Friday, August 29, 2008

Menacing 'MAMA's in Chennai..

MAMA. That is how a traffic constable is popularly known in Chennai. I've had some terribly bitter experiences with these police officers in the past. Very recently, I had the worst of all my hands on experiences with the cops who, in an attempt to make Chennai a congestion-free city, are making it exactly the other way. Luz is a well-known place for almost everything you have been searching for so far and your shopping efforts are never in vain when you are here since you would (I bet) get anything you wished for. That is just a part of the Luz I know. There is something big behind the screens for Luz. Its the group of Traffic constables who stand right at the signal and literally pounce on the motorcyclists who don't wish to get there heads overloaded by helmets. One of the signboards in the city said 'Wear your hard hat to protect your software'. I wonder what are the hard hats they are talking about. Are these helmets really hard enough to stay in good shape even when a lorry rolls over your head while you're wearing them? I don't think so. And still these people expect us to wear it while riding bikes. Let us go back to Luz now. I had to take the left at the signal. I was unbelievably so sincere that I was waiting for the green to flash even when the board said 'Free Left Turn'. I guessed 'MAMA' would be standing immediately next to the corner and put on my helmet. To my surprise, I didn't find even a single white shirt and khaki pant. Now why should I wear a helmet? I removed the so called 'HARD HAT' and placed it on the vehicle's petrol tank as usual, without getting a clue of who was closing in behind me. It was FATE!!! Just as I removed the helmet, I found the Man in white shirt and Khaki pant raise his arm and signaling me to bring the vehicle to a halt. Finally, fate caught me. After a session of questions and replies that lasted for some 3mins, I was asked for my license. The usual Traffic police tradition. But what happened after that was something uncommon. The sergeant filled up a form with my name, address and vehicle number and asked me to get it signed by another man in non-uniform standing just behind him. After going through all the legal but senseless formalities, I was asked to pay a heavy amount as fine. Rs.50/-. I don't know why they wasted a good quality sheet for recording my crime for just 50 bucks. And they even spent their PRECIOUS time answering my queries on the CRIME I committed. I handed over a 50 buck note. He stared at me and then saw the mobile court that was standing closer to the platform. I understood what his gaze meant. I went to the mobile court and the two police constables in full khakis asked me to switch off the mobile phone. I was wondering why these people are making a big fuss for just Rs.50. They could have made me pay the fine without all these formalities like they always used to do. Suddenly, my thoughts were shattered by a voice from within the mobile court, which is actually a van, and I heard someone calling my name thrice which reminded me of those old tamil movies where the climaxes are taken to the court. I was shaken by the very arrangements within the van. It carried the look of a real court! (Though I haven't seen a real court in my life. We learn things from movies right? :-P) A Judge was sitting at one end of the COURTYARD and a man was sitting just in front of the Judge, who gave the complaint or the crime record form (Whatever....) to the Judge. I was made to stand within the cage where criminals stand in the courts (Movies depicted it that way. Can't help it). To add the court essence to the scene, this man asked me 'Helmet podama vandi otunaduthan ungal kutram. Idai neengal oppukolgireergala?' Are you thinking of something? For a moment, even I was thinking your way. I thought it was one of those funny and silly dreams. I said 'Yeah. Ok'. The constable with a rifle in his hand, standing next to me, asked me to stand properly since I had my legs crossed, mistaking them for my fingers.:-P I came out of the COURT where I was penalized for my coldblooded crime of not wearing a helmet that hampered the country's economical growth and incited a serious unrest in the city by polluting the minds of the citizens with my inhuman intentions, expecting media to interview me as soon as I made my first step out of the courthouse. Unfortunately, fate was still on my tail. All I found were few other CRIMINALS who were caught red handed, which should really be 'RED-HEADED', for not wearing helmets. The most tragic part which I still couldn't digest is that the MAMA who caught me wasn't in complete uniform. When he waved his hand at me, I thought some restroom cleaner is asking for a lift. The rule is 'Show me your slippers and I'll tell you who you're'. Slippers. Not even a pair of synthetic shoes. Unwillingly I paid the fine for my CRIME. I am now a criminal. Watch out. I could chase you down anywhere!! Thanks to MAMAs in Chennai that I am a macho now! (I know it looks pretty exaggerated. Blame it on the MAMA.:-P)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Indianization-An Indian intention..

