Thursday, July 17, 2008

Call nothing useless.

The road was flooded with people and vehicles. Everyone seemed to be busy in their own way. The cobbler was sitting at the corner of the street, stitching the torn rubber slippers of the first of his customers for the day. This innocent man didn’t know that he was going to mark the beginning of a grand future for his countrymen. Once he was done with the stitching job, he threw away the extra bit of thread that he thought would be good for the task. The man, who was sweeping away the garbage from the roadside, was found collecting all the litters in a dedicated container. During the course, the thread that the cobbler threw away considering it a waste reached the cleaner’s container. The rubbish was then transferred to a large garbage collecting vehicle, something like Neel Metal Fanalca’s, then to a sprawling area for proper disposal, where the garbage were separated depending upon their recycling capability. The recyclable thread material was taken to the cotton mill for recycling along with other cloth materials that were thrown off as wastes.

In the mill, a fine mesh was produced by proper treatment of all the waste cloth materials and this was used for producing new thread series that can be used for various other purposes. A part of the thread produced was sent to make orbs of kite thread one of which was bought by a boy to fly kite. As an expert in kite flying, the boy managed to come out successfully of a kite fight. During the course, the other boy lost his kite which found its uncertain path in the air and finally reached ground zero. A rag picker added the kite to his not so significant collections in his dusty bag, which was on its way to a paper mill for recycling. Again, the kite formed a part of the paper mesh material, a part of which was sent to the Government department that is responsible for deciding the standard of college/school question papers and distributing paper materials to these institutions.

Exam time. Question papers were ready. A boy, low in confidence, who was about to write the exam, got the question paper from the invigilator, which contains a part of the kite’s paper material. Exams were over and the boy, being an Engineering student, threw away the question paper. Once again, it was taken for recycling, recycled and now sent to a newspaper company that needed papers to print the news for the day. A young man, unemployed, buys one of the newspapers that contains an element of the question paper material, and to his surprise, he finds a vacancy in a software company. He attended the interview, cleared it successfully and took a vital position in the firm. This man was so very efficient at work that he was able to improve his company’s performance within a very short time and the company was going uphill giving no chance for a slide back.

The company was named Macrohard, following the technique that was used to name the world’s most famous multinational computer technology corporation. Soon the company entered into an agreement with its Western counterpart to take a big stride in the Indian market by setting up a massive headquarters in the homeland. As a result, the foreign exchange growth was tremendous, bringing home large amount of foreign money. With this development came the decision to increase the number of employees associated with Macrohard. This resulted in the rapid growth of per capita income. This, in turn, took the standard of living, in India, from the present low level to the skies.

Soon the company found within itself its capability to undertake the operations of all other companies of its kind that were running low in the business. Very soon, these smaller firms gained recognition in the market and they were given chances to relive once again with newer and bigger tasks. This led these companies to recruit more number of people to complete the jobs within the specified period of time. This gave an additional boost to the country’s overall development and wealth started flowing into the nation’s treasury. There was no looking back after this for the firms, the people associated with them and the whole nation.

With the high tides hitting the per capita income, the lifestyle of the people changed tremendously. Normal pants and shirts became formal coats and ties. Rubber slippers and shoes made of synthetic materials transformed into leatherwear. One fine day, the young man, who was the CEO of Macrohard now, came to the cobbler to stitch his torn leather boots, hesitating to throw them away. The cobbler now started minting more money since most of his customers had started going for leatherwear.

Now, India would be rightly called a developed Nation.

