Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Music and movies..

I am a hardcore music lover. It's one thing apart from my blogger friends and other intimate mates that keeps me going when I decide to make a blog post in here. That is one of the reasons for adding this widget to my blog that plays music automatically when someone visits it. When I am listening to a good song, especially a TAMIL song, I feel really easy to club my ideas together without any obscurity. I don't why this happens but I feel plainly comfortable with my blog when music hits the background. If asked to rate the quality of music, I would put TAMIL songs at the top followed by English genres. I won't spare time thinking about the Hindi music world because such a thing doesn't exist. What actually comes from Bollywood is a Hindi NOISY world. Very rarely, good music comes from Bollywood and you would find the man behind the successful reach of the songs in South India will once again be from South India. [A.R.Rahman ;-)]. Tamil music has the essence to go deep within anyone except those that are technically termed 'KUTHU' songs. Sometimes, even these songs sound better than the ones that come from Bollywood after the music scorers spent so many precious hours in them. Bollywood is almost full of noisy tracks which don't sound pleasant for many. Lately, I tried to develop an inch of interest in me for bollywood music. I listened to the song 'Hello' from the movie 'Hello'. It was so boring and carried the same old hindi tradition of going the Western way. I guess people from bollywood think they are right on track to take Indian cinema closer to Hollywood. But, the fact is that they are damping the Indian movie industry's development by concentrating more on making movies that look very similar to their Hollywood counterparts. And they have even attempted to build the so called King Khan's image as big as Tom Cruise's in Hollywood. I have spotted Tom Cruise giving a touch to his hairstyle for his movies. The only change that this man from Bollywood managed to produce is a 6-pack. And his hair style remains the same from Baazigar to Om Shanthi Om. Thus, I feel if Bolllywood tries to turn a bit of its attention towards the improvisation of its music world, it will be helpful for the Indian movies. I find the Malayalam songs really good and I don't know why people don't celebrate Mallu songs and go for NOISY tunes. That is the only magic Bollywood came up with so far. So, my suggestion to all my fellow Indian bloggers is to listen to either Malayalam or Tamil songs while blogging if you are wishing to build an extremely well-shaped blog. If you want to produce a blog as irregular as Bollywod, listen to Hindi songs. If possible, watch Shah Rukh Khan's movies before you start with your blog so that you can get the 'Worst Blogger Award' if not the best. :-P

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