I have put few posts that talk about patriotism, the life of people in India, the way world looks at India and other stuff related to my country which also include the negatives that almost overshadow all the positives that are happening in this divine country. But, it didn't strike me until one of my readers asked me why all my posts talked about the nation that has everything but doesn't talk about my idea of the nation and my relationship with the same. He called me a spectator commenting on the happenings in the country. I felt like a total junk when it comes to lending a tribute that India rightly deserves in spite of all its drawbacks. I thought of adding the smallest part to the nation's favor and this is all I could do through a blog. No matter whether all the states in the country get equal priority, India is still India. In spite of all the petty politics and issues that are carefully spun by few of my countrymen which almost sabotage the path to development, India is still India. If things don't happen this way, India isn't really India. Miracles happen in the country frequently and jolts are shot out of the blue to moderate the atmosphere that prevails in the country. If I don't talk about the positives that are found in the country, that not only pushes me to the edge of pessimism but also makes me an anti-Indian by thoughts, which is the last thing I would expect from my destiny. I don't worry even if everything goes wrong in the country. I'll still be holding this nation close to my heart. Its better to ignore the bad and start celebrating the good. If you say rise, then it should be the country that should rise. And if you say fall, it should be you who should fall to make sure the country still puts up its head and continues to rise. That is the Indian attitude. Everything about India makes me consider it the cloud number nine. Its a haven for people who have got nothing but hopes to go into the future every second. Its the place where people are always found colorful and ready to get into the celebration mood in spite of problems like price hike and inflation. Its the place where the society attaches so much importance to mankind and the tendency to help each other has never been scarce. India has always been a soft pigeon on the world stage. The peninsular India takes the shape of a 'V'. Don't you still get it? We stand together for Victory! That is India!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Animals still rule the world!!

If you have the patience to go through the entire post, you can call yourself an animal lover. Do you really think we give these creatures which are deprived of the ability to express their emotions as we do the needed and the real value? I consider animals as good as humans. After all, a man is a sociable animal. Respecting animals so much as you respect human beings is highly essential. I can cite so many incidents I came across so far where animals were tormented to keep man's business going. When I was in 11th standard, I found few boys smaller than me running after a rat on the road. I expected them not to hurt that defenseless creature. But, I felt really disheartened watching what happened after that. Those three boys pounded the rat using a stone that would have weighed at least 10kgs. The rat managed to escape the assault and started running for its life again with enormous scratches and bruises on its back. Our boys, in no position to give up their brave attempt on a powerful rat, chased it down and used the same guerrilla attack. This time, fate failed to give the rat a second chance. All that was there in the end was a rat that was brutally killed after few final painful seconds. Everything happened before I could stop pedaling and get down from the bicycle. Now what is the use in taking those 3 nasty brats to task? I was as pathetic as that rat was before it died very badly.

This is just one of several incidents that take place everyday but fail to get our attention. Once I happened to find a bullock cart just opposite to the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly. For the amount of load the cart carried, even a pair of bullocks wouldn't be sufficient to drag the cart comfortably or at least with the least pain on their backs. This man was forcing the bull so hard to pull the cart that appeared like a pile of sandbags and to add to this, the animal was made to go uphill along the road that should actually be called a subway. I was wondering what amount of effort the bull would have put in keeping the load stable behind it while coming down the slope.