Did you just realize what happened? A cobbler made all the changes. He changed the way India had been projecting itself to the world all these years. If the cobbler had not thrown away the extra bit of thread, the thread that the boy used to fly kite would have missed a part of it. If the boy had not won the kite fight, the other one’s kite wouldn’t have found its way to the recycling process. If the kite had not been recycled, a shortage of paper, at least at the smallest level, for producing the question papers would have occurred. If the boy, after completing the exams, had not thrown away the question paper, it wouldn’t have been recycled and there would have been a shortage of papers required for the newspaper printing. Had the newspapers not been printed due to lack of papers, the youngster wouldn’t have come across the job vacancy and he would have missed a chance to enter the software company. Had he missed this opportunity, the company would have remained in the same ground as before. Had there been no development in the company’s growth and had there been no collaboration between the two big firms, the country’s economic growth would have been hampered, and the employment percentage of the nation would have remained low. Had the economic growth rate been at low, the nation would have never acquired the status of a developed country.

You got a message here. Even the smallest of your actions add a lot to the environment surrounding you. If that is the significance attached to even the smallest of events, then it’s up to every one of us to think how important each second of our life is. Never consider anything useless. Everything has a cause. Everything has a reason. Everything has an effect.

Your efforts are never in vain.

Nothing goes down the drain.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Where is my country heading to?

India-Known for everything rich and beautiful. People in this country possess exotic lifestyle. The culture has been very deeply rooted in this Country of Gods. India has just stepped into the Global race for the best in the world. Developments are widespread starting from agriculture and space science. We are witnessing tremendous growth in all the industries and our India is now capable of providing world class products and services. Some of the best medical minds in the world are possessed by this 7th largest country on big green earth.

Our economy is considered to occupy 12th position against the other world nations, which is something we don't deserve at all. We deserve something bigger. Something higher. We need to be at the apex. Its India. Its the best. There is something that pulls India down in front of the world nations. Its that we don't come out with some of the blatant facts about our India and we term those who pinpoint the negatives anti-Indians and project them as elements which are hindering the national growth. We always forget the truth and the truth is that 'Pampering is of no use'.

Boasting about our age old achievements won't earn anything for the nation. What matters at this hour is what we are now and not what we were in those centuries lying dead in the history. Enough of history classes. Come back to the present. We might be the second fastest growing economy in the world. Nonetheless, we are named a low income economy. My question is, where did we miss the first place which we deserve for all the efforts we have taken to improve the standard of living from the scratch? After all, its not wrong to expect to see our country at the top. At present, we find more black spots in the country which make all these developments tiny and invisible.

The problem with us is that we are quite ready to spend time on entertainment and gossips than on social issues, except for few. We were as good as silent ducks when 600 billion Indian rupees, which was supposed to be payed back by 40 million Indian farmers, was completely put down. Were we so insensitive that we never realized each of us had our contribution in that massive farmers' loan? I'm neither against the support that the Indian Government render the farmers nor the ruling party of India. Lets not politicize it as usual. Please. It should have been a considerable and more reasonable concession and not a 100% discount like it has been done. This is a developing nation and most of the families have the status of middle class and lower middle class and 600 billion bucks make a huge difference in the path of economic progress. At least a part of the debt should have been brought back to the treasury.

According to the statistics of the World Bank, India's Gross Domestic Product or more comfortably GDP, is 8.4% and this year, World Bank has lent $900 billion to India for the country's development purposes. The figures make everyone wonder how the country's developments and the debt repayment are going to be balanced. At such a crucial hour, can a 600 billion bill be thrown away?

Again, I would make my stands firm. I'm not against the decision to provide concessions to the farmers. Please note that its 'CONCESSION'. Its just that nobody can accept a complete drop of such a huge amount that has the power to change the face of India. All that the country needs is uniform development. A massive concession to the field of agriculture makes the other industries feel that they're being neglected and that the Government of India is showing them a step-motherly treatment, though we're all Indians. This sets in a psychological division in the economy which in turn would affect the entire growth of the country. This is not supposed to happen.

We have been calling agriculture the backbone of Indian economy. I agree. It was true. But, now we can't stick on to the same theory. Agriculture contributes 4.7% to the annual income of the nation. Petrochemical industry, cement industry, steel industry and computer technology brings home more than 85% of income. These facts are not meant to bring down the support available for agricultural industry but, these are to alarm that we need to concentrate more on the real income-earners.

