Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Going abstract after a long time.

So many days. Some good and some bad and some indeterminable. So many nights that bring with the wind hundreds of beautiful and unique thoughts that make me feel good about myself. But, something was missing. I very badly wanted to know whether I have anything special in me to call for in life in the unknown future. And even if I found one today, no force could I sense that would make me rest assured that I once had that special aspect in me. Overcoming this very thought would keep me going strong with confidence. Now, I just don't understand why I started with this blog post. May be it is because I am still confident I could catch up with something good from my mind. Or it might also be that I just want to make sure I still have the expressing spirit that once squeezed ideas out of my life and mind. Creativity and ideas are to be brought out in open which will feed one with confidence. If made to stagnate in a closed cellar called mind for a long, they may fade out eventually and I would never know what I am capable of. Thanks to my Cocktail. She proved to be a channel to transport thoughts from my World to the virtually real World. And I want her help again since I feel I am as good as I was couple of years ago when I made my last blog post. This time, I want to make her look good and sensible which was what I would always try for whenever I sit with The Cocktail. So, this time, it is a test of self-evaluation. More accurate it is, better will be my confidence.

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