Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Difference between India and America..

Finally, the Great nation of the U.S.A faced the elections for choosing the next individual, who will be taking America along the path of development, as all the U.S Presidents have been doing in the past. This time, time has added a new ingredient to the result by making Mr.Barack Hussein Obama the President candidate from the Democratic party. The twist in the tale comes with the fact that Mr.Obama is the 2nd Black President to guide the Great lands of America. American system of elections is totally different from that of India's slow election processes. It took not more than a day for the Americans to count the number of votes each Presidential candidate has anaged to bag. I was wondering how long Indian systems would do that. The counting in India starts one week after the elections are over. Let me not talk about the reservation thing in choosing those accepting the job of counting the votes. This curse is found everywhere in this nation. Obama's victory speech was the best I've ever heard. All that we know about our Indian politicians is they talk rubbish after winning or losing in the elections. They will play the blame game if they lose and they will make fun of the opposition parties if they win. But, American politicians proved that Indian politicians are no better than clowns and jesters who do nothing innovative and don't command respect. When was the last time an Indian politician conceeded defeat and congratulated the one who won? Indian politicians and political lovers are all about dirty politics and senseless issues that would do no good to the nation. Thus, the main difference between India and America in terms of Politics is that it is considered as an art in the Western world whereas it is a business here in India undertaken by the Politicians. The change has come to America. But, this chances of the same change coming to India is rather beyond impossible with such a group of ineffective, uneducated, scientifically ignorant and stupid shitheads called politicians.


Today, I came across an incident which I found to be extremely funny. It was about the phone conversation my one of my friends had few days back. The fact is that it wasn't a conversation because I understand something can be called a conversation only if it involves two or more persons exchanging words in the form of questions and replies. Here, my friend was the only one who was involved in the 'CONVERSATION'. (I don't know what I should call this other than a one-end conversation. :-P) It seems my friend wanted to learn German since he would be leaving for Germany very soon. He decided to ask a consultancy for some help regarding the matter and tried contacting them over the phone. As soon as he finished dialing, he heard a female voice shooting some instructions at him. My friend is such a keen listener that he couldn't make a noise at his end and was listening to whatever the female voice prompted. Finally, the silence was broken! My friend opened up with a question which was "Hello, I would like to know about the German learning course". There was no response from the female on the other end. Confused, my friend wanted to make sure she heard whatever he said. He asked "Hello, is there anyone on that side? Can you tell me about the German Learning Course?" Again, there was a prolonged silence. Finally, my friend heard a beep followed by the female's message which was "Please enter an input. Press 1 for technical assistance, 2 for course details....(so on)". That was when my friend realized he had been trying to pull a computer generated voice into a conversation with him. :-P I almost laughed my stomach out watching this guy explaining the scenario with the exact body languages and voice modulations he carried while talking to the automatic voice message. Sometimes, we don't know how funny we are. When we fail to sense such funny incidents in which we are involved, we are missing out on some of the best moments of life. It won't be a shame to get fooled all the time. When you can draw a line between shameful and funny incidents, you can call yourself a best judge of all your actions. If you consider even the funny incidents shameful, there are few things you need to learn from the book of life. Never miss a chance to laugh at your own self. Understand the difference between being shameful and funny.

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