Thursday, January 29, 2009

The falsified fools..

I wasn't quite sure about what kept my mind stuck with the movie Fantastic 4. I derived an answer lately and it is a collective effect resulting from what happens around me that keeps this movie on my mind. I liked all the characters in the movie and I should say I found the Human torch an interesting and smart bloke. He made me wonder what it would really feel like to have your body set on fire. And that is exactly what has been pulling me back to this movie all along. Very lately, an incident occured in Tamil Nadu that must have gained the recognition of the PMK Leader Dr.Ramadoss, whose senseless Tamil instincts make him translate his title to Tamil (Maruthuvar). And most of the times I read his name as 'Aayaa' (Baby-sitter) which, I heard, was supposed to be 'Ayyaa'. That kindles confusion in my mind regarding his occupation. He is neither a 'Maruthuvar' nor an 'Aayaa' now. He is a politician who runs a political party badging the name 'Paataali Makkal Katchi' and the party comprises of people as stupid and dumb-headed as other normal political followers in India are. If I am questioned what the Human torch from Fantastic 4 has got to do with Ramadoss, I would quote the incident I was talking about as an answer. Once again, there are so many things that lead to the death of a man who lost his brains in order to follow a political party like PMK that is heavily motivated by the dividing line between the paid classes and the paying classes of the society. This has been the topic of interest and used as a political tool for a long time in Tamil Nadu's political arena now because it serves as a feed for the tension that prevails between these two classes. Sri Lankan Government vows to hunt down the LTTE that has been causing problems to the nation for quite a long time now. During the course, they had no choice but to kill people belonging to Tamil origin in Sri Lanka. This has set the spark for politicians in Tamil Nadu to hit the big stage by gaining the world's attention so that they can make the best out of the worst situation the Sri Lankan Government is facing. PMK is one of such parasitic political parties in Tamil Nadu, others being DMK and the party headed by Thol.Thirumavalavan that isn't so famous. The funniest part is that this guy changed his name to Thol.ThirumavalaVAR as a sign of respect which no one is ready to show him. When the Political leaders were resting at their places after creating an agitation among the party followers, these fools in the name of followers were protesting outside the Secretariat and many went on hunger strikes including college and school students who have nothing to do with the happenings in the neighboring nation. One of the followers of PMK went to the extent of showing the world what it takes to become a Human torch-a can of kerosene and a matchbox. Hollywood made use of all the advanced technologies to bring the Human torch to life on the screen in Fantastic 4. But, this Tamil guy proved it is simpler to produce a human torch in reality. Kudos to Muthukumaran! :-P I felt really bad. I felt really bad because I missed out on a chance to record a fool setting himself on fire. By now, his family would have realized nothing could be changed by the death of a single man and his soul would have realized he has been deceived by the politicians. But it's already too late. The gates of hell might be flung open for Mr.MuthuKumaran now. May be Muthu never knew fire would be hot. Now I know what would happen. Ramadoss, the leader of the party to which Mthukumaran belonged, would offer an amount of Rs.5 lakhs as a symbol of recognition and declare the act of this coward a brave one. In another 3 days, Muthukumaran will be out of all our memories. And Sri Lankan army will soon catch the pest called Prabhakaran and hang him in public. Finally, the war would come to an end not because of Muthukumaran but because of the brave and rightful act of the Sri Lankan Government. Wastage is an unavoidable element in any process in the world. Muthu's act will be added to this list during the process at the end of which all the politicians in India, especially Tamil Nadu, who have been supporting LTTE behind the screens would be exposed to the world without mercy. That will mark the day when the fools who call themselves political followers in Tamil Nadu realize that the have wasted all their lifetime supporting a bunch of brutes called Tamil politicians. That will be the day when they will realize they have been falsified and their ideology has been proven wrong. That will be the day when politicians go out of business in this state and political followers bite the dust. I wish it is not too far from here.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Home a-loan..

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Finally my dream comes true!!!

