Friday, December 26, 2008

Catch the casino!

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Blog for your advertisers!!

Blog advertising network

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just jokes..

Jokes are meant not only for jesters and clowns who perform in the fun shows, fares and circuses. Jokes are fun and fun is for everyone.When the world is turning around so fast, we need something to make our hearts feel light and lips carry some smile. If you are a regular internet user ad if you are hungry for jokes, I can tell you that you have access to almost all the jokes the most funniest and creative minds in the world so far have created! Jokes are something that cannot be kept away from life. They are in fact integral parts of our lives which come as a huge lake in the middle of a substantial desert. Hence, keep these jokes as much closer as possible to your life and carry a smile all the time. Spending time on the sites that bring to you all the wonderful jokes suitable for almost anyone is worthy. Add the extra bit of fun to your life!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Target terrorism..

The creature found in the picture above considered itself brave and invincible. The attitude didn't really workout properly for this man because he committed two big mistakes.

1. He overestimated his strength and capabilities.
2. He underestimated the patriotism that keeps Indians going all the time.

If you were following the news few days back, you would have spotted this young coward from the soil that is known for its acts of cowardice, which are to produce cowards, name them terrorists and make them infiltrate India to disrupt the harmony that exists in the country. This Pakistani kid put himself into such a serious issue without realizing the fact that he has been catapulted against India, which has a very strong attachment to great morals and thoughts. The weakness of a terrorist is he doesn't have a land other than Pakistan and only the members of the ISI agency, which is funded by the Pakistani Government, support their causes because these are also their causes. With India growing fast in terms of world status, Pakistan couldn't outrun India in the race to Asian supremacy. Hence, they chose to pull down India instead of trying to go up the ladder. This is exactly the reason why Pakistan trains militants in its soil and divert them against India, giving the senseless islamic process a stupid name called 'Jihad'. But, Indians are so efficient and smarter than these terrorists that they want to get them deleted from the memory of the world. A group of terrorists, who never understood how hard Indians are, stepped into the arena of violence. They expected the task to be a child's play. But, in the end, Indian army and commandos proved them they actually made themselves preys for our brave men, who were longing for some terrorists' blood for a long time since Kargil war lies almost 10 years back in the book of history. Pakistan have had such extreme humiliations in the past and still it has not learnt the lesson, which is that India can never be lowered to the status of a poor nation, which is poor not only in economic terms but also in intellectual terms and intelligence. Pakistan feels India can be mashed down by helping terrorists enter the greatest nation of all time. But, it hasn't understood the fact that it is actually India which has killed more number of Pakistani terrorists in the recent days than any other nation. This has proved to be a hard slap right on the face of Pakistan. Even after ISI agents breaking their heads to cause extreme damage to India and failing terribly in their attemps, Pakistan send a team of young kittens which came here assuming its a land of food for their terror-hungry tummies. But, after witnessing the way Indian army and commandos worked together to get the skins of these kittens to make their boots, I assume Pakistan to have understood what India really is. One of these pussy cats was caught alive and its name is Ajmal. That is the one in the picture above. I feel these terrorists were trained by the Pakistan army because the way they failed to accomplish the task assigned looked similar to the way the Pakistan army retreated after India stuck the the label 'SORE LOSER' right on Pakistan's forehead.

The real hero of the day..

He is the brave man who sacrificed his precious life to save the nation from the strong holds imposed by the cowards in the name of terrorists who have no guts to face the gunshots of our army but have the hearts to execute people who are defenseless and harmless just for the sake of a stupid islamic ideology called 'Jihad'. When the media was continuously following the developments that were going on within the Taj, no one had any clue of what exactly was going on the minds of the commandos who put their lives at stake to save the day. Major Unnikrishnan wouldn't have realized it would be the last day in his life when he dropped out of the bad in the morning. Fate was right on his tail in the form of his opinions and ideas. When the commando team was struggling hard to bring down the defense of the militants, Unnikrishnan decided to take them on his own and took his position on the third floor. But, he never knew the terrorist forces were too strong for him to break through. When one of his fellow men fell down after being hit by the bullets shot from the guns of the terrorists, Unnikrishnan kept aside his plans against the militant force and stepped forward to give a helping hand to his mate. Unfortunately, that was when one of the terrorists caught Unni on his radar and kicked of the last few moments of Unnikrishnan's life. The bullets that pierced the cloudy atmosphere on that floor didn't stop with hurting a brave Indian very badly. It went to the extent of sucking the soul out of a body that served the nation for more than 12 years now. With this manuever from the bullets fired by the terrorists, Unnikrishnan's life came to a tragic end. As an ordinary individual, all I can do is to show others I love my country and I can die for the same. But, when asked to put the words into actions, I would think at least once before risking my life because that is a normal human intention. But, Unnikrishnan wasn't a normal human. He is a man above all of us. He did wat his mind commanded him to do. His soul was penned to serve the nation. With his death came the reaction from the other commandos which proved fatal to the terrorists, who almost pleaded and cried while they became preys to our men.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Unethical parking..

Chennai is buzzing with big traffic these days and we can't escape the clutches of congestion irrespective of the ways we take to reach our destinations. There has been a common voice among the people of the city that has started sounding louder lately against the Traffic policemen, who, in an attempt to make Chennai a traffic-free city, took exactly the wrong course and made Chennai a city full of one-way roads. Thus, if you are a Chennaiite and if you wish to travel from Guindy bus stop to Adyar malar hospital, it is no more an easy task like what it used to be few months back. You are not supposed to take the straight road that connects these two places. Instead, you are required to travel straight towards Saidapet and take a right turn, which would bring you back to the straight road that connects Guindy junction to Adyar. This means instead of followin one edge of the triangular path, you would be diverted to take the longest route from one point to the another on this triangular setup and this incurs you loss of time, fuel, energy and most of all, health. If you have the heart to put a halt for piling up disheartening facts which have been given room by improper planning process carried on by the traffic policemen and consider the imperfectionists within ourselves, we can design so many ways to evade the traffic problems that are posing extreme discomfort to the public. I happened to catch the view of a bike that was parked right at the middle of the road parellal to my street last night. It was one of the busiest roads in the locality that has dedicated all its space for residential complexes. Initially, I thought it belongs to a policeman since the rules had been changed (AGAIN) and the street had been turned into a one-way. Indian policemen have the habit of using their bikes, registered to Government, as barricades to prevent the entry of vehicles into certain streets. Later, I realized it belongs to a man who was so sincere to the person who called up to his mobile phone. While this man was busy with his conversation over the phone, I found 3 cars standing one behind the other, waiting for this mobile man to show some generosity towards them. After having a glance at the chaos that was about to be created at that place, he turned away to concentrate more on the conversation. After few seconds, there was a complete congestion on the street because of the blockade dropped in by these 3 cars in the front. As a result, the adjoining main road suffered a big congestion that led to a big inconvenience to all those who decided to pay a visit to the area. Thus, a small irresponsible act could lead to a big hassle in the environment surrounding the cause. Thus, being responsible isn't a choice. That is the rule to be followed by not only the policemen but also by every single person who is called a citizen.

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