A lot of such incidents happened on my way to college in all these 4 years. Grand South Trunk is so grand only in its name. My journey to college covered 27km of the road that can rightly be called as the road to hell for most of those unlucky stray dogs that managed to find their places along the roadside of GST. Since that is the primary road that connects Chennai to the places in Southern Part of Tamil Nadu directly, heavy vehicle traffic is always at its peak even at night times. The poor dogs with no shelter try to reach the other side of the road but unfortunately, the heavy wheels of the road imps in the form of trucks and lorries driven by ruthless drivers who give away nothing for the lives of these poor creatures, make most of them as flat as the road is. What I got to see on the road were dried skins of dogs that became preys to the wheels. Whenever I see this visual, something in me tells 'That was the skin which was covering a live creature which was once fondled by its mother when it was a pup'. Thus, drivers on GST don't use two things-brakes and their brains.

People, we forget the fact that humans have been on this earth only for the past few thousand years. Animals are here for more than millions of years. It's their world and we are here using it as a rent-free place to dwell. Therefore, it’s very important to respect the lives of animals and give them priority over human beings who are most of the times shelled by intentions. Your dog wags its tail on seeing you for no reason. But, a man won't talk to you unless a reason drives him. That is the difference between these two animals. So, next time if anyone calls you a dog, feel proud that you are put at a level above human beings.

If there is one man who deserves real respect, that would be Mr.Sundaram who paved the way for the establishment of the society of Blue cross,

He was the man who couldn't just go away after he saw two pups struggling for their lives along the roadside. He gave them shelter. He founded the Blue Cross society of Madras. Saving an animal life equals helping 100 orphans. Stop the atrocities caused to animals. Don't just walk away like a selfish human next time you see an animal suffering. Don't let an animal suffer because of you. Let us try to be humans which is how we are known. Now, humans are supposed to visit the site given below at least once:

It takes not more than Rs.1000/- from you to become a member of the Blue Cross Society. Your money will help the society feed some of the animals in bad living conditions. This is more divine than donating thousand bottles of blood to save human lives.

Animals are known for their loyalty. Man is considered as a liability.

This is still a world that belongs to them. Don't try to grab it away from them.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dark side of a human

Many of us might be carrying the thought of what we could have done to erase the dark side of our life, which probably no one else on this earth has an idea about. But, we never realize that things can’t be undone. I should fairly confess that this blog has nothing to do with the dark side of human beings, though the title says so. The dark side signifies something else. Something everyone can see. Something that starts traveling with all the living creatures from the day they’re born. Not only the living creatures, it also gets attached to the non-living stuffs. In short, as long as there is a source of light on this earth, every real thing will continue to be haunted by this dark follower. We call it ‘The Shadow’.

We never attached much importance to our own shadows. We rarely notice it falling on the ground when something obstructs the light path. For us, it’s something like nothing. It means nothing to us, for it doesn’t involve any complex processes to produce a shadow. But, the shadows governed the earth time in the early days when people believed that Sun Clocks could really spell them the correct time of the day. This would be one of the most revolutionary discovery that was made out of what we today think is least significant and useless. Ancestors are really brilliant.

Now, let’s target the historical part of the shadows. In the olden days, people considered those creatures, which had no contact with their own shadows, while moving, as evils that symbolized satanic forces. This means, birds, which fly all the time, were descendents of an evil force. That makes me wonder whether those people had never seen a crow or an owl sitting on a tree trunk during daytime. Later, when big minds started thinking about renaissance and development of social culture, people realized that shadows are no evil forces and that even the eclipses that occur were results of formation of shadows of heavenly bodies. There ends the myth.

Let’s come back to 2007. As it had been mentioned earlier, shadows have the least significance now. But, the encouraging fact is that a large number of computer-users like adding the Shadow effect to their text and pictures since it makes them look highlighted. There're quite a large number of people who do tricks with their fingers in front of a candle light to make sensible images on the screen in the front. These are the most creative works done out of shadows. It’s something that stays with you all the time. No matter whether you’re dead or alive, shadows prove to be your best buddy who follows you all the time, till you turn off the lights and hit the bed at nights. As long as you are fine, you move. And as long as you move, your shadow follows you. It’s so innocent that it won’t react when you get hurt or when you are in agony or in pain. It’s so sensitive that it watches even the smallest move you make and does the same, the same way. Beware. You are being eyed by your dark side round the clock.

