Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I am back!!!

Hi my dear fellow bloggers! I am back again! It has become very usual for me to abandon my blog for few days and again get a good grip on it. But, I can always quote a good reason for my actions as a result of which my blog gets affected in a big way. In another couple of months, I'll be completely leaving this blog blank with no new posts since I would shortly be entering the world where people budge for money. This is the world which I would like to call the world of professionalism. Yesssss! I am about to work for a leading IT firm in the country, the name of which I don't wish to disclose here as I feel that would enndager my chances of becoming the CEO or perhaps the Mentor of the firm very soon :-P Anyway, I've two full months in my pockets and I can do wonders over here. Hey blogger buddies, I owe you all a post full of praises since you took care of my blog's Alexa while I was away. And its time to hook up the reason! I was completely fed up with the other blogs which I was maintaining for monetary purposes. Day after day, I kept posting hundreds of sponsored and non-sponsored posts and I feared that would affect my ability to add some posts here, which is my personal blog. And I want to keep my personal blog as clean as possible even if it is going to serve the same purpose as all my other blogs did. This blog of mine earned me more than $1000 now! Kisses to 'The Cocktail' !!!! Lately, when Google woke up for a pagerank update, my efforts in pushing this blog to the front of the lot worked for me and now this is no more a PR2 blog. Don't feel sorry. It's now PR3! Now, my efforts are directed to make my blog sustain or score a greater PR in the future. Once again, thanks for the Welcome song buddies! I'll soon be visiting your blogs! Belated New Year wishes from your friend!!! :D

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