Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bore well or a graveyard?

Today, a tragic incident caught the nation's attention. Sadly, a 2 year old boy died after he tumbled into a 150 feet deep bore well, which was under construction by the corporation near Agra. The corporation, during the course of digging a bore well, made sure it serves as a burial ground for this 2 year old innocent child who never even understood what life really is. The happy couple was having a chat within the house while their son was playing outside. Unfortunately, the devil's mouth in the form of the bore well invited Sonu, who never knew he was just 100 hours away from death. After finding his uncertain path through the well, Sonu hit the bottom and fortunately survived the blow. Everyone in the neighborhood started searching for Sonu and finally the well came to their minds and that was when they decided to go for the army men's assistance to bring the child out of the well alive. The military arrived at the spot as early as possible and used all the heavy metal machineries to rescue Sonu without a scratch. But, they had a problem with the mud which was too slippery and lose. Hence, heavy machines were taken away from the area. Now, they were to go into the operation manually which took longer time before they brought out Sonu's dead body out of the well. Hundreds of army men were involved in the operation and they feel that this is one of the major rescue operations they had been involved in. Unfortunately, it ended in a sad note. The army toiled really hard to rescue the child safely from the depth at which the oxygen content was extremely low. Had Sonu been alive, this would have been the happiest and proudest moment for the army people. But, Sonu's fate in the darkest depth of the well stole this precious moment from the army and ultimately brought his life to a tragic end. May Sonu's soul rest in peace!

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