It’s so humble that it always stays at your feet, unless you go upside down. We make it a complex world by studying multi-dimensions and we even call it a 3 Dimensional world. The most astounding characteristic of the shadows is that they remain in the same old Two Dimensional world, be it a thin paper or a three dimensional object that blocks the light path. They prove to be so simple.

Colors make the world real and lively. May be that’s the reason we ignore this best friend of a man, for it is always dark. I wonder I had a colorful shadow. It’s so patient that it never takes it back on us even when we step on it all the time when we walk. It never gets hurt when we try making it wet in rains and make it boil under the sun. Who else can you imagine to be more patient than this? Though it’s the dark side of the humans, it’s probably the best part of the glorious green earth since it is found everywhere. I really wish I had a colorful shadow…

Thursday, August 14, 2008

22nd lap around the sun..

A year is made of 365 days. And the number changes if it's a leap year. People have been calling me a 21 yr old useless brat with no job at present all along. From 19th of August 2008, the statement would remain the same except for the number which changes to 22. But that has never bothered me because I consider people who treat me that way as useless skunks who have no better job other than focusing their attention upon me without even realizing that their tails make their lives stink. I've managed to go along with the world around the sun for the past 22yrs successfully. That is the best part of my life. So, that makes all the 22yrs I've experienced on this ever revolving earth the best. Life has been so good so far. The people I met and those who had been and are now with me look so good. There were also people in my past who made me face the worst part of my life. But, even the worst part decorates the life of The Great One and makes it look better than the best of my imagination. The number of good lessons I learned from bad experiences outrun the ones I came across while I was having great times. I've always looked at my life as a Jigsaw puzzle where not only friends make the pieces, but also those who consider me their foe form crucial pieces that are needed to produce a magnificent picture called my life. I am grateful to all those people who helped me become what I am now. I am thankful to the Almighty for making me a page in the life books of people who made true well-wishers. When I was a kid, birthday celebration to me meant cakes, clowns' hats, chocolates, new outfits and a funny smile on my face when my classmates sang the birthday song with me standing in front of the whole class. Maturity was at its low at this time and that never shook my nerves. When I was a boy of 14, I remember celebrating my birthday outside the classroom for the first time. I was fast growing up and it was time for me to prepare myself for all those childish infatuations. It was the period when I had a crush on one of my juniors belonging to the same school as I did. I don't know what I should call it now for it looks too hilarious now. Can you, as a matured grown up, think of parking your bicycle next to the one that belongs to your crush just to make sure she glances at you in the evening in the cycle parking lot? I called that my love for that girl since I didn't know the word crush at that time. I never cared how I appeared because I never knew what people would search for in me. Those were the last few days when I carried in me my phobia for Examinations. Now, I don't remember what my voice sounded like when I was a school boy. But, my friends tell me I've lost the squeaky voice which I possessed. They call it a voice break. But, in reality, it should be called losing a voice. Even that is an unconditional loss I had to face. When I completed my 10th and reached the last day of school, I found few people crying for reasons that were unknown to me, which I now understand that they loved their companionships and the way their lives have taken them through school. I wondered how people could cry even for such SMALL losses. Nothing made me feel guilty or cautious when I was a kid. I never reciprocated what my grandpa had in him for me. I misinterpreted his affection as an attempt to irritate me. He was suffering from a dermal disorder and people hated him for something he wasn't responsible for. But, he liked me more than anything he owned. I had nothing in me for him as long as he was alive. That never made me feel guilty because I was a kid. Now, when I want to alter the paths that things have taken in order to make my life look even more better, my maturity slaps me and throws this answer at me 'Nothing can be changed now'. Time is everything. It changes people. It changes the you within you. Now I understand why my friends cried on the last day of school. Now I realize what my grandpa is to me. Now I understand that for every step I take towards maturity, I lose one behind me. When I was a kid, all that bothered me was my school. Now, I feel that everything around me is testing me. So far, I've greatly managed to overcome the tests with some patience and it keeps adding patience to the heap that I already possess. My face was as smooth as a sheet of ice when I was a kid. Now, it is as rugged as Anna salai. People called me cute when I was a kid. Now, the new people around me call me lousy. When I entered college with a hope to become an Engineer, I thought the best part of life had just begun. But, as years passed by, I found myself in so many unfortunate webs spun with troubles. I had people who were searching for even the dumbest reasons to get me into trouble. But, at the end of 4 yrs, I now find those people with grave problems. And the statement below is for those people: (Others, please skip the statement part! You mean a lot to me!)

