Friday, October 10, 2008

Is Big-B really a big deal now?

The N-Deal between U.S and India has finally reached the final phase after crossing several hurdles in India and U.S as well. The SENSEX continues to drop heavily and banks are big losers in the country, metal industries being the next in line. India's relationship with Pakistan is deteriorating by every passing day. New group of militants have started making attempts to break the border security across the Indo-Bangladesh border. Indian, who captained a ship that sailed along the coast of Somalia, has been held as one of the hostages by the Somalian pirates for a heavy ransom. Reserve Bank of India has drafted a plan according to which Rs.60,000 crores would be pumped into the system to save the economy from a great fall face first. I would have been happy if the news channels spared a few minutes of their slots for these news. But, they failed to do what they are supposed to be doing being a powerful tool. I bet you won't believe if I tell you what was actually the news the media was covering. Big-B hospitalized after he reported acute stomach pain. Wow! I really wonder whether Big-B's stomach pain has got anything to do with the nation's economic crisis. There are several important national issues to discuss about. Indian news channels have become a promotional platform for Bollywood movies and Bollywood stars and thus, it has become easy even for stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan, the so called Big-B and other kids to reach the apex of popularity. Indian news channels, especially Times Now, have lost their dignity and pride. They have nothing left to lose and they have become totally unreliable and most of the times, they are found to mislead people by spreading false information or in other words, rumors. It's very important for media to prioritize the news they get and the national news should always take the first place. I don't think Big-B's stomach pain is a national news. Even if it's something our Honorable Prime Minister suffered, it can't become one by any chance. Blowing up even the smallest information and projecting it as something really important has become the job of Indian English news channels. The duty of media in any country is to connect the world to the masses. But, in India, media has completely gone out of the course and it is toiling to connect rumors to the people of India!

Debacle and stabilization..

The Australian tour of India kicked of couple of days back with the first test. Australians started their campaign by placing Hayden on the front line. But, Kangaroos slipped off the course with Hayden throwing away his wicket to Zaheer Khan in the very first over of the innings. Ponting claims that Hayden never managed to make a contact between the ball and his bat which sounded absurd after watching the replay several times. This wasn't the first time Australians were found getting their hands on dirty tricks to psychologically strengthen themselves. This seemed to work at the beginning of every series Australians play. But, at the end of the series, Ponting will be found biting his nails during presentation ceremony when the trophy will be handed over to the opponents. History repeats itself and I strongly feel history repeats itself in this series again. Indians always used to be the jittery during the first match of the series. After that, they manage to pull up their socks and put up great fight backs that would almost make the opponents, especially Australia, feel they are nothing more than minnows to India. Australians in the past had faced so many such shameful defeats in the hands of Indians and still they brag they are the best in the world with no one behind them to treat them that way. This is called the Australian attitude that has been prevailing in the Australian dressing room for more than 4 decades now. The so called mighty Australians piled up a total of 429 on day 2 at a run rate slower than any other established team would have managed to come up with and started to greet the Indian batsmen by making them take most of the deliveries across the rope. Ponting was clueless since the openers took the score to 68 in no time and that was when luck came Ponting's way. India lost the first wicket. After that, wickets were lost at regular intervals and Australians were found rejoicing even for removing batsmen like Sachin and Laxman who are completely out of form. This reflected Australians' desperation after toiling hard under the hot sun to remove the batsmen from the cards. When Ponting was about to have a sigh of relief, the bolt from the blue came in the form of Bajji and Zaheer, who pulled up a partnership of 78 out of the bag. I saw Ponting sweating out all his efforts to remove them but everything went down the drain. Bajji was found walking down the pitch at few occasions and take Lee and Watson to the task. Finally, Australians started sledging and Haddin set on the Australian tradition of negative sledging by making an attemp to annoy Zaheer who was never seemed to be kept down by the Australian bowlers. The bowlers were treated like small boys who play at Marina early in the morning. At the end of day 3, India lost 8 wickets for 313. Kumble and Zaheer are at the cross. I am eagerly waiting for day 4 since I want to see Zaheer irritate the bowlers by positive sledging , unlike Australians,which is legal according to ICC.

Bengal reckons bad time..

West Bengal is having a really tough time. The bad has now transformed into the worst for the state. It's not a surprise though, because such unprecedented incidents are quite common in states ruled by the Communists in India. In such states, people should be held responsible for their misery. Believing in the capabilities of Communist Party of India is a blunder and the bigger mess up was brought down by the people of these states by giving the Communists of India the privilege to govern the regions. Now, they are paying through their noses to compensate for the unforgivable gaffe which resulted in the slow economic progress in the states that come under the Red umbrella. As a result, the country's overall economic progress would have been hampered at least to a small extent. First, it was Tata's Nano project which was literally thrown away by the Government of West Bengal just because it failed to control the so called raging opposition in the state. Mamata Banerjee should be considered here for playing the role of a screw driver extremely well. She drafted the entire plan to screw the state, knowing pretty well that the ruling communist party is totally incapable of handling such pressures. She very well knew communists are here only to print blood red posters and wear a red dress during protests against privatization, start giving lectures to a huge mass against whatever the Central Government sometimes plans for the welfare of the nation which is quite unusual. What can you expect more from a state ruled by such an inefficient group of political anomalies? If Nano had been rolled out from West Bengal, the state would have enjoyed so many advantages. Now, successfully communists spoiled the supper by being too hesitant to take a clear decision. Meanwhile, Tata, who considers time precious unlike politicians, made decisions briskly and decided to move to Gujarat which accepted to provide 1000 acres of land for the installation of an auxiliary plant. The voice of the communists in Gujarat was as low as my kitten's mew. That was where Gujarat rose above West Bengal. Another inauspicious blow for West Bengal was Ganguly's announcement regarding his retirement after the on going Test series against Australia. With days becoming more gloomy and uncertain for Bengal, nobody can tell for sure what would take the state through another twist.

