Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Mylapore life..

Night life in Mylapore has always been exciting. When the darkness descends upon this part of The Great Chennai, the activities people carry out gradually increases. The part of the day becomes quite hectic for the sellers and road-side vendors who deal with products like flowers, fruits and vegetables. While these people make themselves busy hawking for their customers, the people who approach these low profile pushers would have something running on their minds. Since it is almost the twilight part of the day, most people would be heading back home after a busy day and this is when the Mylaporeans start releasing the pressure that has been building up within them for the whole day. Hence, the atmosphere will carry a pleasant vibe because everyone knows they would soon be experiencing a sense of real rest at their places very soon. Reaching home after a busy day to meet the loved ones always gives great pleasure to professionals who hardly find time to spend with their family members. This fact adds more essence to the twilight at Mylapore. I am pretty much for all the happenings in Mylapore. This is one of the most auspicious places in Chennai and at the stroke of 6 P.M, the temples with which the whole locality is filled with will start playing divine music and recorded mantras characteristic of the deity being celebrated there. In some temples, the head priests start praising the deity using vocals framed by saints who lived several thousands of years ago.
I always loved to walk down the streets of Mylapore closer to the tank, which is one of the largest of its kind. Optical disturbances in the vicinity of the tank are very much low and that is the specialty of Mylapore tank which is otherwise known as Kapali tank. The only light that the waters of the tank reflect would be the rays that are incident on the water surface directly coming from the serial lamps and other decorative lights that adorn the majestic Kapaleeswarar Temple. I love to stand by the tank and watch the fishes that frequently turn visible under the lights that come from the temple's tall tower. A common scene would be some people feeding fishes with jaggery and sometimes even biscuits!

When you keep walking for a couple of minutes, you would reach the end of one side of the tank. When you take a right turn to follow the second adjacent edge of the tank, you would find a colorful street filled with people and shops that are dedicated to jewelry and apparels. This part of Mylapore is really the happening region of the city because it will always be found carrying a festival ambiance on every single day of the year. The third edge of the tank is quite narrow and houses the spiritual entry to the temple. This is the place from where the tank gets the light that it reflects without any flaws. The fourth edge is quite distinctive in its own way and is the most commercial one among the four. The grocery shops, vegetable vendors, supermarkets and other commercial places would be spotted here. Thus, if you have been thinking Mylapore is nothing more than a small area that is known for the temples and religious centers, you should consider updating your information about the place. It is a small world by itself and has everything a man requires in life, starting from spirituality to entertainment passing through culture, heritage and history!

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