Sunday, September 28, 2008

What is your duty?

Few days back, I was involved in a serious discussion with one of my intimate friends. It was about India and the level safety we Indian citizens enjoy. Ironically, we don't find safety to enjoy. It's literally missing in the country. According to one of the media reports, 89% of the people in the nation's capital have quit going out for shopping after the blasts which ambushed the city. Sadly, both the Chief minister of the state and Central Government are left helpless but not clueless. The clue has actually the answer in itself. People covering themselves using the blanket of cowardice belonging to Indian Mujahideen claimed responsibility for the blasts and they even had the nerves to send an e-mail 5 minutes prior to the bomb blasts that said "This time we are taking on the Hindutva Hub of your nation. Yes. It's the green City we are talking about. Delhi is the target". Thus, after the bombs went off, everyone was sure of who planned the attacks but not our Indian Intelligence and Home ministry.

7 minutes after the blast, highly efficient team of police arrived at the places where 100s of unfortunate corpses were lying limbless scattered on the ground. The police was here just to do what Neel Metal Fanalca in Chennai does to clear the road off trash and other wastes. They helped the medical team to get the corpses and few live human beings with fatal injuries into the ambulances. When I told this to my friend, she asked me "What else do you think the cops should do? Instead of dragging them over the coal, why don't you think of appreciating the bomb squads for defusing the remaining bombs which constituted more than 50% of the total number of bombs that were actually planted by the militants?" I was not surprised because most of us think the bomb squads deserve appreciation. Yes. I do accept that they should be praised for putting their lives at stake just to save the common man. But, there is another side to look into. Why should someone be praised just because they do their duties? They are supposed to work that way and they should continue doing that even if their bravery is not recognized properly. Call it destiny, fate or whatever bad you can think of.

Coming to the Indian Intelligence part makes me even madder. I was not aware of the disaster before it happened. And even the Intelligence Bureau had no clue about the terror plot. If this is the case, then why can't I be called an Intelligence Bureau official? Why doesn't the Government pay me what the I.B people get? It's the total intelligence failure that led to these unprecedented miseries. The intelligence level of Indian officials is at rock-bottom which can be justified by the statement released by the Home ministry, which was:

"We are investigating seriously to find out who are behind these attacks and focus is on some of the militant organizations that have been banned in India but still carry out terror plots across the nation".

Why should they work hard to find out which organization was the one behind the blasts when the very organization involved in the blast surfaced with a strong statement "We are behind the blasts that would rock the capital in another 5 minutes. Indian Intelligence can try doing whatever they can"? It's already very clear who the masterminds behind the unfortunate blasts are. Then why did Home ministry release such a senseless statement?

Intelligence agencies are so inefficient and ineffective that they will be alert only after a blast occurs. Immediately after any blast, they would inform the home ministry of 'POSSIBLE' threats even if they don't have any strong proof for the threats they are talking about. Intelligence in our country is no different from a news reporter. Both keep talking all the time. Intelligence bureau has lost the trust of people who are now afraid to even peep out of their windows!

Terror unleashed..

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