Monday, May 12, 2008

Imagination-Making of the Future

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Imagine that you are the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Imagine that you resign your CM post for competing in the Presidential poll. Imagine that you're The President of India now. Now, imagine that you've been stripped off that post for some unfortunate reasons. Imagine that you're in United States of America now. Assume that you're the leader of the Labor Party. Imagine that you won by a big margin of votes against the current President, George.W.Bush. Imagine that you're the President of U.S.A now. Imagine that you make Tamil the official language of U.S.A. Imagine that you're in Florida and imagine that you're within a space shuttle, which is to orbit a planet that is located at a distance of 300 Billion Light years from our Milky way galaxy and is scheduled to be launched in another 10 seconds. Imagine that you jump out of the shuttle, resign your President post, again for some unfortunate reasons, board a flight to India, reach Tamil Nadu and continue living your normal way of life.

You can be sure that none of what have been mentioned above would happen even in the wildest of your dreams. But, these sequences just went through your world of Imagination. That is the power of human imagination. In real world, you might face 1000s of obstacles, big and very big, if all these events are to happen. In fact, these are beyond impossible. Can you hold the President posts for two different countries? It’s funny. But, in your world of imagination, you could even be the one and only ruler of this entire green earth. Your imaginations have no boundaries.

A bird can't fly sky high with its wings folded up. A human being is no better than a dumb chimp if he isn't trying to spread out and expand his imaginations. Human imaginations, if put to use on the right path, are so powerful that it could even bring down the sky and it has no limits at all. When you imagine something to happen, it might not happen in this world. But, it just happened in some other world, called the 'World of Imaginations'. Human imaginations have the power to make things happen.

Imaginations keep the world working today and make things go our way. If the Wright Brothers hadn't imagined a man flying in the first flying machine, we wouldn't be crossing the continents today before the earth could make one rotation around it's own axis, which we call a day. We wouldn't be having a great time traveling in a boat or a ship if the Mesopotamians or Asians had not imagined of a structure, sometimes around 4000-3500B.C, that floats on the water. If Kekulé had failed to imagine a snake trying to seize it's own tail, we wouldn't have understood the structure and chemical properties of benzene, which is an important ingredient in perfumes, and the former wouldn't have become as popular as it is today. Had Einstein refused to give a thought to the Theory of Relativity, I wonder whether we would have even come across time dilation, mass-energy equivalence, space-time and simultaneity. If Hubble had not imagined a stretched rubber band, is there any chance of us getting to know that the universe is expanding at a speed greater than that of the light?

These minds had their imaginations as prototypes for concepts that are really big and amazing. Imagination isn't something that takes you to the middle of nowhere all the time. Imagination paves the way for an interesting future. Imagination doesn't mean something that couldn't possibly happen in reality. It's something that makes things happen in the real world.It's up to you to put your imagination to the best possible use and come out with innovative ideas. In short, imagination is the fuel for your future. Now, start imagining everything you think could give you inexplicable ecstasy and live in your world of imaginations.

The power of imagination is massive if you use it for constructive purposes. Make use of the mother of future, called 'Imagination'.

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