Friday, April 18, 2008

Brilliance of Human Brain

I’ve heard people often telling that there is no faster processor in this world than the human brain. Before getting the facts about brain, I laughed at those who had such an opinion regarding brain. After I came across few magnificent facts about brain, I couldn’t avoid laughing at myself for underestimating the abilities of the Central Processing Unit of a human being, The Brain. It’s really astounding. The human brain works at a speed as much as 100 times faster than that of a Pentium 4 processor. This means, we need approximately 8000 P4 processors to match the processing speed of our brain which approximately shies around an amazing 16,800,000 MHz.

Another awesome feature of the brain is that it can process 100 million Computer Instructions per second against the 9000 MCIP of P4 processors. The recently released Duo core and Quad core processors, at the maximum, might reach 15,000 to 20,000 MCIP.

Another splendid feature of the brain is the capacity to store information, which, in the case of brain, are in the form of visual data (sight), audio data (sound) and the ability to sense the external contact with the body (feel). Apart from this kind of information, there’re also passive inputs like taste and other internal activities (For Example, Muscle pull). Considering all these factors, it’s estimated that the brain can store data up to or even more than 100 million Gigabytes. To tell the fact, brain has no limit on data storage. Have you ever heard of a brain crash? While on the other hand, modern PCs might be having storage capacity of, as you know, 40GB or 80GB. The world’s fastest super computer has a memory capacity of a million megabyte, which is just too far from the figures of the brain.

Just try doing this.
Think of all the operations you could do using your computer.
For example, Start-->Programs-->Microsoft Word.
Imagine that the new empty word document is open in front of your eyes.
How long would you have taken to do this activity? For a normally operating human brain, this wouldn’t consume more than a second.

Try doing the same operations using your PC, considering that you’ve got the best configurations in the world. Definitely, it would take at least 3 seconds for all these operations to be carried out.

Neither Bill Gates nor Steve Jobs can equal the creativity of God.

Thus, the world’s best hardware configuration is our brain and the world’s best software lies in our imaginations.

That’s the power of brain.

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