Life has always kept its longest finger hidden from you and now it feels you should have a look at it fellas. Enjoy! I strongly believe that life screws those who overestimate their capabilities like you all did. And that is exactly what has happened to you who tried to mess up with me. Peeps, wake up before you go to dust. Stop thinking about me. Try to get a life you jerk!

After all, patience has a limit. But, I should honestly accept I even have so many good friends in the college who compensated for all those useless elements who thought and still think they are big guns. I'll never annihilate the so called friends from my memory who deserted me when I had a problem with a girl named Pavithra. Congrats!! You people failed again! I win again! Also, I'll never forget those who proved really good in this issue and stood on my side till the end. And those good people are totally committed now.:-P That made a balance between good and bad when I was in the college. Thus, I gained so many good people from my life through college, throwing away few jerks out of the picture. Now, after completing 4 yrs of engineering, I find that companionship is beyond explanation by words. Good friends are always great to be with. After 22yrs, I've earned 4 good friends from my school, which was actually 5 few days back, and many good friends from my college. In these 22 yrs, I met people who called me unreliable, in spite of all my efforts to avoid them think that way. There were also people who entrusted me with confidence and told me things about them which only they knew. There were people who called me selfless even when I appeared selfish. Many thanks to you friends. Without you people, my life would have missed its best part. Now I feel completely satisfied with these 22 yrs of journey called life and good people around me make me feel secured which keeps me away from brooding over the bad experiences I had in the past. Also, people with me now make me so happy and confident that I've learned to quit thinking about the things I missed in the past because I feel what I have with me now looks too good than what I would have had if things satisfied my schoolboy expectations. People, I wish to continue this journey around the sun with you as long as earth continues its journey around the sun. I've been on this earth for the past 8036 rotations. I've been traveling on this earth around the sun for the past 22 yrs. I still find this place exciting and new. I love this journey with people. Thank you people! I love it because I need not pay the earth anything for carrying me around the sun! Thank you earth!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Back goes the world..

I was sitting in the class. A boring hour engaged by the Head Of the Department. As usual, my eye-lids started drooping down. I soon started sensing that my thought process had gone out of the present and it was about to enter the dream world, 'The World of imaginations'.

At that moment, in an attempt to get rid of my sleep, I tried thinking about something I felt was interesting. I started thinking about those ever-green schooldays when I keep disturbing someone sitting in the front row. I just wished whether I could get back to those days. And I just wished the world started rotating in the direction opposite to it's current direction of rotation so that we would go back in time. Suddenly, a strange thought crept into my mind. I started wondering what if the world really started rotating from East to west, which is just opposite to the direction in which it is currently rotating? Several weird things started itching my mind.

Will a fully grown tree start reducing in size gradually and finally become a plantling and will it be contained in it's seed back again? Will the river water start flowing in the backward direction and defies gravity by climbing up the mountains and go back to the clouds? Will the water that was drunk flows out of the mouth and fills up the glass? Will the aircrafts start flying in the backward direction and land the same way they were flying?