To get a brand new Portable Media Player with a wide screen but looks compact, cute and small has always had the top position on my list of priorities. But, I never had a clue about the place where I could get one. I searched almost all the places in Chennai to close a great deal on a PMP player that combines the operations of mp3 player and a video player.But, I only found my player hunt completely in vain. I was not really interested in giving up my efforts especially after getting to know such products are really available at a location unknown to me. In fact, such a place is unknown to the majority of the population in India where internet age has just begun to rule the clocks. It was for some unfortunate reason why I started blogging almost 14 months back and the point where my intention of earning through blogs started was quite inauspicious. But, I got the chance to explore the various means to making money online and that has made me use my resources to mint some bucks which in turn was used by me to get some gadgets that are really cool at least to me! :-P Lately, I discovered an enormous amount of interest and a kind of addiction to Ebay within me. I found myself browsing through various products available on the site just to make sure I know what they are. :-P When I was on a routine Ebay browse, I found few interesting products which were very much affordable. And what was running on my mind was to make good use of the opportunities to bring home some of the unique gadgets available on Earth ona lower scale. That was how I stumbled upon this brand new MP4 player and I managed to get it for a price as low as just $36! I was quite skeptical of the genuineness of online shopping. But, I was enthralled when I received the product in the next few days. I was thrown into a world of surprise and even now, when I am holding this product in my hand, I feel it is a dream come true for I never expected to get something like this for such an easily affordable price! Thanks to 'The Cocktail'!! :-D Let me go technical about this product now because I love this part! It has an in-built memory of 8GB and the TFT screen is built on a 260,000 trie color display which adds great quality to the videos. Though the direct sound output quality is pretty much low (can't expect a pair of speakers as good as SE walkman series mobiles:-P), when the earphones are plugged, you can experience a divine journey through the world of sounds. If you are not impressed by these features, I bet you would fall for the next one, which is exactly what attracted me more towards this PMP. It is touch enabled which means you are granted access to touch the virtual world! Along with it came a stylus pen for the touch operations. I wasn't pretty sure about the video quality when I bidded for this product on Ebay. Now, I find the display more accurate and sharp than a mobile's display with 16 million true color resolution! I know I can't ask for more after paying just $36 for a product which according to me is worth some $150. Folks, I didn't stop with this. There are few more products which I won on Ebay through the process of bidding and the good news is I received almost all of what I won! Bidding more! Winning more! Experiencing the joy of life! :-P

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Care for a car?

London is a place filled completely with beauty and scenic views. If you have been longing to step into the beautiful world called London, it is the right time to make a move. When you are in the country of pleasantness, you might be required to go around the place to experience the real astonishment which would be brought to you by the very sight of some of the most renowned places in London. Hence, what you need as soon as you enter London is an extremely satisfying means of transportation which is available to you from car hire London. By making use of these car hire advantages, you can make best deals over a car which you can hire for as much long you want as it takes. Great cars designed for comfort are brought to you through these deals for great prices! Also, to make payments and cash transfer easy for you, you have the option of paying for your hired car in whatever currency you wish which removes the burden of searching for a foreign exchange center in London off your shoulders. These car hiring services are not restricted to London but are available all over the European continent and these high quality hiring services are brought to you by car hire Europe. Making use of the local transport is a good choice when you are in London or somewhere in Europe. But, the best choice is to go for a hired car from car hire London or car hire Europe which enables you to take whichever direction you wish without having to go the way other public transportation vehicles take! So wait no longer! Hire a car today at the place where car rental has been made easier and start your Europe tour!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Shopping made easy!!

Lately, my family realized that we are in urgent need of a car and this led me to a decision to buy a car that has enough space for a family of 6. I always had the idea of making the interior of my car look attractive and hence it was now time for me to give my car the best it deserves. First, I decided to get a DVD stero set to ensure entertainment for my family while we are traveling. Fortunately, Shopwiki came in very handy and I had no big difficulty in placing an order online for a car DVD player which was carefully chosen by me from the large variety of DVD players available on Shopwiki. All that I was required to do was to select the product of my choice and pay for it. The products available on shopwiki are of extremely high quality for easily available costs. My second step towards making my brand new car as wonderful inside as it appears outside is to get few pairs of booster car seats. I feel that these car seats bring down upon the drivers a great feeling that would rush into them while they are driving race cars. And I wanted to experience what it feels to be a real racer! Finally, my car now appears exactly the way I wanted it. I am extremely grateful to shopwiki for making shopping extremely easy and highly satisfying. Also, it has resulted in adding up enormous joy and love to our family. No one can ask for more from life than this! Make your shopping easy, quick and comfortable by making good use of Shopwiki!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Real education on real estates..

People and those belonging to this generation are more inclined to professional education than the ones that give them mere knowledge but no professional hands on approach. Also, we always look out for the best fields that can be relied on during tough times like the economic crisis the world economies are facing now. Hence, an education that provides the know how of professional edges to the people to deal with this biggest crisis is highly essential now and Nouveau Riche University has understood what the need of the hour is. The Nouveau Riche University provides the most fruitful knowledge about the real estate trends and the rules regarding this aspect of the business world. It is one of a kind educational institution that teaches the students about the DOs and DON'Ts of real estate business. For a beginner who needs to know everything related to real estate business thoroughly, Nouveau Riche University is the place to get started. The college offers a wide range of courses that enlighten the young minds to get a good grip on the real estate trends, the actual practices and techniques handled in the field to gain good experience and stay bright and successful in the real estate business. Most people who have stepped into the real estate business don't have proper technical knowledge about the business though they survive the race which is by virtue of sheer practical experiences. Hence, having all the required skills acquired through a renowned institution like Nouveau Riche University can always bring to you more advantages adding up to what you gain through practical experiences in the real estate business. So, if you are waiting to get a head start in the real estate business, you should first step into Nouveau Riche University.