Politicians play with our money, which finds its way to the treasury in the form of tax and other bills. I just have one question to our Honorable Finance minister : "Would you have given away 600 billion bucks if that belonged to you Mr.FM?"

Now, for most of those who read this blog, I may appear like an anti-Indian. Being a responsible Indian, who wish to see India carrying the title of 'Developed Nation' very soon, I could not tolerate the diversion we have just been taken through.

An Indian lauds the achievements of India and praises it for all the developments which were once staged in the country. That is exactly what I mean by pampering. A true Indian remembers these developments and sees to that nothing goes wrong that might otherwise hamper the nation's growth and comes out with the real and happening facts which appear to take the country towards a drop.

Let us stop talking about the developments that have already taken place and start thinking about what we could make out of what we have in our hands now.

Stop talking the past. Work for the future. Let us stop rising our spirits for petty issues like price hike and voice up for more serious issues that come into the frame whenever the Government proceeds with a wrong step like the 600 billion blunder. That is the only way we can take to build a grand future for the country we love. Love India.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Awesome twosome

Digital computers, digital cameras, digital encoders, digital signals, digital meters and all other digital equipments. Sorry. These gadgets don’t fit into this blog. If one perceives digital life as something that relies on these digital devices, I would immediately cut down such a perception.

Life becomes digital not as a result of us using the devices that have been mentioned. It becomes digital for some other better reason. It’s because of two broad events. Birth and death.

A living being can either be alive or be dead. Life means nothing more than this. So it can rightly be called a digital life. It has two phases. A living phase and a dead phase. These two events can never merge according to the law called ‘Unknown’ or ‘Unwritten’ law. It’s my law and it says life under disguise is death, since you cannot experience both at the same time. It’s really peculiar to see humans enjoy only one of these two states, which can be more appropriately called as the two faces of life.

We almost never realize that one day each one of us will have to confront the second face of life. We never know when this would probably happen. We are all bothered about only the living part of life, for, we feel that life is to live. Rightly said, life is also to die. After all, what do you call a story or a movie with no end? An eternal nonsense

Bringing life under the lights, we find in it so many pleasures. We find so many defeats. We find so many disappointments. Most of the times, we discover that life is too hard to live. Sometimes, one might even tend to hate the life he/she is living. But still, we call them all parts of life, completely overlooking Death.

During the small passa, digital life, digitalge between birth and death, we experience what is known as life. Really true. We would have pulled up on so many people for our own good. We would have made people feel discontent, sometimes satisfied. We would have earned friends and foes. We would have cackled out when in a gathering and would have cried in the dark. We would have experienced so many amusements. We would have felt that we suffer all the pains in the world.

Every time an incident occurs, we express ourselves by bringing out the emotions hidden within us at that moment. We hardly think that these incidents are taking us closer to death. We are all moving towards death every second. We are dying every second. These incidents form the steps for us to reach the gateway of death. Life is an one-way highway, where we can't stop even for a moment or afford to travel down the road backward. Keep your highway flawless and clean.

Thus, life starts to decay as soon as it begins. Simply put ‘DEATH STARTS LIVING WHEN LIFE STARTS DYING’.

Life, in no time, takes the role of death and takes you on a free ride to hell/heaven. Thus, we don’t seem to understand our own knowledge of death which is exactly what we gain from every second of our lives. Life teaches us death.

The past is history and death is a mystery. May be that is the reason why people are scared of death. We have no idea what death exactly is. Hence, we feel hesitant to experience it when it happens. But remember that we are constantly inching towards death every single second. But still, we enjoy the life, giving death no thought.