Will the people start walking backwards? Will the motor vehicles move backward when they find the signal on the opposite side flashing green? And now, the most weirdest part. Will an old man start becoming young again? Will he get back his lost teeth? Will his hair start turning black without the help of any dyes? Will the cats start chasing the dogs in the reverse direction? Will we wake up and then sleep? Will we be going to the workplaces or educational institutions in the evening and be back home in the morning?

Will we have a bed-coffee and then go to sleep? Will we take bath after coming back from work in the morning? Will we switch off the elctrical appliances to switch them on? Will the hand-written letters be erased word by word with the pen? Will the breakfast be taken out of the mouth with the spoon? Will the person, who had been beheaded by the terrorists, get his head back in it's position?

Will the dead ones start cracking up the earth and come out of their tombstones? Will the tears climb up the cheek and get back into the eyes? Will we start laughing even before someone cracks a joke? Will the chick get back into the egg? Will the language be spoken in reverse? Will the arrow come back and stick to the bow? Will the backspace key be used to type what we wanted to type?

Will the telephone call be attended even before it rings? Will the same telephone start ringing after we hang up the call? Will all the dust particles be blown out of the vacuum cleaner? Will the female mosquitoes start pumping their blood into our body? Will the ball come back flying to the bat and then reach the bowler's hand? And finally, will the clock start running backward in direction?

Very weird. Suddenly, the bell rang. That was when I realized that my mind was totally unstable and my eyes were heavy with sleep. I saw the HOD going out of the class. Then did I realize that it was my brain that was imagining everything that are weird and that it just hit 'The Rewind button'

Friday, August 8, 2008

Olympics in India-An overview.

Note : This post is not meant to pinpoint the defects in India and Indian society but it's effort is to make one realize where we really are with respect to the world. Now, make an effort to understand the reality.

It was 8.08.P.M in
China. Its 08/08/08. The day will definitely secure a highly significant place in the history books of future China. This is the day when China gave the world it's awesome treat in the form of Olympics in a way the world has never seen it before. When I heard the name Bird's nest, I thought it won't be of sufficient size to house all the events. But now, after watching all those celebrations during the inauguration ceremony which was almost beyond human imagination, my idea of Bird's nest has been crushed to pieces. Now, I can't imagine a small sized bird's nest at all. When I was wondering whether human beings can really make such arrangements that appeared impossible, I also spared few moments to wonder whether our India could have conducted the show as good as China did which is emerging as one of our potential enemies, considering the cold statements exchanged between the two nations on the Arunachal Pradesh issue. This is where I felt really bad for India. I couldn't accept the fact and everyone knows the answer. All that we know about India is that it's a strong developing nation that is populous. But, we find it hard to accept the truth that it's struggling badly to save its face in front of other world nations. You might feel that the statement is highly discouraging and anti-Indian. But, accepting the truth is one of the arts you need to learn to really make this country go up the ladder. I shouldn't be mistaken here. I am a true Indian with a wish to see India as a superpower sooner. Whatever happens to this country, I would stay with it. Now, let us come back to Olympics in India which is one of all our dreams. Be fair in your justification. Do you really think Olympics in India would be as grand and satisfactory for most of the people in the country as it is carried out by China? The answer that scrawls through your head is unfortunately a big NO! This is because of all the petty issues we have here starting from castes to Politicians. If you still can't get a clear view of the picture, let me elaborate on it.

Q. Which place will be chosen for the construction of the main Olympic stadium like The Bird's nest?

A. Media immediately turns its attention towards the so called only Modern city of
India, Mumbai. I wonder whether that's the only city available in India. As a result, to satisfy the expectations of media that has lost it's credibility in this country by mudslinging at some innocent people like Dr.Talwar, IOC might go to the extent of making Mumbai the only place for Olympic Games in India. Even with 37 stadiums, China has made a very tight schedule. Imagine what would happen if Mumbai is chosen for the purpose neglecting the Capital, which has a high possibility. This means, if Olympics reaches India, it would be held here for the next 5 years until the day the next Olympic Games begin because how many stadiums can a city smaller than Beijing house even if one considers it as the best in India?

