Tuesday, October 28, 2008

India divided..

We often call our nation united on all basis. We say we stand together during troubled times. We talk about national integrity and the feeling of oneness. We find a current of excitement flowing within us whenever we hear a politician talking about binding the nation together and other crap. But, are we really together all the time? The word 'UNITy is missing almost everywhere in India. Each of us focus on what seems important to us as individuals and thus, our objectives are scattered which shakes the root of unification. This hampers what is known as balanced development in India. I watch news channels most of the times while sitting in front of the TV set. I am most interested in the news related to national issues and the show clouded over the incidents that led to the brutal attacks on North Indians in the so called modern city of India, Mumbai. When the place lacks even the smallest amount of tolerance, which is the fundamental requirement for a Democracy to function, how can it be considered a modern society? The news channel covered the incidents that resulted in brutal attack of Biharis and other North Indians by Maharashtrians. Why don't these people understand for heaven's sake that India is a democracy and every citizen has the right to move wherever he wants within the nation? Land areas and boundaries are all that which are sufficient for the Maharashtrians to set the spark the set the Biharis on flame. Though every single Maharashtrian knows that there is a big political ploy behind the whole scenario, they don't get their tails out of the mess and they are getting on the attacks more seriously than before. Cunning politicians and not so sensible people should understand that India has been divided into different states not to follow the 'Divide and Rule' trick followed strictly by the British. The division into states is to streamline the Governance of the nation. River Cauvery knows neither Kannada nor Tamil. But, the states divided on languages fight for getting their fair share of the water. Natural resources in the nation are available for everyone to use. Why is Karnataka presses so hard on such futile issues and arguments? Housing a Hi-tech city costs nothing more than few billion dollars. What helps in evaluating the state is its co-operation with its neighbors, which Karnataka has terribly failed at. Problem with India is that people are lazy to put their heads to good use by applying their minds on recognizing the path of development and the politicians are too cunning and able to apply more of their minds and time on devising strategies to make fools out of 120 billion people. Census says the literacy rate in India has been continuously going up every year. But, our behaviors don't make us look educated and sensible. We need to grow up.

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