Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dark side of a human

Many of us might be carrying the thought of what we could have done to erase the dark side of our life, which probably no one else on this earth has an idea about. But, we never realize that things can’t be undone. I should fairly confess that this blog has nothing to do with the dark side of human beings, though the title says so. The dark side signifies something else. Something everyone can see. Something that starts traveling with all the living creatures from the day they’re born. Not only the living creatures, it also gets attached to the non-living stuffs. In short, as long as there is a source of light on this earth, every real thing will continue to be haunted by this dark follower. We call it ‘The Shadow’.

We never attached much importance to our own shadows. We rarely notice it falling on the ground when something obstructs the light path. For us, it’s something like nothing. It means nothing to us, for it doesn’t involve any complex processes to produce a shadow. But, the shadows governed the earth time in the early days when people believed that Sun Clocks could really spell them the correct time of the day. This would be one of the most revolutionary discovery that was made out of what we today think is least significant and useless. Ancestors are really brilliant.

Now, let’s target the historical part of the shadows. In the olden days, people considered those creatures, which had no contact with their own shadows, while moving, as evils that symbolized satanic forces. This means, birds, which fly all the time, were descendents of an evil force. That makes me wonder whether those people had never seen a crow or an owl sitting on a tree trunk during daytime. Later, when big minds started thinking about renaissance and development of social culture, people realized that shadows are no evil forces and that even the eclipses that occur were results of formation of shadows of heavenly bodies. There ends the myth.

Let’s come back to 2007. As it had been mentioned earlier, shadows have the least significance now. But, the encouraging fact is that a large number of computer-users like adding the Shadow effect to their text and pictures since it makes them look highlighted. There're quite a large number of people who do tricks with their fingers in front of a candle light to make sensible images on the screen in the front. These are the most creative works done out of shadows. It’s something that stays with you all the time. No matter whether you’re dead or alive, shadows prove to be your best buddy who follows you all the time, till you turn off the lights and hit the bed at nights. As long as you are fine, you move. And as long as you move, your shadow follows you. It’s so innocent that it won’t react when you get hurt or when you are in agony or in pain. It’s so sensitive that it watches even the smallest move you make and does the same, the same way. Beware. You are being eyed by your dark side round the clock.

It’s so humble that it always stays at your feet, unless you go upside down. We make it a complex world by studying multi-dimensions and we even call it a 3 Dimensional world. The most astounding characteristic of the shadows is that they remain in the same old Two Dimensional world, be it a thin paper or a three dimensional object that blocks the light path. They prove to be so simple.

Colors make the world real and lively. May be that’s the reason we ignore this best friend of a man, for it is always dark. I wonder I had a colorful shadow. It’s so patient that it never takes it back on us even when we step on it all the time when we walk. It never gets hurt when we try making it wet in rains and make it boil under the sun. Who else can you imagine to be more patient than this? Though it’s the dark side of the humans, it’s probably the best part of the glorious green earth since it is found everywhere. I really wish I had a colorful shadow…

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