Saturday, May 17, 2008

Political Pinhead

Many of those who live in Tamil Nadu might be wondering with their widened minds whats really happening in the state over the Ram Sethu row. Our not so H'ble Chief minister (I'm nott an 'AMMA' supporter though) believes in ideas which aren't from his heart but from his mind. Not exactly from his mind, but, from those crooked minds which clutched the state between 1950s and 1970s. Tamil Nadu has been converted into a political playground by these petty politicians. And, the interesting part is the discrimination that these politicians are trying hard to bring in. This discrimination is felt very hard by those who worship Lord Rama.

The CM of the state has taken up the issue to a blind height that even the central ministers started reacting to his comments on Lord Rama's engineering skills. How humiliating it would have been for the followers of Lord Rama when they heard the CM pour out these words: "Was Lord Rama an outstanding engineer of his times? Did he do engineering course?" ?

Thinking about this senseless question of the CM which is an attempt to put a blackscreen over the faith of a large section of people in India, something struck my head. This guy is being addressed as 'KALAIGNAR'. Did he do any courses in one one of the arts and science colleges in Tamil Nadu? Or somewhere outside the state? If there is one human on earth with flexible principles, that would be our CM. His favorite quote goes like this:"TAMIZH INAM ENADU UYIR.THAMIZH EN SWASAM"

If thats his principle, then why the hell has he got the tv channel named SUN TV when it was started by his own family members and not 'SURIYAN THOLAIKAACHI'? If, as his party members alone proclaim, he is a true tamil citizen, what pulled him into the race of television channel expansion in other states? Does that mean he isn't satisfied with the fame he has earned here in Tamil Nadu? Does that mean he is not only interested in Tamil Nadu but also wants to stretch his regime across this so called democratic country so that every single Indian would chant his name? You might get the answer after you apply your mind on this man for few moments.

Now, coming to the main part of the dramatic story. Why is that our CM targets only a particular section of people? Is he really interested in the Ram Sethu row as he thinks it would bring in all the advantages to Tamil Nadu or is he supporting the creation of the passage, which, according to some of the tech-brains, is of no use, just to show his opposition to that section of people? Is he trying to stimulate a political unrest in the state and derive benifits from that by just promoting himself as the spirit of Tamil Nadu, as he quoted in one of his recent speeches? One has the answer to all these questions. And that is the same God which our Political Pinhead is trying to oppose. I wish future doesn't forgive liars and traitors.

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