Striking hard the strikers..

The nation has been witnessing the strong stands of the truck drivers and owners who refused to hit the gas few days back in an attempt to persuade the Indian Government to consider cutting down the diesel price and exempting these trucks and lorries from toll taxes. I understood how selfish and incorrigible these truck drivers and their supporting unions are for they want the Government not to burden them with these taxations but they don't mind if their burden is transferred to the people of the nation. I can't believe that these truck drivers are totally unaware of the fact that the Government turns its attention to the people to make up for what they lose to the truck drivers in the form of tax exemptions and fuel price cuts. For once, I am quite happy with the position Government has taken in this issue. It has thrown out statements, firm and strong in their depths, against the striking truck drivers and owners and has even gone to the extent of issuing charges against some of the Unions that have almost brought the nation to a standstill. When the Government that has all along been soft when it comes to terror and releasing the monotonous "We-condemn-this-act-of-terrorism" statement, stood strong against the literal menace of these mean truckers' union, the oil companies which joined hands with the latter to make use of the serious situation to get some fruit out of the air, showed a 180 degree change in their stance and are now back on the rails to continue with their works. Now, the only pests left are the Truckers' unions which need some serious lessons to be taught the hard way by the Government. As a result of these unions, the formation of which according to me should be abolished in a nation that calls itself secular and gives out equality for everyone in front of legislation, the nation saw one of the most crucial periods of all time and still the aftereffects can be felt by the Indian society. Demand for oil all over the country is at its highest over the last few decades. Bunks ran out of oil and I was horrified to see people wait in queues that were not less then a mile in their lengths in the petrol bunks along the GST. The fantastic part of the fable is that I didn't find a small change in the magnitude of congestion after the truck drivers sought after a strike that cut the fuel supplies to almost all the places in the country. This came as a hard slap on the faces of the striking truckers' unions and Government has even made arrangements to make the army get the necessary oil supplies for the people of the nation which has now endangered the jobs of the truck drivers. As a result, the people who are badly affected by the strike is no more the people of the nation but are the very people who joined hands to form what are now considered as a flock of dumb brutes or truckers' unions. Since the unions are now facing a bigger crisis than ever before, I guess they would call off the strike very soon or the nation would call of their services which are almost unwanted now since we have an alternative in our hands called the army that has always been highly reliable. For the first time in its tenure, the Government has helped the nation by being firm and helping the people make the so called Unions bite the dust. Kudos to the Indian Government! (I can't believe I am appreciating politicians! :-P)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I am back!!!

Hi my dear fellow bloggers! I am back again! It has become very usual for me to abandon my blog for few days and again get a good grip on it. But, I can always quote a good reason for my actions as a result of which my blog gets affected in a big way. In another couple of months, I'll be completely leaving this blog blank with no new posts since I would shortly be entering the world where people budge for money. This is the world which I would like to call the world of professionalism. Yesssss! I am about to work for a leading IT firm in the country, the name of which I don't wish to disclose here as I feel that would enndager my chances of becoming the CEO or perhaps the Mentor of the firm very soon :-P Anyway, I've two full months in my pockets and I can do wonders over here. Hey blogger buddies, I owe you all a post full of praises since you took care of my blog's Alexa while I was away. And its time to hook up the reason! I was completely fed up with the other blogs which I was maintaining for monetary purposes. Day after day, I kept posting hundreds of sponsored and non-sponsored posts and I feared that would affect my ability to add some posts here, which is my personal blog. And I want to keep my personal blog as clean as possible even if it is going to serve the same purpose as all my other blogs did. This blog of mine earned me more than $1000 now! Kisses to 'The Cocktail' !!!! Lately, when Google woke up for a pagerank update, my efforts in pushing this blog to the front of the lot worked for me and now this is no more a PR2 blog. Don't feel sorry. It's now PR3! Now, my efforts are directed to make my blog sustain or score a greater PR in the future. Once again, thanks for the Welcome song buddies! I'll soon be visiting your blogs! Belated New Year wishes from your friend!!! :D

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