling, batting and fielding, were synchronised and flawless, except for very few lapses in the field. Hats-off to the yellow caps.

Apart from the frictions between Sreesanth and two of the Australian players, Symonds and Hayden, everythin was fine until the schedule reached Vadodara. At this venue, the Australians were made to taste their own treatment, which would be offered to the countries touring Australia. This time, it was no Indian player who was to be blamed. It was the Vadodara crowd that almost made the Aussies weep in the field. It was a hard whip on the back of Aussies, who're known for racial abuse. This time, it was the Australian cricket team, for a change, which alleged that they were racially abused by the Indian Crowd.

The problem with the Men In Yellow is that all along they were thinking that Australia was the only Cricketing country in the world and they never expected to taste their own piece of cake when they were on a tour in another cricketing country like India, where cricket is more than a religion, unlike Australia, where it's just another profession.

Symonds brought up the so called 'Racial abuse' issue to the view of BCCI and then to ICC, when BCCI didn't even consider to discuss on the issue. He says that the crowd made monkey noises when he was in the outfield. Is this the way a real sportsman would react for what the crowd did? The ears of the sportsmen should remain shut for the comments of the crowd. I guess Symonds was trying to over-hear someone talking in the crowd. Again, that is something a sportsman shouldn't try to do.

Australians are known for their racial abusings. It was clear from the Australian tour of West Indies when Mc.Grath ended up talking about Sarwan's wife. Now, they find it too hard to accept when the iron ball hits them back and they do everything to pour out their aggression on the Indian crowd. Even Mark Waugh and Allen Border aren't in a mood to support the charge against the Indian crowd since they know that it's ridiculous and senseless. Most of all, it's baseless. Do the Aussies expect the ICC to question the Vadodara crowd and punish them? What is that they expect the ICC to do? There is no proof against the crowd. Even if there had been a video proof, ICC can't pull the crowd into the court expecting a judgment against them.

I only wish that, next time when Symonds goes to an Australian zoo and finds a chimpanzee making funky noises, he doesn't go to the Australian court, alleging that the chimp made funny noises at him and that it 'Racially Abused' him.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

7 big reasons as to why politicians call India a peaceful land.

Many of us know, as the politicians in India, when they acquire power, declare, that India is the most peaceful land on this earth. If you believe this, you're one big time clown. On the other hand, if you refuse to believe this, once again, a fool has been made out of you. Don't understand? That is Indian politics. Here, everything happens and everything looks fine. But, the reality is that, nobody knows whether the happenings are of any good to them. Okay. Aiming at the topic.

The politicians keep stressing that if there is a place on earth where you could dwell peacfully, it should be India, for, there are 10 big reasons in their minds, which are as follows:

1)Most of the politicians have a brave background with all weapons, guns and other stuffs that a rowdy would be in need of. So, 'PEACE', to them, means 'Living amidst blood, skin and smell of rusting weapons'. So, they feel India is peaceful since most of us don't carry such weapons all the time with us.

2)Have you seen Bombay stock market? How noisy and irritating it would be? People over there take care of exchange of stocks, money transfer and foreign flow-ins. The politicians do the same thing among their circles, with the only difference being that, they don't have something like a BSE. They do everything without any of the common man getting even a clue of what they are upto. Isn't this peaceful compared to BSE? This is why they call this sub-continent the peaceful land.

3)When something goes wrong in the country, the politicians, if you had noticed, would not release any statement immediately. For instance, consider the so called hunger strike observed by the 'KALAIGNAR' on 0ctober 1st. As soon as he received a word from the Supreme Court, this guy went home, took some rest, had a peacful day with 'Daddy's little daughter', read 'KAVIYA KALANJIYAM' and then arranged for a press meet late in the evening. Did you just realize how peaceful his day had been? This happens everyday in the lives of politicians in India. Isn't this really peaceful? India can rightly be called a peaceful country right?

4)At the party meetings, you could see only the head of the party talking most of the time. The people who call themselves the followers of the party sit like a bunch of goats as long as the party head stops speaking which, in our state, would take atleast 3 to 4hrs. Thus, only one person would talk and 100s and 1000s of people sit and listen to the useless, carefully framed speech without any reaction. How peaceful it would be to have a single person talking and all others looking at him?

5)Our politicians are so brilliant that they don't have direct contact with any of the terror heads. Instead, they have chain brokers to talk to such people. They work as hands in gloves. If the terror groups decide to lay down their show in some part of the country, they would INFORM our politicians first so that they can get their consent before they could go ahead with anything. So, these politicians are sure that no such attacks would take place without their consent. In turn, they are paid by these terror groups. There is something that is very unique. It can happen only in India. India blames Pakistan that Pakistani politicians are funding terrorists. Our Indian politicians are strict when it comes to the direction in which money flows.May be its because of the reason that its the other way around in India. Terrorists like Dawood Ibrahim and Sivaprakasam fund the politicians. Hope you understand what a FUND here means.

6)Two bullet-proof vehicles, more than 10 cars, 100s of black-cats, 1000s of policemen, loads of ammunitions and guns. When the politicians are gaurded by all these, even a speckle can't touch their skin. Even when someone tries to attack a politician, either the policemen die or the black-cats die. The politicialn will still have a peaceful life after going home with his family. Ahhh! Isn't his life really peaceful?

7)People like me, who blog against the politicians, are so unlucky that their blogs reach not so many people. So, the chances of producing a chance for this country has hit the ground level. As long as blogs like this don't reach the people out there, who have got the true spirit of India within and is ready for a revolution and modification of the Indian society, these politicians will live peaceful lives.

NOTE: India holds the 2nd position in the 'Worlds' top 10 terror-attacked countries' Think over it again. Is India really the safest country on earth for us to live in? If yes, for whom? For politicians or for people?

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