Friday, August 8, 2008

Olympics in India-An overview.

Note : This post is not meant to pinpoint the defects in India and Indian society but it's effort is to make one realize where we really are with respect to the world. Now, make an effort to understand the reality.

It was 8.08.P.M in
China. Its 08/08/08. The day will definitely secure a highly significant place in the history books of future China. This is the day when China gave the world it's awesome treat in the form of Olympics in a way the world has never seen it before. When I heard the name Bird's nest, I thought it won't be of sufficient size to house all the events. But now, after watching all those celebrations during the inauguration ceremony which was almost beyond human imagination, my idea of Bird's nest has been crushed to pieces. Now, I can't imagine a small sized bird's nest at all. When I was wondering whether human beings can really make such arrangements that appeared impossible, I also spared few moments to wonder whether our India could have conducted the show as good as China did which is emerging as one of our potential enemies, considering the cold statements exchanged between the two nations on the Arunachal Pradesh issue. This is where I felt really bad for India. I couldn't accept the fact and everyone knows the answer. All that we know about India is that it's a strong developing nation that is populous. But, we find it hard to accept the truth that it's struggling badly to save its face in front of other world nations. You might feel that the statement is highly discouraging and anti-Indian. But, accepting the truth is one of the arts you need to learn to really make this country go up the ladder. I shouldn't be mistaken here. I am a true Indian with a wish to see India as a superpower sooner. Whatever happens to this country, I would stay with it. Now, let us come back to Olympics in India which is one of all our dreams. Be fair in your justification. Do you really think Olympics in India would be as grand and satisfactory for most of the people in the country as it is carried out by China? The answer that scrawls through your head is unfortunately a big NO! This is because of all the petty issues we have here starting from castes to Politicians. If you still can't get a clear view of the picture, let me elaborate on it.

Q. Which place will be chosen for the construction of the main Olympic stadium like The Bird's nest?

A. Media immediately turns its attention towards the so called only Modern city of
India, Mumbai. I wonder whether that's the only city available in India. As a result, to satisfy the expectations of media that has lost it's credibility in this country by mudslinging at some innocent people like Dr.Talwar, IOC might go to the extent of making Mumbai the only place for Olympic Games in India. Even with 37 stadiums, China has made a very tight schedule. Imagine what would happen if Mumbai is chosen for the purpose neglecting the Capital, which has a high possibility. This means, if Olympics reaches India, it would be held here for the next 5 years until the day the next Olympic Games begin because how many stadiums can a city smaller than Beijing house even if one considers it as the best in India?

Q. What will be the Political happenings in
India if Olympic Games come here?

A. As we all know, US is all about privatization and Americans never give room for Communalism. That gives the Communists in
India a big reason to oppose the participation or even the entry of Americans in Olympics. Hence, their protests will partly overshadow the celebrations. To add to the grand mess up, Miss.Mayawati will start demanding reservation for people belonging to the backward classes who are pushed to the back seat just for the sake of reservation. Now the event is in our country and nobody can question our politicians for their demands. Some politicians might even pull up the Arunachal Pradesh issue where China argued that a part of the land in the state belongs to them. This might give rise to a resistance against the participation of China in the Olympics. In the medals' table, one would always find US in the 1st place followed by China. Now, the final picture consists of some politicians protesting against these two capable nations.

Q. Who will be occupying the V.I.P seats?

A. This is an easy question to answer. It's quite obvious that Bollywood stars would decorate the VIP part of the stadium. If you get a chance to enter the stadium, you might find people like P.T.Usha and Karnam Malleshwari sitting next to you. The audience would find SRK dancing for the songs that featured him which have no relevance to what is actually happening in the stadium but are considered important. Our Motto is 'No matter what the show is, it must go on with Bollywood stars and movies'. But, I wonder what movie stars have got to do with sports even when sports person involved in non-Olympic games stay away from the esteemed VIP area. Tell me what VIP means in
India. Movie stars and people who are totally ignorant of and diametrically opposite to the show that goes on?

Q. What will be happening to the sports persons who are involved in the celebrations?

A. Well, the answer is easily predictable. Flag bearers should be from Scheduled Caste. The fellow behind the flag bearer should belong to Scheduled Tribe. The first row should contain 2 from Most Backward Class and 1 from Backward class. This order should be maintained for the next 10 rows. Sports person belonging to Forward class should come running whenever someone needs to pass a message or drops something by mistake. If that forward class person is really talented, he can come walking but restricted from participating in the games unless he/she becomes the last available person after everyone gets injured.

Q. What will the followers of atheistic political parties be doing?

A. Greeks believed in Zeus, Aphrodite, Poseidon and other such Olympic Gods who formed the platform for the birth of Olympics. Since Olympic Games are attached to the ideology circling
around Gods, atheists in
India might raise their voice against the occasion wearing a dull black dress, the meaning of which even some atheists don't know. As a mark of protest, the atheists might go on a hunger strike outside the Olympic stadium, demanding the Olympic council to announce that Olympic Gods never existed.

Q. What will the man who takes care of the country's financial stats be doing?

A. Our politicians thrive by appeasing those who can easily be deceived. Instead of using a huge Television like thing which China used today to cover a huge area on the ground that appeared like a massive television while airborne for making it the grandest ceremony ever held, which benefits the private company which designed the huge mat like thing, our minister would express his sympathy for the farmers and in an attempt to get them their lives back, he would make them plow the entire ground within the Olympic stadium for which they will be paid more than what they deserve.

These may sound funny now. But, what else do you think could happen if we bring Olympics to
India? China follows communalism but appears more like a secular nation. We call India secular. But, what we are really is a blatant truth that everyone knows. If you don't believe me, just try 'Reservation in China' on Google. Try 'Reservation in America'. The results of these two searches will almost be the same and you will get some sites that give you information on hotel reservations and travel reservations. But, try searching for 'Reservation in India'. The very first site talks about reservation in various fields in the country based on castes and about the Constitutional provisions for reservations based on these cursed castes. I am not completely against reservations in India. I just plead to the politicians not to use reservation as a tool to suppress those who are really talented and denied opportunities. India should be secular. I am still an Indian loving India more than my life!

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