Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The road to Kodai..

Finally, we went on with the Kodaikanal plan which we were trying to make feasible for a very long time. After several hurdles, we made sure our parents are quite okay with the plan and they had some fear about our safety since it would be just four of us who will be going on the tour. It was pretty hard to convince one of my friends' dad with the plan because he wanted to make sure his son had won the chance of making his step into the world of professionalism before we left leave for Kodaikanal, popularly known as the Queen of hill stations in India. We took a train from Chennai Egmore and were supposed to reach Madurai, which is the closest city to Kodai, pretty early in the morning. Fortunately, the train slowed down at a station called Kodai Road that was midway between Madurai and Kodaikanal and in fact closer to Kodai than Madurai. It was almost 3 in the morning when we reached this place and nothing else other than a small tea shop was found nearby. We were informed by a person in the station that the first bus to Kodai would start from the place at 5A.M. We had ample time in our hands and we had a cup of tea. In the next couple of hours, we had already completed some 2 rounds of tea. We couldn't find any place illuminated at this time of the new day except for an ATM. We spent sometime at the entrance to the ATM and when saw a bus taking a halt on the roadside, we immediately confirmed its destination. It was 5.30A.M when the bus started its 4 hour long journey to Kodaikanal. As the vehicle moved up the elegant curves and took the beautiful twists and turns with scenic view, we enjoyed the chillness that settled in the atmosphere. And finally, when we reached Kodaikanal, I was excited because now I was sure it isn't a dream!

Shop at home..

The days when people go out from their places to do some shopping are history. Now, people want to be as comfortable as possible and hence, they expect shopping to be streamlined so that they can save a lot of money, time and energy. This is why Shopwiki has come up with the idea of online shopping. This is a site that is dedicated to all the sellers and buyers all over the globe and doesn't expect any returns for its services. With the site open in front of you, you can search for any product you wish to buy, no matter which part of the world the product is located at. If the seller has registered the product with Shopwiki, you can make it yours by following some simple procedures! Today, I brought my car DVD player hunt to an end when I stumbled upon a best deal over the product on Shopwiki. I met the proper person through shopwiki and sealed a deal on a car DVD player for an unimaginably low cost! With a successfully accomplished first mission, I jumped on to the next, which was to get a pen drive for a reasonable price for my dear wife. To my astonishment, I found a Transcend 4GB pen drive available for a cost lesser than what I paid for my earphones few days back when I had been to an electronics shop nearby my house! Thus, if a product is for sale, then it would be on Shopwiki for sure. With an online shopping encyclopedia just within your reach, do you wish to go out for your Christmas shopping?? ;)

Do the diet..

Obesity has become a major problem in the modern society that prevails all over the world. The amount of junk food items obese people intake or people intake which causes obesity has increased by several folds. A variety of diet pills have been brought into the scene in order to help people in bringing their diets under complete control. Acai Berry Power 500 is one of the diet pills, which is proved to be extremely effective in controlling the diet of a person. The way this diet pill works is very simple. They reduce the appetite of a person and thus, he/she would hardly feel hungry. Acai berry power 500 has been designed to work on this principle and has been found to be very effective in bringing down the amount of food people normally intake. Thus, when the intake reduces, it has an effect on the diet which means it has been brought under good control. A free trail of Acai berry power 500 is available now and it is a risk-free trail. Sign up today to try acai berry power 500 for 14 days and get to know what the effect of a diet pill on your body is! May be you should try going through the reviews available for the product before you make a move.

Rules derailed..

I hope you can see clearly who the man at the front is. He is an official in the Indian Democracy. His job is to make sure people in the society stick on to the rules laid by the Government. The rules that they deal with are related to traffic and other procedures that should be followed by everyone using the roads which some say are MAINTAINED by the Government (and still they look pathetic :-P). Hence, in short , this man in Khaki and white on the bike registered to the Government can be put equivalent to a guardian. Rather, guardian of society and rules laid by the Government. I happened to go to Marina beach few days back with one of my friends. When I was driving back home, my ride was interrupted by the flashing red signal. I was almost the first one to bring my bike to a halt just before the stop line. After the signal timer flicked for few seconds, I found someone trying to get on to the front of the lot waiting for the green using the small passage on my left which was not even sufficient for a bicycle to go through. I told myself "Wow! What an aspirant!!! He wants to be the first even at a signal!!" Finally, this man's bike stopped after completely crossing the stop line, the meaning of which he totally didn't understand. You can find the stop line in the picture and the man in the front on his bike as if he his on his way back home after winning the whole world. And you can also find that no one else in the picture had crossed the stop line. From his shoes, pant, shirt, helmet and the color of the bike, I recognized who he is. That was when I felt really bad for the people in our society. A man who is supposed to protect the rules has decided to crush the same under his feet. Several men at the same level as this brute in the picture above stand together at signal junctions just to catch hold of those who they say don't follow the traffic rules. And nowhere have I seen a rule that says these men carry an exemption from these rules and they need not follow what they say is mandatory for the public. I couldn't resist my frustration and I was completely annoyed. But, I couldn't do anything other than take a snap of this immorally molded moron. Had it been a common man crossing the rule, I bet the traffic constable at the other end of the signal would have extracted something from his wallet. What makes the difference here? It is just few things which our Government servants lack. They are supposed to be called the Government SERVANTS. But, their actions make us feel they rule the nation. This is because corruption is all powerful in this nation. It is way above people and society. When even the one who is responsible for keeping the rules intact is not prepared to stand by the book, who else can be considered for filling the most essential niche here? I've had several bad experiences with these beggars in uniform who catch at signal junctions me just to suck my pockets dry. May be this is the reason why I consider my feet more important than these brutes with bulky bellies. Some of my friends even advised me not to put these pictures here on my blog as they fear I might push myself into grave danger. But, I can't help it. I can prove anyone I am flawless just by showing them this picture which I love to keep staring at for the whole day. And I can justify whatever I've told about these roadside vagabonds. The man in the picture is just another creature who makes his living on the roads using what he gets from the society. If you still don't know who he is, I'll tell you about him. Ahh..He is totally insignificant. He doesn't have much importance for me to really talk about. I don't think he deserves any explanation. Leave it. I wish to continue this hunt for these senseless scavengers in Chennai. ;-)

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