Meltdown chills down..

Finally, the hopes on stocks are increasing. Bombay Stock Exchange witnessed some good moments after almost a series of stock market crashes in various forms. Now, all those who rely upon stock market as their only source of income can have a sigh of relief. The pressure has been vented out very carefully by the Finance ministry of India. Applauds to the Finance Minister who has, for once, been so strong in his position and kept supporting the markets all the time with positive comments. His words gave the investors all the confidence they needed to make sure stock market is still the best place for investing their immense wealth. SENSEX shot up to 15,000 few months back and that was when inflation started going down marginally. Suddenly, the effect of Western policies on trade and commerce resulted in the increase in the strength of U.S.D against INR which set the spark for the inflation to reach an index that has never been touched before. When I expected inflation to reach 15% in another couple of months, I was surprised yesterday to find the figure actually going down. There was a marginal fall in the inflation figure and at last, it reached 11.8% yesterday after a long period during which the prices of fuel and food was going up faster than Ferrari. But, there is an aspect of the market which I don't understand even after putting my mind on it for a very long time. American economy is crashing down fast and inflation in India has showed some sign of recovery. Then why did the value of U.S.D go up against I.N.R? Inflation directly reflects the value of currency. If inflation goes down, the value of I.N.R should actually go up but it is happening the other way. Everything is going down in India! Soon, we can expect the prices of all the commodities to go down. Let us hope the day is just too closer from her.

Cite a site..

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Is India becoming precarious for tourism??

Of late, many incidents have tainted the image of Indian tourism industry. While the Government is concentrating more on promoting the country as one of the most pleasurable tourist countries in the world, it has failed to curb the atrocities caused to the foreign tourists who are forced to face what they didn't expected to encounter here. What is the use in making efforts to keep the house clean and tidy for the visitors if no one is going to visit the place? Keeling's murder in Goa produced a shockwave across the nation and also across U.K and defamed the security provided to foreign tourists in India. The bitter part of this fable was that the Police attempted for a cover up so that they won't be held responsible for the brutal murder of this 15 year old girl. The girl's mother was pushed into a state of complete agony and misery since everything seemed to turn against them, including the Goa Government, which initially appeared to stand on her side. Very recently, on 9th October, an Australian national was beaten to death in Goa by a security guard and two waiters after the 65 year old Australian pulled a duel with these three men out of his bag. They are tourists and most of all, they are our guests. That makes patience of highest degree necessary for us. If we are privileged to kill someone just because he/she mocked the way we go around, each of us should have killed more than 100 people by now. If this is the case, then how can we call India a tolerable nation if the very word is missing even at the lowest level? What is the use of the politicians being 'Tolerable' in front of the TV cameras? Goa, which is known for its beaches, is now a dark spot on Indian map. Unfortunately, Goa has forced the world tourists to think twice before they plan for an Indian tour, which will definitely reflect a negative impact on the tourism industry of the nation.


Tamil Nadu is trying to project itself as one of the most powerful states in the country in various fields like politics, automobile production, I.T and telecommunication. It proved it's worth as a good base for several I.T firms and succeeded in its attempt to become an industrially well-established part of the country. Without the political parties that are present in the state, the Congress would have lost its place in the Parliament and by this time, Congress would have become even more useless than what it is now. Tamil Nadu is literally putting up a puppet show, with the state being the puppet master and the Government at the center being the dumb puppet. So, Tamil Nadu is indeed one of the most powerful and happening state in India. But, the other face of Tamil Nadu is totally powerless. This is the part of Tamil Nadu that confronts with the frequent power cuts in the state which may last from 1 and a half hours to as much as 5 hours in some places outside the state capital, Chennai. This aspect of the state makes it one of the powerless states in the country. When no other state in the country came forward with such an absurd idea to conserve power, Tamil Nadu politicians popped up with this plan to turn off the power all over the state at different times. I personally suffered a loss because of these power cuts by losing the stabilizer which by itself was not stable enough to support the operation of our refrigerator. Recently, I upgraded my PC and during the process, I brought home a new UPS. Power fluctuations joined hands with power cuts and now my UPS is almost dead. If the H'ble Minister of Health and Electricity, Mr.Arcot N Veeraasamy gets a chance to read this particular post of mine, I would put forth this question for him : "Do you really know what electricity means to the people of Tamil Nadu and are you sure you and your political friends face the problems posed by these power cuts designed by you?" Instead of indulging in such a pointless act, Tamil Nadu Government can start revising the plan by putting a halt to the free electricity plan for villages, though this may sound quite harsh, and provide electricity at a price lower than what the usual unit slab costs. People of this nation can get themselves out of such pathetic conditions either by making really able ones form the Governments at the Center and in the states or by overthrowing the present politicians who look dumb and senseless and are not even closer to the genuine efficiency of a really good politician, which India has never produced in its history.

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