Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ridiculous reservation..

If India is called a secular nation and if the law says everyone is equal irrespective of caste or creed, then why do we have reservations in India? Why do a section of people need reservations and why is that people are divided on the bases of their castes? Where is the sign of equality in this nation? Recently, I was requested by one of my friends to check the date for her M.B.A counseling. I visited the Madras University website and managed to get the schedule that showed a list of eligibility criteria for candidates to appear for the counseling session. I was flabbergasted to find that the difference in mark required to attend the counseling sessions for people belonging to Scheduled caste and Scheduled tribe was extremely low, and insignificant, compared to the minimum mark, which was to be scored by people belonging to Forward caste to even think of a counseling session. The most disheartening fact was that the number of RESERVED admissions available for SC and ST people is extremely high and outnumbered the admissions available for FC people. As a result, most of the RESERVED admissions remain unfilled. But, almost all the admissions available for FC people will be taken up. What is the idea behind such an act of foolishness? What is the objective of reservations in India? I accept that SC and ST people need reservations as it is instrumental in building up their morale. But, why is that the number of reserved admissions is too high? Now, it looks like the FC people, who have the least number of admissions, are the ones who are being suppressed. The objective of reservations is to promote SC and ST people and not to suppress FC people. The guy in the hell, who came up with the term 'RESERVATION' in India, would have understood by now that he has got no way out of the place for committing such a blunder and spoiling the lives of millions of FC people. Ultimately, FC people are deprived of opportunities, which is a very bad sign for the nation's future. I don't think reservation is a good idea to encourage the weaker sections of the society. Instead, the Government could have drafted so many other plans to push those people who they think belong to weaker part of the society, which is actually not an appropriate term to make use of in a secular nation. Reservation is now being handled as a tool by the politicians in India to appease the common people, most of who don't belong to FC. With the number of FC being less compared to ST and SC in the country, Politicians are eying on the votes of billions of Non-FCs in the country to win a place in the Government. Demanding reservation is like begging for money. Calling reservation one of the rights of the suppressed class, which is once again an inappropriate term to use, is an act that makes screwing up the lives of FC people a law. Though the situations are getting harder everyday for FC people, they are actually the ones who fair better than their rivals to secure the top positions. This is the ability of FC people. As long as FC people live, even 90% reservation can't put any person from any other caste at the top. That is called efficiency, sincerity and hard work, lacking which makes one place his/her caste before the marksheets.

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