Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cable TV services

Today, there are three main means of communication. The first one is through media, which has become a very powerful communication tool. Media has proved that news can travel faster than light! The second is through internet. The internet revolution has already begun long back and now, wonders are being built over the net. If there is something in the universe, that has got to be on the internet. Thus, internet has compressed the size of the massive Universe in a 15" or a 17" computer monitor. The third and the live means of communication is over the telephone, which allows any individual to spread any news even he/she finds factual. Thus, without these three main modes of communication, world would have been a darker place than what it is now! To add more brightness to the world of communication, Cable TV bundles, a cable and internet service provider, has dedicated its work in the field of communication technology to the people to serve them better than ever before. Cable TV bundles is one of the cable and internet services provided by Bridgevine, which attempts to take news to every home in the country. The fact to be noticed here is that Bridgevine offers so many packages to choose from so that you can get what you feel is good and affordable for you. Thus, the attempt to bring you home the world through cables for internet, telephone and cable TV services has taken a big leap. Get the most of it now!

India-No scope of development..

Yesterday, after winning the race to The White House, Mr.Obama in front of a huge crowd in his hometown. I couldn't not believe the jubilation and the excitement that was found in the air. People were cheering their new leader and there was a complete cooperation among every single person in the crowd which added the respect to America in me. I can see it only as a country filled with more Gentleman than any other country. Something that appeared very satisfying was the appearance of the Republican candidate, Mr. McCain, in front of a huge crowd, which supported him for the past 14 months. He congratulated his opponent for winning the election and making it into the White House. I just wanted to realize the contrasts between the real politicians in America and these hooligans in India who call themselves politicians and leaders of political parties that are against the views of a particular section of a people when it comes to a bridge or a belief. So, i switched over to another Indian channel that covers everything that happens in the Indian political arena. Immediately, I fond a politician accusing his opposition and talking everything futile about the other party. That was when I felt bad for the people of India. They are the followers of Gandhi and they feel non-violence is the solution for any known problem. But, these political pigs are making fools out of these peaceful followers and they do all harm to the people of the nation and still get away with everything and win the elections once again next time. I was wondering why India didn't go for a Presidential democracy as most of the developed countries have done today and opted for a Parliamentarian democracy. The answer is quite simple. When the Government comes under the scrutiny of one man called the President, everything works well and the machine runs smooth with the least possibility of corruption creeping into the system. Our politicians don't want that. They wanted a Parliamentarian Democracy so that each and every bloody corrupted politician can get their share of people's money in all the possible crooked ways and no one would blame them because no politician is good here to point out the mistakes of another politician. This is the fate of this nation which was once considered a 'Punya Bhoomi'. It is no more a land of prosperity. It has become the birth place for corruption and tainted politicians, who care the least for the people. With the politicians being so cunning and people being so harmless, the country is expected to become a super power by 2020. For all those who believe India is right on the track of development, this is all I've got to tell you:

"பேராசை பெருநஷ்டம்"

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