Saturday, November 29, 2008

The twisters..

There are few moments in my life which directed me to an arbitrary future and here I am, today, producing this post on my past after traveling 22 years on the highway called LIFE, which is a composite mixture of numerous exciting incidents and few disheartening happenings. Leaving the bad episodes in the past and carrying the best moments of life is a solution to all the problems one might have to face in his/her life. And I feel this is exactly what has kept me going, though I don't know where I stand now. At this juncture, I wish to recollect some of the insignificant incidents that didn't add much to my life, but seemed quite big in their statures when they took place.

1. Aquarium :

This brought me so many problems from all corners of my house. First, it was my mom who felt she had had enough with the fishes I grew because I make a big mess of the whole place while trying to get these finned friends of mine new water to swim through. I even brought few attractive stones that had some glitter on their surfaces home from the river Chenab, believing they would have good amount of minerals in their crystal structure which is good for fishes.

2. The man's best friend :

She is a she and she a man's best friend. There had been only one day in my life when I lived without having a dog at home. That happened when the 'HE' died at 12 and I had to fight hard against the opinions carried by my parents which were flatly against the idea of having pets at home. The next day, I won the battle and we bought the 'SHE' we have at our place now. You can call her Tina. Or even Dog-Rider..:-P

3. Cricket :

It was during my school days when I found a big interest in me for the game and encouragements in the form of positive comments on my bowling skills were flowing in to keep my spirit high, I guess. What you see in the picture above is the corridor on the ground floor at my residence, where I practice bowling with a single stump rotted into the ground..

4. Bike riding : (I don't have any other picture that reminds me of my bike..:P)

After all those advices from my parents and almost all my friends regarding bike riding, I now realize find I am still the same old greenhorn rider on the roads of Chennai. Though I had to obey the orders of my fate and make few accidents happen (hehe.. :-P), I feel I am a good driver. Please forget the word NOVICE. :D And believe me, I am a good driver!

5. Commitment :

Friends, I should disclose without any hesitation a truth now. I am committed. We have so many commitments in our lives. And the best commitment would always be the latest commitment. When you come across a new one, that becomes the best. Commitments go endless. Lover boys say love blows the blue flowers on your face. I guess I can feel that. I am in love. I love this girl whose description might run to several web pages. If you wish to have more information about this girl, please do go through all my blog posts. My blog is a beautiful girl. Beautiful at least to me. I love this girl. You would have heard of blond girl. But, I present you the BLOG GIRL here. :P (Did you really expect a serious answer? From me? :P)

There are so many things in our lives that go unnoticed but would have added great essence to the same. Experiencing or just thinking of what your life had for you in the past makes you feel really good. Aquarium may sound silly. But, that is one of the elements of the Jigsaw puzzle called 'My Life', without which my life would stand unfinished. Find the best parts of your life irrespective of how small they are and relish the life that has neither a rewind button nor a fast forwarding key. :-)

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