Monday, September 29, 2008

Reach out to the space!!!

NASA has come up with an excellent idea that would look really lucrative and creative. This is what they are planning to do. They have built a website which can be accessed by anyone across the globe. On entering the site, you would find an e-form which should be filled up using your details and whereabouts. This form won't contain anything too personal from you and hence you can feel free to fill it up with genuine information about you. After submitting the online registration form which takes nothing out of your pockets, you will receive a certificate from NASA available in a printable format. If you wish to store it as a soft copy, you have the option to download the participation certificate from NASA in PDF format so that you can have a print of the certificate from the most prestigious space research organization. I am done with the registration and I received a mail from NASA stating that my name would be transferred to a microchip that will be made use of inside the vessel that would float around the earth to measure the amount of aerosol particles suspended in the earth's upper layer of the atmosphere. The mission also serves various other studies the results of which will be updtaed as and when any new data is obtained on NASA's official website. I've already made sure my name reaches the space. Take your turn. Just 58,000 people have registered so far. Any number of names can be installed in the chip, says NASA. To make your name fly in the space for several years to come, follow this link:

Politician or joker???

It has always been an old fashion adage that black is better for those who have a little bit of extra weight because it slim people down. This is an old wives' tale. While black can be rather slimming for those who are already slim, buying plus size jeans in black is not going to make you look thinner. While a certain color can be flattering to your face, it is more important to pay attention to tailoring, cut, and style rather than a certain color. It may sound hard to believe, but black is not always the best choice it is simply a choice like blue, white, or any other color in plus size jeans.

The famous opinion when it comes to fashion is that black has always looked good for all those with few extra pounds since it makes them look slim. This is an old wives’ tale. Though black makes one look slim, buying black plus sized jeans won’t make one look slimmer. Rather than attaching importance to the color, it is always advisable that the priority be given to the tailoring, cut and style. Though it may sound alarming, the fact is that black is not the best of choices and it is just another color like blue, white or red in plus sized jeans. Size is all that matters and not color.

It’s a good template that you’ve chosen for the site. The header looks cool. But, to start with, you need to reduce the font size of your header. Also, try to change the font color of the same. Changing it to green instead of dark blue or red would be my suggestion. Secondly, the bullets that you have used are yellow/orange in color, which looks quite odd against the general template theme that is light green in color. The content is highly informative and flawless. Everything else about your page is perfect. I would give it 8 on 10.

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