Q. What will be the Political happenings in
India if Olympic Games come here?

A. As we all know, US is all about privatization and Americans never give room for Communalism. That gives the Communists in
India a big reason to oppose the participation or even the entry of Americans in Olympics. Hence, their protests will partly overshadow the celebrations. To add to the grand mess up, Miss.Mayawati will start demanding reservation for people belonging to the backward classes who are pushed to the back seat just for the sake of reservation. Now the event is in our country and nobody can question our politicians for their demands. Some politicians might even pull up the Arunachal Pradesh issue where China argued that a part of the land in the state belongs to them. This might give rise to a resistance against the participation of China in the Olympics. In the medals' table, one would always find US in the 1st place followed by China. Now, the final picture consists of some politicians protesting against these two capable nations.

Q. Who will be occupying the V.I.P seats?

A. This is an easy question to answer. It's quite obvious that Bollywood stars would decorate the VIP part of the stadium. If you get a chance to enter the stadium, you might find people like P.T.Usha and Karnam Malleshwari sitting next to you. The audience would find SRK dancing for the songs that featured him which have no relevance to what is actually happening in the stadium but are considered important. Our Motto is 'No matter what the show is, it must go on with Bollywood stars and movies'. But, I wonder what movie stars have got to do with sports even when sports person involved in non-Olympic games stay away from the esteemed VIP area. Tell me what VIP means in
India. Movie stars and people who are totally ignorant of and diametrically opposite to the show that goes on?

Q. What will be happening to the sports persons who are involved in the celebrations?

A. Well, the answer is easily predictable. Flag bearers should be from Scheduled Caste. The fellow behind the flag bearer should belong to Scheduled Tribe. The first row should contain 2 from Most Backward Class and 1 from Backward class. This order should be maintained for the next 10 rows. Sports person belonging to Forward class should come running whenever someone needs to pass a message or drops something by mistake. If that forward class person is really talented, he can come walking but restricted from participating in the games unless he/she becomes the last available person after everyone gets injured.

Q. What will the followers of atheistic political parties be doing?

A. Greeks believed in Zeus, Aphrodite, Poseidon and other such Olympic Gods who formed the platform for the birth of Olympics. Since Olympic Games are attached to the ideology circling
around Gods, atheists in
India might raise their voice against the occasion wearing a dull black dress, the meaning of which even some atheists don't know. As a mark of protest, the atheists might go on a hunger strike outside the Olympic stadium, demanding the Olympic council to announce that Olympic Gods never existed.

Q. What will the man who takes care of the country's financial stats be doing?

A. Our politicians thrive by appeasing those who can easily be deceived. Instead of using a huge Television like thing which China used today to cover a huge area on the ground that appeared like a massive television while airborne for making it the grandest ceremony ever held, which benefits the private company which designed the huge mat like thing, our minister would express his sympathy for the farmers and in an attempt to get them their lives back, he would make them plow the entire ground within the Olympic stadium for which they will be paid more than what they deserve.

These may sound funny now. But, what else do you think could happen if we bring Olympics to
India? China follows communalism but appears more like a secular nation. We call India secular. But, what we are really is a blatant truth that everyone knows. If you don't believe me, just try 'Reservation in China' on Google. Try 'Reservation in America'. The results of these two searches will almost be the same and you will get some sites that give you information on hotel reservations and travel reservations. But, try searching for 'Reservation in India'. The very first site talks about reservation in various fields in the country based on castes and about the Constitutional provisions for reservations based on these cursed castes. I am not completely against reservations in India. I just plead to the politicians not to use reservation as a tool to suppress those who are really talented and denied opportunities. India should be secular. I am still an Indian loving India more than my life!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Melody of Death

I felt my touch cold

That is when I started

to make my mind bold

It fired the fringe of a final moment

Luck put my life at stake

which as I understood

is virtual and fake

though the pain has never been clement

The mighty herald told me it’s the end

The time now gave

a life that will win a bend

I ran allover the life’s good breadth

I asked “When would you come?”

