Friday, September 12, 2008

Framed, framed and 'I am framed'..

Who said the number of English speaking heads in India is low? Turn on your TV sets. Switch on the news channel that proclaims itself to be 'The No:1 English News Channel in India' and it is their Time Now. News channels have learned the trick to thrive well in the competition and the key factor of the hour for these channels is to turn the limelight to criminals and politicians. And I pretty well know I could have stopped with 'Criminals' since the two make no difference. But, this blog is mine and should have my touch. It should be loooong!! I was watching a news cut on Arushi's murder case. Now, it has been really a long time since I saw that girl's picture and whenever the news rolls upon this issues, all one could see is the set of pictures of the murderers. I've been watching these criminals over a time now and there is something common in all the criminals and suspects in all other cases, including this one. They all come up with the same dialogue. "I am being framed!". To add the extra bit of anxiety to their tones, the news channel uses an exclamatory mark at the end of the statement. The world is so clear about the identities of these criminal cats and it's more than blatant that these people under scanner are the ones who have committed the crimes. But still, they say they are being framed. If my memory holds true, it was a politician in the first place who said "I am being framed!". What do they exactly mean by framing? Taking them into the courtyard for a trial? If that is what they are trying to implicate, then let me ask this to you once again. Who said the number of English speaking heads in India is low? Even criminals can convey their messages strongly through media in English and the most common message that would reach you from these criminals is "I am being framed!!!!!!"

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