Tuesday, November 25, 2008

India at bigger crisis..

The whole world is being squeezed by the imp called inflation and world nations are suffering great pains to rebuild their economies and start from the scrap to make the people feel their investments and savings are secure. Some of the countries have also taken strict measures to make sure their citizens don't suffer due to unemployment by restricting foreign citizens from getting into the companies and other firms in their countries. When it comes to a nation, there is nothing wrong in being selfish and planning for the people and nation's progress in the future. And that is exactly what the world nations have started to do. Many IT firms based in India are almost completely dependent on U.S and European markets for their projects. Now, with U.S.A being badly affected by financial crunch, the Americans prefer saying NO to outsourcing, which means the danger light has been switched on for the Indian firms. Indian companies are so shrewd they knew they would be required to face a situation as bad as the one they are experiencing now beforehand and tried their best to transfer their sources to other parts of the world. Unfortunately, this effort was not completely successful and as a result, in spite of all their hard work, our firms had to face some losses in terms of foreign income and share values. This has been reflected by the firms' stands on recruitment processes, for which a temporary halt has been put. Thus, there is a blockade for foreign income to get into India now. To add to this crisis which is quite common in all the countries at present, the terror attacks on the three of the best luxury hotels in Mumbai has resulted in many foreigners hesitating to even turn back to India again in the future since the targets were these foreigners and more specifically, Israelis, Britons and Americans. Life is more important than tourism. So, we can expect a strong depreciation in the quantity of foreign inflow due to terror attacks and the already existing economic crisis, which means India would be the most affected nation during this crucial period. Let us hope the recovery techniques are considered quickly and handled deftly by our new Finance Minister, who is also our Prime Minister.

Beauty of Science

The developments in science are so rapid and advanced these days that one would think that young students would not be capable of coping with such radical advances. But it's proved otherwise! The students are equipped with models which explain how heart transplants and open heat surgeries are performed. They have information on MRI scans and Lasers and even the latest news in the avenue of cloning. Thanks to the modern day scientists! Scientists, through their extensive research, have found about rare and dreaded diseases, their causative agents and the various cures which are being developed. Genetic engineering demonstrates the importance of genetics and many self-explanatory models of their progress have been made by the scientists in this field, for the benefit of common people. Can man play god now? So are our minds to see superhuman or a factory that churns out clones by the hundred? Sorry to deflate the hoopla, folks - we are still a long way from playing Dr. Frankenstein, leave alone god! We are astonished by the volumes of research that these people had done. They had demonstrated one of the important findings of the human genome project. All human beings share an incredible 99.99% of all genetic material! Cloning has become one of the biggest wonders of recent time. The limitless possibilities of this technique have already raised considerable interest among all the scientists. Cloning has resulted in producing life forms that are free from genetic disorders and other birth defects. Still more research is going on, to deeply analyze the structure of human genome to further understand the mystery behind the origin of life, thereby further contributing towards the development of mankind. Our environmentalists are showing genuine concern about the way the planet’s resources are being plundered and the urgent need to save our planet earth. The development of science has achieved the most important objective - the renewal of man's most precious possession, essential for leading a happy, normal, stress-free life is indeed good health.

Terrorism unplugged..

While terrorism is busy expanding its wings over large grounds in the country, Indian Government seems to be a sitting duck incapable of countering militant activities in the nation. With the fateful incidents that have been happening in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India, for the past three days, the terrorists have found a new way to get their hands on various parts of the country. The militants from the so called Democratic neighboring nation called Pakistan, who infiltrated India through the seaways, claiming themselves to be local Indian fishermen, successfully made fools out of the coast guard patrols and other security forces along the Western coastline and proved the world they are sons of cowardice. If there is someone who should accept complete responsibility for what has happened in the past 50 odd hours, it should be Indian Home ministry, which didn't attach much importance to the infiltration news tipped off by the Indian Intelligence. When the Honorable Home minister, Mr. Shivraj Patel was asked about the message the Government received from the Intelligence bureau, his reply was they are to decode the mail sent by the militants. This statement misled me and I thought the militants had sent a coded message regarding the attacks in advance. Later, I came to know the letter which Home ministry said it was trying to decode was in pure English. I don't understand. What were they trying to do? Decode English? Funny. And now comes the role for the head of the country. He appeared in front of the TV channels and once again, delivered the same old "India can never stand terrorism and it will draft laws to take stringent counter actions to stop terrorism" message. When I started my under graduation, I heard the PM give out the same statement and now, I've finished B.E and still they are planning for a strict law to curb terrorism. At the end of the day, while the Government was busy moving its head for the so called strict law, terrorists accomplished their mission in Mumbai. With a death toll crossing 120, it has become a black page in the book of Indian history. Now, I feel even the Kargil war would been a comparatively easy go for the Indian army because Government was not there in the battle field to control the actions of the army men. Hundreds of commando forces and military men stormed into the hotels that went into the pockets of extremists for the last couple of days. During the course, three of the most esteemed professionals belong to police department lost their lives. Later, when the Government realized the situation has broken the boundaries, it called for military and commandos to bring back things to normal. While these men were busy fighting the terrorists within the hotels amidst gun shots and broken properties, our politicians were busy releasing irrelevant and senseless reports. They even misguided the people by giving them false assurance, which is that India is always a safe heaven. Unless Government comes out of its shell to show real care towards the country's development and safety, leaving behind all its efforts to appease muslims by being lenient towards the Islamic terrorist who has been captured by the policemen, India can never be considered a safe heaven. As long as this pathetic attitutude prevails in the nation in the form of Government, India would remain the most vicious hell for years to come.

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