Monday, June 30, 2008

The Magical Notes

It's such a monotonous world. We wake up. We take bath. Sometimes, we have our breakfast, Rush to work. Work there round the clock. We come home late at night. Watch some news channel. Then, we hit the bed, with a tired mind and body. So, what is that we are heading towards? The answer is nothing. At the end of the day, we have lost our piece of mind.

Some people even start suffering from most acute problems like high blood pressure, unusual increase or decrease in the heart beat rate, stomach ulcer, insomnia and several other disorders. Can you just imagine how much medicines a day are required to control all these disorders? The count makes it mind-boggling.

How good it would if we had a single good medicine to control all these problems? Yes. Infact, we have one. The magic word is MUSIC. Have you ever wondered to what extent music can blend our mind and soul? This is the mystifying effect of music that makes it superior to even god, according to Hindu mythology. Also, music is the only tool that human beings have been gifted with, by the god, that can reach to the soul and bring out the essence of life. It sometimes even brings out the sound of nature and stirs the soul around.

Music is very similar to a painting that is truely colorful. Red, Blue and Green form the basis for all colors. Sound, Silence and Time form the base for music. Not only sounds, even silence is an element of music. Silence, placed between sounds, at the appropriate positions, creates a soul-stirring music, like that of A.R.Rehman's compositions.

The nature is filled with music. The only difference between the music notes composed by the modern music directors and the music or sound that the nature produces is the time base. We humans love music only if it has a proper time structure, rhythm and texture. Whereas, the sounds that are produced by elements of Mother Nature, like chirping birds, blowing winds, frothing oceans, flowing rivers and many others, are not properly structured on time. They are quite independent in nature and do not follow a perfect linear rhythm.

When the tempo of the properly structured music composed by a musician is reduced drastically to some lower value, even the best music would sound absurd and weird and it would sound totally independent of the time base like that produced by elements of nature. This is the research that the music researchers are working on. The research is all about the reverse process.i.e. recording and playing back the sounds at a very high tempo.

Researches record the sounds(noises) made by the elements of nature, located far away from the reach of disturbing new age industrial noises, over a very long period of time, say 1 month or 2 months. Then, the recorded noises are played at a very high tempo such that the noises that covered the whole recording period would be just played back within few minutes. The nature's tune is then read and few modifications are done to make it time-specific. Finally, the tune that comes out would be called the Sound of Nature. So far, the researchers were able to recognise 1000s of such sounds of nature, since the places at which they were recorded differ.

When even the humans can create soul stirring music, the sound of nature would definitely take the spirit out of this world. Any kind of music can be assumed to be soul-stirring by just changing the way one perceives that music. The human perception of a music composed by the musicians may vary from one person to another since everyone might not feel the life in it. But, the Sound of Nature has the very life in it that anyone can feel it and get carried away by the spirit of Music.

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