It’s up to us to make oodles of good out of the decaying life. We should see to that we are successful at least in one face of the beautiful story called life, since we don’t know what the other face really means. Never forget death. At the same time, never make it more prior than life. Put life at the top, since the popular quote says LIFE NEVER GIVES YOU A SECOND CHANCE’. I find the statement incomplete. Even death never gives anyone a second chance, since I couldn’t find a human who died twice. Make life a tool to earn the best out of it. A human who brings about stability between life and death is said to be absolutely successful.

Live a sound life till the end. Don’t try to desist yourself from testing times. Experience them. They might teach you valuable life lessons. As long as our clocks keep ticking, we should make sure that we are still in the race for the best and most of all, we should never waste a second. We can do what we want to do only by living a life the way we wanted it to be.

Live your life. Love your life. Avoid hating death. All the best!

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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Epitome of Emotions...

Emotions are unconditionally necessary for huamn beings, who won't be called so if they lack the ability to express their emotions. It just means the way people react to a given situation or a problem. The scenarios under which human beings bring out their emotions from within might vary from human to human, depending on their degrees of resistance to a specific situation. But, preliminary classifications are easy to make and this leads us to three types of emotions:

1.Ecstatic emotions (Emotions that express joy or happiness)
2.Critical emotions (Emotions that deal with unexpected returns)
3.Stressed emotions (Emotions that one would express when he/she is depressed)

Note: These're all the types of emotions I studied from people around me and the classifications may differ from one person to another.

A human emotion is so powerful that it has the strength to change the very scenario that brought it out of the person involved.

There ends the story about emotions. Welcome to the heart of this blog!

If one is able to express his/her emotions in the right sense for a particular situation, he/she would be considered as 'half-a-good' communicator. Everything depends on the situation, which in turn depends on the expressed emotion. Emotions are like the scrambled pieces of a Jig-saw puzzle. The right emotion expressed at the right time at the right situation makes the picture, called relationship, look good. Otherwise, the consequences might take the realtionship to the end of the tunnel. Misplaced emotions often make the relationships baseless.

Suppose, if a man comes out of an interview with a wide smile on his face and you ask him about his chances of cracking the shell, and if he hits you back with this answer "It's been such an awful experience. And I don't find even the slightest chance of getting a positive result", you would be forced to carry an ambiguous idea about the interview that went on, by comparing the interviewee's comments and his wide smile, which isn't an apt emotion in this case.

Take a doctor coming out of the operation theatre, after a successful operation on a patient, adversely affected by some dreadful disease. When the people outside the theatre, probably the patient's relatives, ask the doctor about the operation, if the doctor replies "I'm so glad to tell you that his position is now stable and you have nothing to worry about", with his face reflecting all the sorrows in this world, won't the entire scenario start looking uncomfortable and appalling?

Enter a classroom, where you find a boy being rebuked by the teacher for his irregularities. Wonder what would happen if the boy cackles back at her and says "I feel terribly bad madam" ? The reaction of the teacher to the misplaced emotion of the student is left to your imagination.

Consider a 'lover boy' trying to express his love to a girl of his choice. He goes to her and kicks off "I never imagined myself walking behind you, carrying a rose, which is as cute as you are, all the time. Instead, I always imagined myself walking along with you, with you holding this rose". Now, if the boy adds a bit of sardonic tone to his voice, all his efforts would go down the drain for his misplaced emotion.

In this modern world, if a person misplaces his/her emotions, he/she would be considered a madcap. Think about it.

Thus, we find that human emotions and the scenarios that give rise to these emotions are entagled with each other. A change in one causes a change in the other. Hence, human emotions become very vital only when they're expressed depending upon their respective situations with which they're entwined.

The emotion that is not brought out at the appropriate situation, becomes a weapon that would make the relationship sour. An emotion expressed at the right scenario, becomes the tool to mend the relationships and make the bonds stronger.

Hence, emotions are all about 'Making & Breaking' of relationships. Its upto the 'Epitome of Emotions', i.e.human beings, to choose whether to use it as a tool or as a weapon.

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