Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The bearded brute..

Have you seen the guy in the picture above anywhere in Tamil Nadu? I bet you wouldn't have because he is dead and so are his philosophies which often sounded as stupid as the picture appears. E.V.Ramasamy is the name of this bearded brute. Opinions differ and that makes me respect the opinions which atheists might hold on to. But, I can't control my temper when I find atheists crossing their limits and trying to attack the sentiments of believers of God. During the period when Dravidian parties in Tamil Nadu started gaining strength, this guy, who was also known by the name Periyar, was in such a vigorous flow to attack Hindus and especially Brahmins. He called himself an atheist and went around the state attacking Hindu temples and Hindus verbally. He brought black as a color to oppose believers. But, is he really an atheist like all his dumb followers think till today? The answer is flatly a no! This guy, who behaved like a goon throughout his life, had the grit to attack Hinduism and Hindus. His arrogance took him to the extent of breaking Lord Vinayaka's statue after defaming the lord, who is worshipped by billions around the globe, by placing a pair of slippers right at the top of the idle. This is what would happen if asylums fail to take the retards under their custody. This is the greatest extent to which a religion followed by billions can be insulted. This old man didn't possess the mettle to do the same to other religion because he was yet another politician who wanted to appease those who belong to religions other than Hinduism. Then how can he call himself to be a man of his words? An atheist is totally against the concept of God. He took it on Hinduism because Hindus are soft, tender and harmful and there can be no one more tolerable than a Hindu. The brute took advantage of this fact and played all the dirty games he could. Now, his philosophies have almost gone up with the flames and only a handful of people remember him and his appearance which was not at all attractive even when he was a young chap. A few political parties in Tamil Nadu still make use of his name (definitely not his fame, because he never earned that) to make fools out of people who once believed in God. Forged atheists like this man, who feel others around should follow what they find good, should be weeded out of the society so that people can live and also make their opinions live peacefully. I am not against atheism. As I've mentioned earlier, opinions differ. But, I am against atheists who try to attack a particular religion just for the sake of popularity. If you don't accept with this and if you are a supporter of this man, can you tell me what the reason behind his attacks only on Hindus was? Does that mean he believed in Jesus Christ and Allah? Do you know what name we should use to refer to this man who was an atheist when it came to Hindus and a passive soul when dealing with other religions? What do you call someone who is half a male and half a female? The two names are one and the same. It's E.V.R.

The worst Indian air crash ever..

Today, the people of India witnessed an unfortunate mishap that has literally sucked the lives out of almost 1000 people who were working for the aviation industry till last night. Two of the leading airliners, Kingfisher and Jet, struck a deal to overcome the heavy economic crisis which started affecting the aviation industry now. The purpose of the deal is to rationalize the air traffic route which these two airliners are enjoying right now. The aviation fuel prices are going up steadily as a result of the duty that has been applied on these fuels and also because of the international oil crisis. The exact plan that has been sketched by these two leaders in the business gives them a relief by merging the services of the two airliners and thus reduces the expenses each of them put across the services they have been rendering so far without giving up on the quality. This has also paved the way for job cuts as a result of which more than 1000 Jet airways employees are at the verge of losing their jobs. Vijay Malya was so shrewd that he made sure no one went against him while going through this deal and all his employees are safe with their jobs. Malya never opted for job cuts on his side and pursued Naresh Goyal of Jet airways to take care of the bitter part of the fable, who was prepared to face the consequences since the company was desperate to catapult its name to the apex very soon. This has resulted in several hundreds of Jet employees, most of who were members of the on-board crew, losing their lives which were aviating to greater altitudes till last night. The worst part of such a carefully planned screw-up deal was that most of these employees who have been fired never knew that they are jobless until they reported for the duties today in the morning. The disheartening fact is that some of the crew members who have been fired were still under the probation period. By striking such a disproportionate deal with Kingfisher, the owner of which had already been made to bite the dust by the poorest performance of the Royal Challengers during the first season of I.P.L T20 cricket matches, Jet has lost the momentum it carried with it while trying hard on its own to fly high!

Arrogant Aussies..

Unfortunately, the first test between India and Australia ended in a draw. As an ardent Indian cricket lover, I expected the match to go India's way after the great recovery produced by Zaheer and Bajji, who had been burdened with the extra responsibility to prove their worth with the bat. Zaheer stole the show from the Australians who seemed venomous and strong but proved that they are a bunch of 11 clowns who lost their course after the Turbanator and Zaheer took charge of the bat. When top order batsmen like Sachin and Laxman couldn't hold on to their crease for long, these two boys who are on the side just to take care of the bowling department did more than what was actually expected from them and proved the world Australians aren't as hard as they used to describe themselves. Had Bajji not been affected by the first degree cramp on his left leg, he would have stayed for a much longer time at the crease and would have even made efforts to reach his first test match century. To avoid making him feel lonely, Zaheer would have jumped in the party to put up another 3 figure individual score on the scorecard. Australian bowling lacked the vigor that was found in it when bowlers like McGrath occupied a spot in the team. Also, the side lacked basic courtesy and respect for the game and the opponent players as well. Even after ICC warned players to stay away from on-field sledging, Shane Watson tried to play dirty tricks on Zaheer who was in a great touch with his bat. Watson was totally unlucky because all his efforts went up with the flames and Zaheer moved steadily towards a half century. Australians were totally lost and Ponting would have started weeping right in front of the Bengaluru crowd for being such an ineffective captain and failing to capitalize on the initial breakthroughs in the form of Sachin's and Laxman's wickets. His frustration burst out at the end of the game and he took it on Zaheer for a general press statement released by the latter. Now, the entire Australian nation is frustrated by the way Indians stole the limelight and the Australian media found this as a better one than a good reason to drag the Indian team over the coal. The media came up with whatever issue was available which can rightly be defined by few words like senseless, stupid, absurd, insane and everything more close to these. Allegations are totally against Dada, who, according to Australian media, forced the umpires to consider stopping the play temporarily due to bad light. I never knew Australian media are so stupid and I thought Indian version is the worst in the world. A batsman can request the umpires to consider dropping the play for few minutes in case the quality of light becomes too low. They proceed by saying that Ganguly took 5 minutes to enter the field back again after all the Australian team members came out to the field. Hey, what were the Australians doing the whole day? Were they waiting for these 5 minutes to bag the 6 wickets that were left at that time? 6 wickets in 5 minutes? Are they trying to tell us Australians made it a part of a big plan to make a world record by capturing 6 wickets in 5 minutes after giving up all the time they were left with on that day? This forces me to conclude with only one statement.

'We've been watching our Indian players play against a team of 11 jesters for the past 5 days who were trained by a master jester in the name of a coach'

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