The pale reply was

“When you lose your gum”

That was the voice of the Death.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A tribute to people I respect most..

I was thinking of a good topic to blog about. I've heard those who read my blog say that the posts are too long, which I am very much aware of, and that they feel really hard to go through the entire posts. I can understand. It's not easy to spend a considerable amount of time reading a post. What I find interesting might not lure all the readers. After all, opinions do differ. Now, this being the situation, I've decided to blog about some people who are held very close to my heart. I am pretty sure that when people read what others think about them, they would be really thrilled and feel ecstatic. That is the very purpose of my blog. I should not forget to state that the blog I am planning to create is meant only for two things, which are fun and only fun. I know few people who take everything to their heart though they appear highly matured and project a flamboyant stature. People, please note that THIS BLOG WHICH I AM PLANNING TO POST HERE IS JUST FOR FUN. I want to dig out few things from my heart and fill this blog with whatever I've been holding in my heart all these days for my friends. Once again, IT'S FOR SHEER FUN! I don't know how to explain my point beyond this level to all those who I was talking about. But, my intentions are as pure as a crystal. So, I request you to read my blog as a blog and enjoy everything good told about you and ignore the part that you feel offends you.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Starting with psychology..

Psychology. Is that word really worth blogging about? To find an answer, one must understand what psychology is all about. It's all about everything around us and the way we perceive things and the happenings around us. Understanding the environment within which you are placed depends on what is considered as a psychological relationship. Don't we assume, or rather believe, that basic understanding is what a relationship requires to thrive? Our bond with everything that surrounds us is more like a relationship that needs a good understanding for the betterment of the same. Human psychology defines psychology as something that needs more scientific explanations and high degree terms without which it would sound really absurd, as it does now. I should accept I can't dare step into the scientific part of psychology, which is exactly what psychiatrists do. The psychology I am talking about comes from a common man's vision. If your interest in psychology drives you hard to search for some instants that give you a better understanding of people, then it's better to do what I've decided to do. Frame your ideas through a blog! That's exactly what I've planned to do.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Newton's 3rd law

Now, everyone knows that 'Every action in this universe has an equal and opposite reaction'. Newton knew this long back even before someone could imagine the existence of something called an action or force. But, there is something Newton didn't figure out. His law is not applicable only to all those forces, action and other physics-oriented stuff. But, the rule holds sound when it is taken closer to relationships. Few days back, I managed to create a short message that puts Engineers way above Management graduates, though these two belong to two different graduation levels. But, as an Engineer, I find no sensible reason to opt for Management studies for specialization since what we learn in 4 years of Engineering course does not only include the making, know-how and understanding of the processes involved in creation but, it has also taught us how to 'MANAGE' and control the processes when they go wrong. Now what do you call Engineering? Engineering Management? One of my friends, who is a Management aspirant, was agitated by the message and today in the morning, I received a message from that friend which tried to mock Engineers but terribly failed in the attempt. I found it to be a response for the message which I sent few days back. Here, what we have are two ideologies that don't intersect anywhere. The message I received, though flatly white, carried with it the same vigor and force as my message, I suppose, did. This is where Newton enters the stage. If you want to move someone psychologically and find out whether they are stable to stand opinions that slap what they carry in their minds, tell them something which you think would arouse them. If they react to your move, they are psychologically vulnerable. If this doesn’t happen, you can be sure that you have made your mark against someone who is mentally strong and also be sure that the person would definitely pounce back hard on you when you least expect it with a colossal killer instinct. And now it’s your turn to plan properly and take your stride. This takes your relationship with the person involved to the next step in the ladder. But, if you insist in having a good relationship with the person, see to that you stay parallel to him/her so that it won’t be you or that person who would elevate, but it would be the relationship that gains some life.

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