Thursday, July 10, 2008

Awesome twosome

Digital computers, digital cameras, digital encoders, digital signals, digital meters and all other digital equipments. Sorry. These gadgets don’t fit into this blog. If one perceives digital life as something that relies on these digital devices, I would immediately cut down such a perception.

Life becomes digital not as a result of us using the devices that have been mentioned. It becomes digital for some other better reason. It’s because of two broad events. Birth and death.

A living being can either be alive or be dead. Life means nothing more than this. So it can rightly be called a digital life. It has two phases. A living phase and a dead phase. These two events can never merge according to the law called ‘Unknown’ or ‘Unwritten’ law. It’s my law and it says life under disguise is death, since you cannot experience both at the same time. It’s really peculiar to see humans enjoy only one of these two states, which can be more appropriately called as the two faces of life.

We almost never realize that one day each one of us will have to confront the second face of life. We never know when this would probably happen. We are all bothered about only the living part of life, for, we feel that life is to live. Rightly said, life is also to die. After all, what do you call a story or a movie with no end? An eternal nonsense

Bringing life under the lights, we find in it so many pleasures. We find so many defeats. We find so many disappointments. Most of the times, we discover that life is too hard to live. Sometimes, one might even tend to hate the life he/she is living. But still, we call them all parts of life, completely overlooking Death.

During the small passa, digital life, digitalge between birth and death, we experience what is known as life. Really true. We would have pulled up on so many people for our own good. We would have made people feel discontent, sometimes satisfied. We would have earned friends and foes. We would have cackled out when in a gathering and would have cried in the dark. We would have experienced so many amusements. We would have felt that we suffer all the pains in the world.

Every time an incident occurs, we express ourselves by bringing out the emotions hidden within us at that moment. We hardly think that these incidents are taking us closer to death. We are all moving towards death every second. We are dying every second. These incidents form the steps for us to reach the gateway of death. Life is an one-way highway, where we can't stop even for a moment or afford to travel down the road backward. Keep your highway flawless and clean.

Thus, life starts to decay as soon as it begins. Simply put ‘DEATH STARTS LIVING WHEN LIFE STARTS DYING’.

Life, in no time, takes the role of death and takes you on a free ride to hell/heaven. Thus, we don’t seem to understand our own knowledge of death which is exactly what we gain from every second of our lives. Life teaches us death.

The past is history and death is a mystery. May be that is the reason why people are scared of death. We have no idea what death exactly is. Hence, we feel hesitant to experience it when it happens. But remember that we are constantly inching towards death every single second. But still, we enjoy the life, giving death no thought.

It’s up to us to make oodles of good out of the decaying life. We should see to that we are successful at least in one face of the beautiful story called life, since we don’t know what the other face really means. Never forget death. At the same time, never make it more prior than life. Put life at the top, since the popular quote says LIFE NEVER GIVES YOU A SECOND CHANCE’. I find the statement incomplete. Even death never gives anyone a second chance, since I couldn’t find a human who died twice. Make life a tool to earn the best out of it. A human who brings about stability between life and death is said to be absolutely successful.

Live a sound life till the end. Don’t try to desist yourself from testing times. Experience them. They might teach you valuable life lessons. As long as our clocks keep ticking, we should make sure that we are still in the race for the best and most of all, we should never waste a second. We can do what we want to do only by living a life the way we wanted it to be.

Live your life. Love your life. Avoid hating death. All the best!

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