Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Slaughtering the kangaroos..

While the Australian batsmen are struggling hard to keep their ten pins intact, Indian batsmen are finding it really easy to give the Australians all the harsh treatments, which they missed to experience for all their arrogance behind their backs, they deserve for their negative attitude towards the game which was once called the Gentleman's game. It is no more a gentleman's play because Australians have stepped into the ring. Now, everyone will be wondering how Ponting managed to reach the magic triple figure in the first innings of the first test match because he was nowhere closer to a score that can be considered to be decent after that innings. Every time he stepped in, either Bhajji or Ishant made sure he walked out to the pavilion with his head down, similar to the way a graphical duck walks with a bat in its hand whenever a batsman throws away his wicket without adding anything good to the scorecard while playing against Australia in Australia. It's quite tough to ignore the delivery that Ishant bowled to Ponting which left the latter wondering what was that Ishant just threw at him, while producing a list of deliveries of the century. Ponting should understand only pitches are important when it comes to cricket. He should also realize silly body languages, funny taunts, senseless criticism, violent sledging and bubblegum shouldn't be given thoughts when a team is hunting down the other one in a game of cricket, similar to the way kangaroos are being slaughtered in front of millions by the tigers!

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