Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Indianization-An Indian intention..

I have put few posts that talk about patriotism, the life of people in India, the way world looks at India and other stuff related to my country which also include the negatives that almost overshadow all the positives that are happening in this divine country. But, it didn't strike me until one of my readers asked me why all my posts talked about the nation that has everything but doesn't talk about my idea of the nation and my relationship with the same. He called me a spectator commenting on the happenings in the country. I felt like a total junk when it comes to lending a tribute that India rightly deserves in spite of all its drawbacks. I thought of adding the smallest part to the nation's favor and this is all I could do through a blog. No matter whether all the states in the country get equal priority, India is still India. In spite of all the petty politics and issues that are carefully spun by few of my countrymen which almost sabotage the path to development, India is still India. If things don't happen this way, India isn't really India. Miracles happen in the country frequently and jolts are shot out of the blue to moderate the atmosphere that prevails in the country. If I don't talk about the positives that are found in the country, that not only pushes me to the edge of pessimism but also makes me an anti-Indian by thoughts, which is the last thing I would expect from my destiny. I don't worry even if everything goes wrong in the country. I'll still be holding this nation close to my heart. Its better to ignore the bad and start celebrating the good. If you say rise, then it should be the country that should rise. And if you say fall, it should be you who should fall to make sure the country still puts up its head and continues to rise. That is the Indian attitude. Everything about India makes me consider it the cloud number nine. Its a haven for people who have got nothing but hopes to go into the future every second. Its the place where people are always found colorful and ready to get into the celebration mood in spite of problems like price hike and inflation. Its the place where the society attaches so much importance to mankind and the tendency to help each other has never been scarce. India has always been a soft pigeon on the world stage. The peninsular India takes the shape of a 'V'. Don't you still get it? We stand together for Victory! That is India!

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